February 2015

Brighten someone’s day
Send sweet prayers their way
Be the one who shares
Heaven’s love, today

The Military Book of Mormon and Healing

[image: military chaplain]
I know you may not think of it now
But take this Book of Mormon with you
When __________, I testify how
You’ll feel protection and God’s love, too
When- you’re confused you feel lost you’re lonely you’re homesick you are scared you are hurt you’ve lost hope you’re angry you’re worried you’re in need (you’re humble)
image is of an LDS Chaplain and he is hold a military size Book of Mormon which is designed to fit in the sleeve pocket of active duty uniforms. They can then carry it wherever they are. https://www.lds.org/callings/military-relations/military-chaplains

The Book of Mormon tells of many wars and how the righteous endured through and overcame them.

Here is the story that inspired this:

We recently had Elder Jacob Gould in our ward.  He had been through infantry training as a ranger.  He was airborne trained.  He spent 15 months in Afghanistan. He is 24 years old.  Here is his story.  I was not active in the church at the time I left for training.  Brother Gallenger, who had been a Vietnam medic and also had priorly ordained me to the priesthood, gave me a pocket sized Book of Mormon.  He said, ” I know you may not think of it now but in your time of need know you may pray to Him and read…”  My thought at the time was, “Yah….yah… yah…”  But, I took it.

One day I woke up early and could not go back to sleep, so I decided to read.   Had I not read that day, early in the morning, I would not have been awake for the ambush that was about to take place!

Where was he?  (He was in one of the worst valleys of Afghanistan!  127 men were sent there and only 84 came back.  He saw a lot more die as there were neighboring companies.  He sought for comfort and peace from the Book of Mormon and prayer.  When he came back he fell away in the 3 months since his return.  Seeing all that death was hard.)  After crying one day, I spent 45 minutes praying to be free of the pain and wishing to repent for I had been doing everything (turning from God) I could to chase away what I had seen. A soldier’s wife of a friend (Nancy) opened up the idea of going on a mission.  I gave God this last chance to heal me of what I had been struggling with.  Nancy showed me love and patience as for a time I was very far away spiritually and doing wrong. In the end, I chose a mission and here I am and she is paying for it!

I was promised Heavenly Father will help me deal with my suffering due to Afghanistan.  Here is one way I am healing today:  It has to do with temple work. Military gear is hot, heavy, and cumbersome. It is awkward and my friend chose to not wear his helmet.  I felt an impression to tell him he really needed to wear it, but I found that “awkward” and was unsure how he would receive it.  It was my birthday.  He was shot in the head the wound was significant.  I held him in my arms.  He later was pronounced brain dead.  I had to let him go… With the help of Nancy I am working on that.  My love of the gospel failed him here but I have contacted his family and will soon do his temple work!

On one particular mission 77 men went out.  16 died.  It was my job to “pick up what was left” literally pieces… Everything was blood stained.  I told God, “I can’t do this anymore!”  “Why not me next time?  I am tired!”  I looked around.  All the buildings were destroyed except for ours.  There, inside, was a little box of little New Testaments.  I opened one to  Timothy 2:3-4

 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

Those verses were about enduring hardness.  We are all called to be that soldier. Spread love. He lives. Prayer works.  Read the scriptures.  Go to church.  Do temple work.  If you do, you will be able to endure through any obstacle you may face!

We pick up the pieces

And begin again

There’s hope as one faces

Jesus our friend

Knowing Not the Intent

Knowing not the intent
Let go and move on
Refraining from comment
Spread forth a new song

Fast and Testimony

Who in this chapel
Has been taught this day?
In fast, to sample
The spirit today

The Battle Begins at Birth

The battle begins at birth
To rediscover our Heavenly worth
On earth, deep scars get in the way
As continually our hearts fray

Because of the Emblems

Because of Christ’s emblems
Of which we partake
We have lighter problems
As sins we forsake
Imagine what life would be like without any one of the blessings of the gospel…. prayer peace renewing of the spirit covenants gifts of the spirit …

See the World

See the world
In a different light
Add God’s Word
It is full of insight

Pray Before You Start Your Da

Pray before you start the day
Let the Lord bless you today
The heavens do pour forth speech
And reveal knowledge unto each
Psalms The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. 19: 1-2

See the World Beyond Yourself

See the world beyond yourself
Learn the life of someone else
What one thing set him apart
What message did he impart?
I am so excited for tomorrow! Our school is doing the coolest thing! https://www.facebook.com/AHALV

Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom

The America of old
Prayed with a heart of gold
They knew to obey the law
Because they believed in God
Listening to some young children talk to each other today, I was shocked that they were comparing who in their family was arrested and why. Sigh.

Whistle Through the Graveyard

Though you’re filled with terror
That rattles skin and bones
Whistle through the graveyard
Ignore what creaks and groans
May the tune be happy
Or at least one you know
Make it quick and snappy
To help you quickly go
My husband said, “Whistle through the graveyard.” I wondered what it meant….

Who Causes You to Quake

When you’re framed with terror
By the choices others make
Discern truth and error
Vow to God you’ll only quake

He Entered Gethsemane

Reuben and Rachel variation in my piano lesson book (Schaum D – The Orange Book – All Pieces – John W. Schaum Piano Course) inspired this…

Slowly knowing what would soon pass

He entered Gethsemane

For our sins and pains, He would ask

He trembled. We’ve so many!

Off a ways.  He prayed and knelt there.

Feeling utterly alone

He was pressed with every man’s care

Sin, like venom, was made known

Hardness pressed. How long could this last?

There, He fell upon His face

Could the Father let this cup pass?

He, the lamb, who’d take His place?

Then Satan, knowing his low place

Filled the cup to press Him more

Hell was shown, this was man’s fate

Drops of blood sweat out, to pour

But Jesus became yet more pure

He, the lamb, grew white like snow

This gave Him the strength to endure

Our sentence for sin to know

Govern Your Actions

Govern your actions
With the future in mind
Divine potential’s
For the worthy to find
Purity Precedes Power “We cannot foresee what the Lord has in mind for us. Our only course of action is to be prepared and worthy for whatever he requires. We must govern our actions every day with our future in mind.” —M. Russell Ballard, “Purity Precedes Power” Topics: Agency, Obedience, Divine Potential

Little Eagle

Little Eagle,
Spiritually awake
To who you really are
You’ve a journey to make
And great wings to soar far
Over the horizon
Beyond what you see
Is strength to rely on
For life’s mastery
On the Wings of Eagles “It isn’t until you come to a spiritual understanding of who you are that you can begin to take control of yourself. As you learn to control yourself, you will get control of your life. If you want to move the world, you first have to move yourself.” —Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “On the Wings of Eagles” Topics: Self-mastery

Add Life to the Day

Add life to the day
Wake early, smile, pray
And watch the sun dawn
As you walk your glad dog
My dog woke early with me. She is 16 and sleeps all the time. I started to get dressed and she put a paw on my foot. It was her quiet way of telling me she wanted a walk. She usually tells me by getting in my way. (I miss the days of the tail wagging that’s so vigorous it is hard to get the leash on. ) She knew the master of the house was still asleep. How did she know I was going to walk? I haven’t gone early in a year and when I did I didn’t take her. I guess we both are feeling spring fever.

Calming the Tempest

He’ll stand at the helm
Through tempest and storm
To save and to help
Have faith in the Lord

Woven Generations – FamilySearch Ancestral Research

Like unraveled thread

Grief grew in my heart

And filled me with dread

Which tore me apart

My daughter would soon leave

And cross the ocean deep

Then a thought began to weave

A strand of hope to keep

I took a great ball of yarn

My bon voyage gift to send

To teach no matter how far

A mother’s love will not end

“Don’t forget us,” I said

And placed the ball in her hand

“Let it unravel as you sail ahead”

While I hold the trailing strand

For as long as I could see

Her tear filled eyes never left mine

Others waved, but no, not me

I held on still with all my might

And then, I saw the last

As her arms waved up high

I became but the past

And let go… whispering, “Good-bye”

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory – FamilySearch Historical Connections

A golden web of love
Does surround this earth
And binds us to above
With Heavenly worth

Hold Your Ground

Hold your ground
To what you know
Light once found
Is life to grow
Lord, I Believe “ʺIn moments of fear or doubt or troubling times, hold to the ground you have already won, even if that ground is limited. . . When these moments come and issues surface, the resolution of which is not immediately forthcoming, hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes.ʺ” —Jeffrey R. Holland, “Lord, I Believe”

Why Do You Serve

Why do you help?
Who is it for?
Forget your self.
Be like the Lord.
https://www.lds.org/ensign/1984/11/why-do-we-serve?lang=eng Why Do We Serve? Elder Dallin H. Oaks Ensign Nov 1984 It is necessary to consider not only how we serve, but also why we serve…*strive to serve for the reasons that are highest and best.* Motivations for service: *to achieve prominence or cultivate contacts, to obtain worldly honors, prominence, or power. *for the sake of riches or honor -“priestcraft.” (Alma 1:16.) Nephi said, “Priestcrafts are that men preach and set themselves up for a light unto … more »

When You Think You Can’t Go On

When you think you can’t go on
Remember the Savior and His love
That to His church you belong
Walk tall. Continue. Be strong
You Can Do It Now! “There will be times when you think you cannot continue on. Trust the Savior and His love. With faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the power and hope of the restored gospel, you will be able to walk tall and continue on.” —Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “You Can Do It Now!” I just came across a file that I used to fill with things that reminded me of who I was. Maybe we should all fill our closet walls and ceilings with these reminders. Notes from m… more »

God Knows Your Heart

God knows your heart
And just what is best
He’ll take you far
Take heed, you’ll be blessed

You’ve Only Just Begun

You’ve only just begun
A life of cleanliness
Salvation can be won
Through daily repentance

Life’s Music

Life’s music is an outburst
Of what lies within the soul
Where feelings- our best and worst
Ring out a melodious toll
Remember that dissonance, minor keys, discord- add to the beauty of music! The end of your LDSRadio has been announced! After the curtain finally falls, we will continue to serve you through our two musicstore websites, yourLDSmusicstore.com and http://www.EFYmusic.com
Sigh. Sadly you will be missed
Thanks for the talents you have shared
Through this change of events, this twist
Please know that your listeners cared

Spiritual Cleansing

Just as a white board
Can be wiped new and clean
Our souls are through our Lord
As repentance is seen
The Key to Spiritual Protection “Just as chalk can be removed from a blackboard, with sincere repentance the effects of our transgression can be erased through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. That promise applies in every case.” —Boyd K. Packer, “The Key to Spiritual Protection” Topics: Repentance, Atonement

Put Me on a Cloud

Put me on a cloud
Far away from here
Where there is no doubt
And my thoughts are clear

Faith Counts Initiative Discusses the Value of Faith

We, the people of faith
Together can combat
The world of evil and hate
By being a loving contact

President Thomas S. Monson – Charity Never Faileth

Fellow travelers
On this journey called life
Let’s love, rather
than judge and criticize

President Thomas S. Monson – Charity Never Faileth

Oh how I love you
Beyond what I show
For you remain true
To truths that we know

President Thomas S. Monson – Charity Never Faileth

You let me down
That is true
But still be known
I love you

President Thomas S. Monson – Charity Never Faileth

No one is perfect
We know not the heart
Take time and reflect
How judgments can harm

Have the Courage to Be Filled with Love

Refrain from thinking you know best
Of what everyone else should do
What you should be is virtuous
And stand firm for what you know is true
We’re to righteously judge
And shine with light come from above
May we each have the courage
To fill our lives with peace and love
“My earnest prayer is that you will have ****the courage* required to refrain from judging others, ****the courage* to be chaste and virtuous, ***and *the courage* to stand firm for truth and righteousness. As you do so, you will be ‘an example of the believers’ (1 Timothy 4:12), and your life will be filled with love… more »

President Thomas S. Monson – Charity Never Faileth

Come view each other
Through life’s window made clean
Love one another
And let your best be seen

Love One Another

Each day there are neighbors to greet
And all kinds of people to meet
There are smiles to give and words to send
For it feels so good to be a friend

Peace is Possible: The Christmas Truce of 1914

There is a spirit at Christmas
That can be felt around the world
Even when war is among us
And we are all being our worst
If it is possible for this day
Then it lies within every heart
To lay aside differences and pray
And let faith’s miracles impart

Hear Elizabeth Smart explain this one crucial detail that helped her esc…

Though raped and beaten
Like a shattered vase
She survived within
Because of her faith
Faith counts Let us spread the word Hope comes As love’s shared in this world Check out an interfaith #faithcounts http://faithcounts.com/

Jesus Teaches that We Must Become as Little Children

Matthew 18:10 Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their *angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven*.
*Despise not a little one*
*As their angels given*
*Behold the face of the Son*
*Instead you might listen…*
Alma 32:23 23 And now, he imparteth his word by angels unto men, yea, not only men but women also. Now this is not all; little children do have words given unto them many times, which confound the wise and the learned.

Parable of the Sower

Open your heart and make room
For the sower to plant seeds
Therein let the gospel bloom
Then go forth and do good deeds

Matthew 27:26–50, Jesus on the cross


Scourged as they mocked, He suffered rejection

Bloody and torn beyond  recognition

Then, nailed and raised He taught tenderly a new

Father forgive them they know not what they do

Surely He loved all who stood there

Purely He prayed with perfect care


Hanging on still He forgot just Himself

For a thief, a lost sheep, still needed His help

Today thou shalt enter into paradise

A place for the spirit to go when one dies

Surely He saves us from the fall

Purely He cares for one and all


Then, watching His mother He the first born

Now offered another for her comfort

The bond of the family will never end

He put her into the care of a friend

Surely preparing to depart

Purely He spoke from heart to heart


Alone and forsaken… by Father above

He then taught us all to be loyal to love

So He could save us after all that we do

Gethsemane’s sacrifice came all anew

Surely His suff’ring for us did atone

Purely He stated that God’s work was done!

Pondering:  “We need not walk by the shores of Galilee or among the Judean hills to walk where Jesus walked. All of us can walk the path He walked when, with His words ringing in our ears, His spirit filling our hearts, and His teachings guiding our lives, we choose to follow Him as we journey through mortality. His example lights the way. Said He: ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.’ ”


LDS Church News

President Thomas S. Monson: ‘Ponder the path of thy feet’

Published: Sunday, Oct. 5 2014 11:55 a.m. MDT

Home and Homework

The slamming of the door
Shut the pain out
All the day’s disorder
Grew into a shout….

Survival’s impulse
Was to get far away
Tears…pressures’ results
Had built up this long day

There was too much homework
A late night was certain
She knew there was housework
That was but her burden

Just being outside
And getting fresh air
Cleared up her stressed mind
Her eyes began to clear

A bird  flew to a tree to sing
A cat darted down the road
The sunset  glowed on everything
She sat on some grass and wrote:

Tonight:thirty pages. Plus a report
A science project. Twenty math problems.
Plus the dirty dishes and who knows what more?
Mapping out the night helped her heart soften

She entered the back door
The noise was not too bad
There was a nice odor
The dishwasher hummed by dad!

She ran and hugged him
and showed her long list
She mopped the floor. Then
She gave her mom a kiss

Feeling love and support
She went into her room
Read and wrote her report
Then diagrammed the moon

Math was put off last
It proved to be too much
She heard footsteps pass
And jumped up to rush

Her brother was now home!
Could he help her out?
He thought math was fun!
They moved figures about

Then. How good it felt
To hug him goodnight
To say prayer. They knelt
Then he tucked her in tight!

Good Things Come

Good things come to those who work
From employment do not shirk
By study and faith learn and grow
Set your priorities and let them show
That is one of the hardest things.You want to be an asset and say yes to extra work but not at the expense of your family. The balance of expenses…

Feel the Stretch

Feel the stretch
Burdens bring
Growth will match
Pain’s offering

A Bishop Learns from His Flock

A bishop learns from his flock
From the paths that they walk
Let them group at the temple
For unity he’ll sample

Keep the Fire Burning

Keep the fire burning
Line upon line
Never stop learning
There is more light

Christ Steps In

Christ steps in
And shares with us
Our burden
When we trust

In Your Calling- Get Set Apart

Blessings come with callings
When you are set apart
Come to know what your cause be
Then go forth with your heart

Jesus Declares the Parable of the Wheat; Tares, Mustard Seed, and Leaven

The least seed of all herbs
Grows up like a tree
It’s a home to the birds….
Doubt not your offering

Anti-Church Material

Paul said seek for beauty,
In the light there is truth.
This is our solemn duty:
That we might share its fruit

Anti-Church Material

 Paul said seek for beauty, In the light there is truth. This is our solemn duty: That more might bear good fruit

Paint a Target

Paint a target
That point towards light
Never forget
Love’s centered on Christ

Help is on the Way

Help is on the way
For for you we pray
Blessings will impart
For a better day

Drama Stricken

It makes my heart ache
To see those in sin
What drama they make
How they are stricken!
There is a difference between going through trials and suffering in drama…

“What Are You Thinking?”

Kind words for a friend:
“What are you thinking?”
Help wrong paths to end
And keep us from sinking
Isn’t it nice to have honest friends?

Addictions Cripple

Addictions cripple
And bring you down
A life of trouble
Does not endow
endow *verb* 1. give or bequeath an income or property to (a person or institution). Let it be a warning to someone who is addicted to porn… I know of a man who had it all who having been warned is soon to fall. For love that endures is sweet and pure Is intimate and does reassure He took a stripper in to be his love and then was jealous when men looked thereof. He himself became so out of control He threatened to blow off her head, to roll. WHAT? Thankfully the gun did not go off! Hopefully… more »

Where Have My Feet Been?

Where have my feet been
That I stand here today?
On the path given
By Christ, who is the Way
He causes ears to ring with truth
He stirs the heart to life
He offers strength that I might move
With courage in His light
“We need not walk by the shores of Galilee or among the Judean hills to walk where Jesus walked. All of us can walk the path He walked when, with His words ringing in our ears, His Spirit filling our hearts, and His teachings guiding our lives, we choose to follow Him as we journey through mortality. His example lights the way. Said He, “I am the way, the truth, and the… more »

Have Courage to Rise

Have courage to rise,
To lift up your eyes,
And see who you are.
Believe and go far.

Mormon Founder: Joseph Smith Jr. – 3 of 5 – Mormonism

The keeping of records
And the bearing of truth
Has come through great efforts
As great trees have deep roots
I just listened to a recording of a man in a choke hold who ended up dying. He kept saying, “I can’t breathe!” The man holding him was so focused on other things he didn’t stop and the man died. In so many ways Joseph could have died that night. He grew up like a sapling that is whipped continually by wind. It sends down deeper roots to anchor it!.


Put the spirit of prayer
To your daily life
How this blesses you, share
And praise Jesus Christ
praise *verb* 1. *1*. to express warm approval or admiration of.

Feed My Sheep

We love the Lord on the surface
When we think of Him often
Then, to really know your purpose
Be a disciple of Him.
From the very depths of your soul
Go after but one lost sheep.
Bear your heart and let your love show.
You have commitments to keep. John 21: 1-22

Lazarus is Raised from the Dead

He knew what loomed ahead
Death’s sentence was His own
But in Him was no dread
With love He would atone
He would take upon Him death,
Pain, misery, and need
And feel for us with such depth
It would cause His sweat to bleed
Through each new passing day
They learned more of why He was born
He would open up the grave
And restore each spirit to form

Jim Reeves – Christmas Alone

This is the bright time of year to think of those without cheer to share with them of Christ’s light which warms up the darkest night. What a wonderful gift- Christmas- As symbols of His birth witness.
That as the nights grow cold, dark, and long
we carry with us a peace filled song.
We’ve reason to celebrate and cheer
Let’s feel the twinkle of His star near.
Just like having a nice pool and shade trees helps one survive the blazing heat of the dry desert Christmas comes and His light warms us. I go for walks at night and it amazes me how Christmas lights in the neighborho… more »

I am the Bread of Life

What a wonderful thing.
To teach of living truths.
Through study’s offering
The Holy Spirit moves.
Thank you Sunday School teachers for sharing of the Bread of Life.

C is for the Christ Child

Put Christ back into Christmas
One letter at a time
He is meant to be with us
Like a gift to untie
His gift when it is opened
Is warm with love and cheer
It fills us with hope that
Lasts through all of the year

The Lord’s Path to Travel

The Lord’s path to travel
Leads to faith at a cost
There are mountains to tackle
And swift waters to cross
Pray the path you are on
Is solid and sure
May your faith keep you strong
That you might endure
“If you follow the Spirit, your personal search for the truth inevitably leads you to the Lord and Savior, even Jesus Christ, for He is “the way, the truth, and the life.”31 This may not be the most convenient way; it will probably also be the road less traveled, and it will be the path with mountains to climb, swift rivers to cross, but it will be His way—the Savior’s redeeming way…. more »

What Can You Own?

What can you own
Till the end of your days?
Love, what you’ve known,
And your conscience stays
This image is of a young man sharing what he knows in a meetinghouse in Ghana West Africa. One of the blessings of the gospel is we can repent and be washed clean. It reminds me of a line in the scriptures- having a conscience void of offense towards God and towards all men. Look at the faces. We have so much to learn from each other. – Doctrine and Covenants 135:4 4 When Joseph went to Carthage to deliver himself up to the pretended requirements of the law, two or three days pr… more »

We Are Each Discoverers

We are each discoverers
On a path toward light
God’s provident hand offers us
Hope, love, truth, and insight

Tap Into His Insight

Tap into His insight
Listen and obey
Trust all will be alright
All will be okay

What Would You Give/ A Selfless Marriage/The Capacities of One

What would you give
to marry the one
who will help you live
your best to be won?
http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/transcript-president-eyring-addresses-vatican-summit-marriage A selfless marriage Is happily won As vows they cherish To become as one The capacities of one Absorbs into the other Shaping each to become United for endeavor For each other Happiness is produced “Most remarkable to me has been the fulfillment of the hope I felt the day I met my wife. I have become a better person as I have loved and lived with her. We have been complementary beyond anything I could have… more »

You Are To Die For

You are to die for
Just ask the Lord
Who selflessly saves
For us He suffered
To redeem us from our graves

Not All At Once

Not all at once
Do testimonies come
The more one hunts
The stronger they become
“Your testimony may begin from acknowledgment that the teachings of the Lord seem reasonable. But it must grow from practicing those laws. Then your own experience will attest to their validity and yield the results promised. That confirmation will not all come at once. A strong testimony comes line upon line, precept upon precept. *It requires faith, time, consistent obedience, and a willingness to sacrifice.*” —Richard G. Scott, “The Power of a Strong Testimony

For the Living Savior

For the living Savior
I will do the best I can,
Daily as I labor,
To share His light with man.

Emotional Bonds

When emotions are strung out
And humility is about
That is when great bonds are made
As gratitude’s displayed

Family is the Source

Family is the source of repair
Through selflessness and nurture.
We are all in need of its care
as the cure for the future.
Thinking about religious leaders all over the world in support of marriage!

You Kissed the Earth

You kissed the earth on tiny feet
and missed your birth for God to meet.
How we miss you, the life we felt,
your heartbeat too, Grief’s pain was dealt!
Without goodbyes, no hug to leave,
We still have ties, eternally.
In fetal sleep You slipped away
For Christ’s watchkeep
Where pure you’ll stay
Wee, Premature
To be with you
We will endure
We will stray true!
We light candles
And celebrate You,
Dear Sweet Angel
With love that’s great!
Sometimes you wonder why did this happen? This is the most amazing couple. They are extremely healthy and active. Then, I think, “Why not?” And my …

Walking the Rocky Paths

Walking the rocky paths
Strewn with obstacles,
Every step matters
In the Lord’s gospel.

Be Still My Soul

Lonely in His purpose
He loved us through each deed
Mankind He would purchase
His very soul to bleed!

The Gentle Healers

The gentle healer enters.
The impossible is done.
We are taught to our centers.
That through faith miracles are won.
Greg Olsen has a painting with this title. I love it!

Out of the Wilderness June 30 2011 – Large.m4v

Before my eyes,
He appears
And brightens skies
As He nears

What Scene Would You Like to See?

What scene would you like to see
In the days of the Son of Man?
Where, to Him, would you journey
To be dearly taught at His hand?
I can’t decide….but are there signs of Him in other religions?
I love the Pagan colors that celebrate the earth,
The Jewish fringes on four corners to surround you in prayer,
The Islamic outer dress prizing cleanliness and worth
And the Sikhism turban that reminds us God is everywhere

Praying Today For the Churches United for the Strength of Family

Praying today for the churches united at the Vatican to discuss the future of marriage.
The strength of the marriage union
Aspires children to rise up
This, unique to the man and woman
Inspires virtue, hope, and trust

Reflecting God’s Love—What Scriptures Mean to Me

Reflect God’s love
By reading His Word
Share you know of
Man’s place in the world

Get Over Feeling Bad

Get over feeling bad
Express gratitude
Give thanks for all you have
That life has been good

Want What You Have

Want what you have
Give thanks and share
You will feel glad
Blessings are there
Happiness is born of gratitude.

The Lost Student

As a student away
In a throng, alone
I simply lost my way
From the Lord I had known
As Sundays came and went
Just like any day
I knew I was lost when
I forgot to pray

We the People Fight Tyranny Game

 We the people
Fight tyranny
May they sample
We are too many

His Grace: Drug Addiction and The Loss of a Loved One

Drugs are not good friends
First you quit on yourself
Then progression ends
It’s a fight against hell

Widow of Nain

Could He perhaps of thought
Of His own widow, His mother
And His own feelings fought
As He lifted up another?

Sitting on the Bench: Thoughts on Suicide Prevention

Every soul is precious
Oh please do not give up
We’ve a friend in Jesus
Who sees the good in us

The Feeding of the 5000

Hungering for the Lord
They did not want to leave
From Him they needed more
To feed them in belief

Scriptures Legacy — Extended Broadcast Version

Every time we read
We must ponder the thought
What message do we need
In our heart to be taught?

Wherefore Didst Thou Doubt?

Make your way to Him
Midst the trying storms
Feel strengthened within
As faith, He restores

Make Your Way to Him

Make your way to Him
Midst the trying storms
Feel strengthened within
As faith, He restores

Act for Yourself

Act for yourself
Be a believer
Good choices help
Flee from all evil
I love the word flee!

The Taste is Bitter

The taste is bitter
And the thirst is great
A fast brings better
Blessings that await
I have been pondering that you have to know the bitter to know the sweet and the fact that there is a bitter taste in the mouth as I fast.

I am Not a Puppet

I am not a puppet
Unable to make a choice
I follow the prophet
To feel God’s love and rejoice
pondering Free Forever, To Act for Themselves Elder D. Todd Christofferson But God intends that His children should act according to the moral agency He has given them, “that every man may be accountable for his own sins in the day of judgment.”2 It is His plan and His will that we have the principal decision-making role in our own life’s drama. God will not live our lives for us nor control us as if we were His puppets, as Lucifer once proposed to do. Nor will His prophets accept the role o… more »

Be More Direct

Be more direct
And reconnect
Talk more and share
Show that you care

Mormon Messages for Youth

Currently there are 61 Mormon Messages for Youth!
At stake conference, today, one of our youth said that
every minute she is “going” with a full schedule, activities,
and opportunities to serve. At the end of the day her head
swims with upcoming projects and concerns.
She lets it all go in about fifteen minutes.
She and watches one of these Mormon Messages to feel the spirit
and ready herself for bed then reads the scriptures and prays.
You can learn a lot from the youth!
Before you close your eyes
At the end of the day
Let go of all that tries
Seek the spirit and pray

Our Temple in the Amazon

What would you sell
to guarantee
all would be well for your family?
It is so touching to think of the sacrifices made that led to this beautiful temple being built in the Amazon!

A Secure Anchor

Let the Savior
Secure you in life.
You’ll be safe, for
You will have His light!

Spiritual Vertigo

Living God’s guidelines
Will raise you up farther
To glorious signs
Of Heavenly Father

Meg Johnson | Paralyzed and Powerful

Just keep rolling on
Living and loving your best
Help and serve someone
For that is how you are blessed

Religious Freedom and Nondiscrimination News Conference

In all fairness
We each must guard
Our freedoms which
Cause no one harm

The Least of All Seeds

The least of all seeds
Is like the Lord’s Kingdom
For quickly both spreads
Filling the earth even
Go to this site to read interesting facts about the mustard seed! https://www.lds.org/new-era/print/2013/02/the-mustard-seed?lang=eng&clang=eng “The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: “Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.” Matthew 13:31–32. The Restored Church Is Branching Forth “This fi… more »

Five Thousand Poems

*FIVE * *THOUSAND * *POEMS!!!* *And humbled because my number one poem post is by someone else. * *He’s Been There Before by Troy Whittle * *has to be the most meaning poem for missionaries today. *

Who is a Liar?

Who is a liar?
Who is a fraud?
Lift your eyes higher.
Turn towards God!
Who is a liar?
Who is a fraud?
Lift your thoughts higher
Leave it to God.
And put it in His hands…
Ask what He would have you do?
Only He understands
The whole story- how it grew

People are Human

People are human
and we all make mistakes.
What are we to do then?
The Lord’s bond never breaks!
http://askgramps.org/31679/why-does-interest-fade-so-quickly-towards-new-members Why does interest fade so quickly towards new members? Converts need a responsibility, a friend, and the nourishing words of God….

Overcoming Pornography Addiction: The Healing Power of Jesus Christ

Pornography, the plague of our day,
Is killing the spirit of love
Around your heart, the atonement- paint
And remember who you’re a child of
Plagues are frightening. If you are involved in pornography. Get on the path out of it. See your bishop.

Just When You Think You Are Safe!

Just when you think you are safe
Satan finds another way
Hold to what the prophets say
Safety comes to those who obey

Drama Parts

On which end of the drama
Do you play a role?
Are you the cause of trauma
Or are you trying to stay whole?

It’s Time

Feeling sadness in your life
And maybe disappointment too
That’s the time to turn to Christ
Unto His atonement anew
Who is the worst person you have known?
What was worst news you have ever heard?
The darkest time you have been shown?
Did you remember you had the Word?
Have you ever felt alone
Lost as to what you should then do
For this the Lord did atone
He felt the *confusion* of it too!

Thank God

Thank God at the end of the day
For all you were able to do
That you were blessed along the way
And felt the spirit in some way too

What Gets You Out of Bed?

What gets you out of bed
And is the focus of your day?
By what strength are you led?
I hope it’s the love for God always!
I am sick and still got out of bed. Then the bed called me back for a three hour nap!

You Never Know

Our disappointments fade away
Though the best plans were left undone
When you can thank God at the end of the day
That He inspired you to help someone

“The Way of the Disciple” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf: Mormon Message

Our school kids are doing a love project for Valentines. They will have a bag to give to someone in need. In it is a pair of socks, lotion, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, gum, small candies, snack bar, small water and of course a note. At the dollar store I have seen miniature scriptures! Our school’s scripture for the year is Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Walk the peaceable way
Where living waters run.
Help another today
As a disciple of the Son.
I am going to write this in the miniature New Testament:
Walk the peaceable way
Where living waters run.
Feel God’s love as you pray
And read about His Son!

I’m Holding You

He knows what trials we face
And through a child’s embrace
We can feel the Lord above
Hold us and offer His love

God’s Christmas Gift

God’s Christmas gift
To all mankind
Forever gives
Christ’s light to find
A Christmas message from Elder Richard J. Maynes

What Did I Learn?

What did I learn
From that holy night?
To humbly yearn
For Him and His Light
A Christmas message from Sister Bonnie D. Oscarson

A Christmas message from President Henry B. Eyring

He is my Light
When none can be found
Bringing me Life
When I am unsound

Depression – Mormon Message

Ease your pain
Get through the day
God who reigns
Offers the Way

Write it Down: The Resolution Contract

Things written down
Become alive and real
Wish hangs around
Till you make the real deal
Something written down is as a contract.

Shining Moments- The Need to Read the Scriptures

The need to read the scriptures
Surpasses everything
For light and truth then enters
God’s love is nourishing!
The lessons are not ancient
They are needed for our day
To list’ning ears grown patient
Each message now awaits
The path they pave is narrow
By Christ made straight and true
May it, like a pure arrow,
Prick your heart to feel anew!
May faith abound as you read
May repentance be your call
What light and truth do you need?
God knows the great or small!
I had Improve the Shining Moments in my head as I wrote this. How appropriate! May you and I have shining moments by reading …

The Road to Salvation Walks Where He Walked

The road to salvation
Passes through Gethsemane
It’s there for education:
Our afflictions are many
The road journeys inward
With the striking pain (of/from) sin
That we might look onward
And know His love within
The road leads to a summit
Where utterly we’re alone
As for sin we suffer
Knowing for whom He did atone (point to yourself)
The road of our Savior
Shares light from what He taught.
To know whom He paid for
We must walk where He walked!

Be Like the Wise Men

Be like the wise men
Who acted on the sign
Though the journey tried them
The Lord, was their’s to find
Be like the wise men
Who knew to travel far,
To bring gifts with them,
And follow that bright star
Be like the wise men
And act on what you see.
Read His words. Listen.
They knew just what to bring!
I just learned about the celebration day called the Day of Epiphany: , commonly known as Three Kings’ Day in the United States, is on January 6. It celebrates the three wise men’s visit to baby Jesus. I am thinking of what gifts I might develop to give to the Lord Acting on wishes of go… more »

The Refiner’s Fire

From the refiner’s fire comes
A more perfected form
Shaped to what we’re to become
Favored before the Lord (His people)
1. The Songs They Could Not Sing – Quentin L. Cook https://www.*lds*.org/…/th… The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints The refiner’s fire is real, and qualities of character and righteousness that are forged in the furnace of affliction perfect and purify us and prepare us to meet God. 2. Here is a wonderful site giving the definition and scriptures for the wonderful *character traits* of our Lord. … more »

They Do Not Come Cheaply

They do not come cheaply,
Those moments that are rich.
They touch us quite deeply.
Our spirits, they enrich!
While in the eleventh hour,
Of a long and trying day,
These blessing unveil with power
As a witness of one’s faith!
For Times of Trouble with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Proclaim the Work of the Lord

Proclaim the work of the Lord
With enthusiasm, like a songbird
Share what you know with the world
Testify of what you have felt and heard

Standing Independent

The essence of independence
Is to stay the course by yourself
That when fires try your existence
You know to turn to God for help
‘Elder David A. Bednar explains the necessity of learning truth for ourselves and knowing how to find light in a darkened world. Find out more about “standing independent” as members of the Church in Elder Bednar’s book, Increase in Learning

National Readathon Day

Make time to read
A whole day through
Your brain to feed
It will thank you!
I wonder why they don’t do this in the summer? I used to read so much as a teenager! I might try a major read on this day, anyways!

See It to Achieve It

A goal not recorded
is merely a dream
That is quickly aborted
Out of sight and unseen
No matter the cost
While the ink is still wet
Put it where it’s not lost
Here you will not forget
Write your goal as big as you can and tape it to the center of your bathroom mirror or on the ceiling above your bed.

The Best Time to Plant a Seed

The best time to plant a seed
Is when the soil is getting warm
When then nutrients are freed
Then in the sunlight, life starts to form
Here in is a lesson
The investigator looks for truth
Starts to feel and question
Then, the gospel seed takes root

The Gospel of Second Chances

This is the gospel
Of second chances
We are God’s people
His light enhances
en·hance inˈhans,enˈhans/ *verb* 3rd person present: *enhances* 1. intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of. “his refusal does nothing to enhance his reputation” synonyms:increase, add to, intensify, heighten, magnify, amplify, inflate , strengthen,build up, supplement, augment, boost, raise, lift, elevate, exalt; improve,enrich, complement

I’m a Better Person

I’m a better person
When I serve and help
For this selfish reason
I can love myself

In Constant Transition

In constant transition
I lost life’s structure
And missed my position
As the ward greater
Can you imagine the life apostles, always on the move and never feeling they’ve a homeward and little corner of the world to settle into…. Now can you imagine the life of a teenager, moving away and everything has changed?

New Beginnings

A new day, week, month, and year
Means I can start all over again
And let go of that old fear
That I have failed before I begin

In Times of Sorrow Blessed Assurance

In our times of sorrow
We have assurance
From God to borrow
For our endurance
lyrics *”Blessed Assurance”*
Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine O what a foretaste of glory divine
Heir of salvation, purchased of God Born of His Spirit, washed in His Blood (This is my story, this is my song Praising my Savior all the day long)
(2) Perfect submission, perfect delight Visions of rapture now burst on my sight Angels descending, bring from above Echoes of mercy, whispers of love (This is my story, this is my song Praising my Savior all the day long)
(2) Story, this is my story (… more »

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Don’t get too comfortable
In the ease of this day
Add new things to the table
You will grow in some way
I love it when the bishop says, “Don’t get too comfortable…” That means he has a calling in mind for you.

Welcome Contradiction

Welcome contradiction
As you would an old friend
It’s a gospel tradition
That builds faith, in the end
When you would ask, “How can that be?”
Trust that there is a lesson
Coming your way eventually
On the path of progression
If you think about it every generation has been asked to do things that seem contrary to what the scriptures say. It started with Adam and Eve. They were told to have children. They were told to not eat of the tree… What seems like a contradiction in our day?

My Heart is Full

My heart is full
With my family
And the gospel
Heaven’s sampling

Wise Men

[image: Matthew 2:1–2, 11, The Wise Men bring gifts]
Wise men, mature in their years,
Humbly knelt upon the ground
Their King! They were in tears
For the Christ child had been found!

Caught in the Act

The Second Coming *The Second Coming*, by Harry Anderson (62562); GAK 238; Primary manual 5-28; Primary manual 6-28; Primary manual 7-25; Matthew 16:27; 24:30–31; 25:31
I so want to be caught in the act
Of serving Him in a way that is sweet
When suddenly the Lord comes again
And we then do personally meet
“When the Savior comes, I so want to be caught living the gospel. I want to be surprised right in the act of spreading the faith and doing something good. I want the Savior to say to me: “Jeffrey”—because He knows all of our names—“I recognize you not by your title but by your li… more »

Highlight: Are We Not All Beggars?

Having felt want,
there was not pity,
but all at once
There was charity.

The Connection through Contradiction

It’s through contradiction
The trial of faith
That we make that connection-
To trust God always

Life is Moving Forward

Life is moving forward
And it can be great
There is light to look toward
Do not hesitate
I just discovered a new site. I didn’t know about several of them. Good resource! http://www.zionsbest.com/best25websites.html

Tying Up Lose Ends

That neglected lose end
Came apart at the seams
For you did not attend
To trouble’s first signs
Example- losing weight, learning, reading, writing, walking, exercising I think all my New Years goals have involved habit change. Some goals were so fleeting I don’t remember them. I think they need to be written down and placed on high priority (on your mind a lot. ) There are so many tools available as well. 1. Brainstorm the goal- read about the subject 2. List why- vision it reached 3. How it is a wholesome goal 4. How it benefits those around you 5. Consider the twelve step pattern 6… more »

Ask the Missionaries

Ask the missionaries
They can help you
With them each carries
What sees them through…
“All missionaries, younger and older, serve with the sole hope of making life better for other people.”—Elder Russell M. Nelson, “Ask the Missionaries! They Can Help You!.”

Now- Here They Come!

Now is the time to prepare
For the coming of the Lord
We have the gospel to share
We have light. We have His Word

CitizenLink Report: Celebrating Our Religious Freedom at School

Each year on January 16th, the president issues a proclamation, declaring it Religious Freedom Day. It started in 1993 with George H.W. Bush when Congress asked him to recognize a day celebrating one of our most basic rights. According to the Constitution, your children can talk about their beliefs at school and include them in homework assignments and classroom conversations. They can even bring their Bible to school for free reading times.

How Can I Repent?

Yesterday is now gone
So how can I repent?
Turn all that I’ve done wrong
Over to the Lord’s atonement
“Although we are redeemed unconditionally from the universal effects of the Fall, we are accountable for our own sins. But we can be forgiven and cleansed from the stain of sin if we “apply the atoning blood of Christ” ( Mosiah 4:2). We must exercise faith in Jesus Christ, repent, be baptized for the remission of sins, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” https://www.lds.org/topics/atonement-of-jesus-christ?lang=eng Mosiah 4 Chapter 4 King Benjamin continues his address—Salvation … more »

The Challenge of Belief

In the beginning
With Adam and Eve
Was contradiction
That challenged belief
By transgressing
God’s laws in their hearts
The first family
Must depart to start
Not knowing all things
We come unto truth
The spirit this brings
Conviction’s our proof
How do you explain Your witness as proof?
To make sacred plain
Makes light of the truth
It is in the struggle
The challenge of faith
That we become humble
And receive God’s strength
If this man had come with an honest heart, seeking to “know for himself” answers would have come, the spirit would have helped. … more »

Loving Light

So wanting light in my life
I went where it was bright
I felt something warm within
It was love come from Heaven

The Gifts of Christmas are Here to Enjoy

Out of the tenderest feeling
That comes at Christmas time
This is our best chance for healing
The pains of a world unkind
Take pleasure in nature
Wonder at this grand earth
Welcome in a stranger
And share what you have learned
Speak of your love.
Show that you care
Dismiss suspicion-
replace it with trust
Be selfless, gentle, kind, and share
The world with Christ-like eyes, thus

Mend up a quarrel, forgo a grudge

Forgive an enemy and seek to befriend

Try to understand, of others don’t judge

Give a soft answer with thanks in the end

Apologize first, express gratitude

Lift with laughter, feel moments of joy

Yes, manifest loyalty’s meek attitude

The gifts of Christmas are here to enjoy

Speak of your love.  Show that you care

Dismiss suspicion- replace it with trust

Be selfless, gentle, kind, and share

The living Lord is with us

“This Christmas, mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a letter. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. Keep a promise. Forgo a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Apologize. Try to understand. Examine your demands on others. Think first of someone else. Be kind. Be gentle. Laugh a little more. Express your gratitude. Welcome a stranger. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. Speak your love and then speak it again.” 3. 

Howard W. Hunter, “The Gifts of Christmas,” Ensign, Dec. 2002, 18–19.

Remembering the “Unbroken” spirit of Louis Zamperini

Forgive and heal
Through Christ, in faith
For hate does kill
You of your strength

Louis Zamperini — The Remarkable Man Behind UNBROKEN

Do not give up
You can achieve
Walk even run
Towards your belief

Look Into My Eyes

Look into my eyes
I hope His light is there
I love Jesus Christ His love and tender care
Look inside my eyes
I hope you see Him there
I love Jesus Christ His love and tender care

Crunchy Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hope you are having a wonderful time with family. These cookies are unique as they have shredded wheat in them. I think they are the healthiest chocolate chip cookies you can find and they are huge! 1/3 scoop per cookie. thanks yourldsblog for the pdf. http://www.yourldsblog.com/2014/12/10/crunchy-chunky-chocolate-chip-cookies-24-days-christmas-blogger-cookbook-kelly-miller/

Merry Christmas

Front Cover
Thoughts from this book…

When God has an important work

He sends a small infant to the earth:

Through Enoch was Zion’s translation

And Queen Esther’s courage saved a nation

Then, so great, a forerunner was sent

John, a cousin, of promised descent

To prepare the way of the Lord

Who to Heaven would open the door

And so in the days of King Herod

Was born the virgin birth, son of our God

In the heavens was given the grand sign

Jesus would change the fate of mankind

Like the wise men who saw His star,

Bore great gifts, and traveled afar

Every knee will bow and confess

In celebration of one, Jesus

May we like the wise men

Seek the gift of God’s love

And celebrate in Him

Who was sent from above

In spirit let us journey

To where the wee babe lay

From God’s words we can read

Ponder, and pray

Then cherish a new infant

And marvel much within

Where it is we all come from

Each with a purpose given

Through eyes of small children

The Christ child can be seen

They, so fresh from heaven

Still shine with where they’ve been

Fastened with golden ribbons

Draped along just so

The ornaments and pineboughs

Set the lamp aglow

The centerpiece now bright

Warmed each heart to bind

Unto that holy night

And the baby…ours to find

The night was filled with music

We recreated the ancient scene

Wearing robes, sheets, and tunics

And with new eyes Jesus was seen

Like that star once lit

Be Christ’s light to share.

Help, serve, and lift

Those in need of care

While others slept

The star shone everywhere

Be His light and lift

The lost sheep and show His care

He lifts us from despair

And perfects us through our gifts

Changes come as we share-

Service is love, which uplifts

Jesus is the reason

For the Christmas season

All time is marked by Him

He stands preeminent

He will make the earth pristine

And breathe new life into us

He will put down false doctrine

He is our reason to trust

The wise

Still seek the babe

Through eyes

Which search with faith

Look up

And celebrate

In love

For God is great!

Faith is more than mere belief

It’s holding on while letting go

Of failings, fears, and grief

For the more you trust, you grow

Gathering up steam

Like a locomotive

The end crash, it would seem

Is about to give

There is only one

Who can save us now

The living Son

Only knows how

Turmoils will cease

When He comes again

We will know peace

Let us prepare more, then!

‘Tis the season to decorate

And think on joyous things

To forgive all those who hate

For the spirit that this brings

Be generous

This is Christmas Day

Jesus is with us

In a special way

Tis the season to go home

Or at least visit in your heart

And rejoice within with hope

That family bonds will not part

Miracles happen

This time of year

We can touch heaven

As it feels near

Through His breath of life

Our hearts are made warm

Our joy comes alive

Through the Christ-child born


The First Noel – Lexi Walker – Christmas Music Video

Through eyes of small children
Christmas can be seen
They, so fresh from heaven
Shine from where they’ve been

Jerusalem Old City; Bethlehem Walking Tour – Visiting the Holy Land 201…

The sun rises upon this land
In a way that is bright with glory
Gold gleams above before the sand
In honor of love’s greatest story

Addiction: You Will Be Freed

Satan works at his fly and lead
To hook you into addiction
But you can be transformed and freed
The atonement is your protection

Jesus is the Greatest Gift

Jesus is the greatest gift
Ever for man to know
For truly He does uplift
The graves open to show
Unto resurrection
Offering eternal life
He in condescension
Redeemed us and paid the price

Laborers in the Vineyard

With all the laborers about
The vast vineyard was still yet in need
One more hour, time was running out!
More hands were sought and worked hard indeed!
Later, the laborers were gathered in
To receive of their promised pay
They were paid all the same in the end
For the vintner was grateful that day

Highlights: The Laborers in the Vineyard

It’s not the hour of the day
That determines your pay
But that you did arrive
Ready to labor and strive

He Had the Touch

Jesus was extraordinary!
He had God’s perfect touch
His mission was to carry
In His heart, each of us

Mary Did You Know

The artist showing baby Jesus being kissed by Mary is Liz Lemon Swindle. Her work is beautiful. I feel the spirit, the love, the joy of this special message and want to answer…
She oft kissed the Son of God
and loved Him like no other.
Each day she did live in awe
that she was His own mother.

Do You Have Room (for the Savior)?

Can you spare a small space
To let the Savior in?
To welcome and embrace
His holiness within

A Glimpse of Heaven

Having been born of love
And so like Heavenly Father
We’re given a glimpse of
What the Heaven’s have to offer

Christ as the Centerpiece

Focusing on the Lord
With love towards one another
They worshiped and adored
The Son of Heavenly Father

Dawn’s Glory

Every man can know
That the troubling night
Will fade its strength and go
At daybreak to take flight
Have faith and hang on
To the truths that you hold
Soon comes the bird’s song
Dawn’s glory to behold

There is a Brightness

There is a brightness
That can be seen
A halo to witness
One is now clean
“I went to Las Vegas to baptize and confirm that widow. And my wife and I were her companions when she first went to the temple. In all those sacred moments of covenants, there seemed to me to be a brightness about her, just as I felt when I looked down with love on my first great-grandchild. ” https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/article/christmas-devotional/2014/12/the-light-and-the-life-of-the-world?lang=eng I thought it interesting that the thing that brought light into this widow’s heart was seeing the sister m… more »

The Duty of All

Kelly Miller at lds poetry by kelly miller – 1 month ago
The duty of all
Is to give thanks for the laws
Of Almighty God
And prayerfully pause
*Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and—Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me “to recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peace… more »

Walk with Me

Walk with Me and know
Who you really are
Your path, I will show
You are to go far!
Walk with Me and be
More like me each day
There are souls in need
And laws to obey
What would it be like to walk with the Savior? What would He say? How would He guide us to live out our daily lives?

Altering the Ego

But a long time ago
Not that far away
A man with an ego
Complained all the day
He was quick to lecture
Always with a frown
Sometimes… with conjecture
To dismiss those around
But, there was one who stayed
Who knew the mood would pass
And for him always prayed
For she knew of his good past…
Is that not each of us?
In some way we are lacking
And are in need of trust
With someone for us backing
Is that not each of us?
From goodness we have come
And we’ve a friend named Jesus
Who gives up not on one

Please Come Back

Please come back
To faith in Christ
Find His path
So filled with Light

The Weak Link

The chain broke
From one weak link
I awoke
With faith to think
Pondering the chains of bondage and how hard it is to think your way out of them.

Jacob’s Ladder Prayer Rock Gift Idea

Jacob saw a ladder
From Heaven coming down
He learned that prayers matter
God’s angels are around
Keep this rock on your bed
To remind you every night
That a prayer should be said
Giving thanks you’ve angels nigh
Then, place this rock on the floor
To greet you the next day
To remind you once more
That God hears when you pray
Then work with the angels
Helping others to see
When you pray God answers
As you seek His blessing
We read this story in devotional recently and I am thinking of giving prayer rocks for Christmas. One side will say prayer and the other will have a ladder on it…. more »

He is the Gift – Christmas Video – #ShareTheGift

The Christmas gift truly given
Shares hope, peace, and love in part.
As a sacred touch from Heaven
Wondrously warms and fills the heart.

Over A Thousand People Spent 10,000+ Hours Making This Christmas Song. I…

Perhaps it wasn’t a star
That shone upon the babe
But the angels come afar
To sing and celebrate!

The Blotted Sweater

*The lamb’s wool is so soft*
*With fleece just like snow*
*Each winter I have sought*
*Its warm touch to know*
*In the bleakest of weather*
*Doing things that weren’t right*
*I wrapped up in a sweater*
*Without blemish- all pure white*
*Then, feeling cozy, warm,*
*Protected and loved*
*So perfect its form…*
*Till I fell, and what blood!*
*My stains grown from sin*
*Spread thick and spotted*
*I prayed… my heart sick*
*The Lord gently blotted*
*He soaked up the blood*
*My wool became new*
*I knew I was loved*
*And walked warm anew*
Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your s… more »

Burning Bridges

With the second offense
Most bridges are burned!
Abuse of selflessness
Is better not learned
It is pretty hard to trust someone after they have lied to you and taken advantage of you in some way.

My Feelings Were Hurt

My feelings were hurt
I was partially wrong
I’ll apologize first
With the Lord I’ll be strong
I hope I am the only one to have hurt feelings at church… oops. It is pretty distracting to feel this way and I just accepted my feelings and tried to move on.

A Car of Prayer

Prayer is the steering wheel
The new gas filled in the tank
It is the song you feel
When your heart is full of thanks
Prayer is not an old spare tire
Stowed away and out of sight
Prayer is what lifts you higher
Taking you far with insight
A house of prayer becomes a car of prayer as you seem to live in it.

Spiritual Matters

I’ve been prepared in a manner
That had never been known
To me of spiritual matters
Through my covenants are shown
Prepared in a Manner That Never Had Been Known Posted: “It is my prayer that for us, going to the temple will be much more than a onetime event. May we prepare to worthily receive saving ordinances drop by drop and keep the associated covenants wholeheartedly. As we do so, I know we will qualify to receive the promised blessings of a fulness of the Holy Ghost and the power of the Lord in our homes and individual lives.” —Linda K. Burton, “Prepare… more »

You Can’t Take it With You

You can’t take it with you
That house full of stuff
Like a burden or two
Give some of it up
This Thanksgiving I intend to give away a lot of stuff.., Part of Thanksgiving is sharing from your bounty.


People die in bed
And so do planned ambitions
Rise up and be led
To improve life’s conditions

Measure Your Conduct

Measure your conduct
Govern yourself
You can get unstuck
God’s standards help


A desolating scourge
Comes unaware
As distractions urge
Us not to care

The Frog in a Pot of Water

The flame was put on
A pot of cold water
Unaware the frog
Felt naught it grow hotter

With the Coming of Spring

With the coming of Spring
We’re renewed and refreshed
All for reminding
Through Easter we’re blessed
At this great time of year
Our hope is restored
We commemorate with cheer
The birth of the Lord

A Soft Place to Land

Give all your children
A soft place to land
They are from Heaven
Do the best you can #‎SeekReceiveAct‬

Higher Education

Elevate your mind.
For God’s hand in all things.
Seek and you will find,
Higher thoughts that light brings


With hardships to bear
And fears to conquer
Our ancient forbears
Sought God to honor
The journey was stark
The future seemed bleak
They knew they could starve
Still, they remained meek
These Christian soldiers
With faith in God’s care
Straightened their shoulders
Despite burdens there
The goal was Zion:
The land of promise
Where, freedom is won
We gain from all this
Their story goes on
As with them we join
Their timeline grows long,
Enduring, with joy

Who’s on the Lord’s Side?

We all need a shot
At living the dream
To give all you’ve got
And score for your team
Who’s on the Lord’s side?
Discover your part
Let the Spirit guide
And speak to your heart
I can’t help but think each time we do something to help the Lord’s work go on that there is cheering taking place on the other side of the veil.

How Can You Know?

How Can You know
Those things which are true?
The spirit does show
Them nigh unto you
A feeling
A thought
A whisper
You’re taught
this thought keeps staying with me. We are all unique, and the spirit speaks differently to each of us- in different ways according to our questions, prayers, needs, etc. Maybe we should always have a question in our heart. Pondering…

Glenn Beck's Challenge: 40 Days & 40 Nights

Faith starts on your knees
As you determine to hope
And vow honestly
To have charity at home

I Can Know For Myself

I can know for myself
Of those things which are true
Prayerful study does help
After all I can do

Glenn Beck -5/30/2011- Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

What good seeds lie inside you?
That will prepare you to grow?
Faith and hope will see you through
The great trials you will know

Why Not Me?

In the heat of fire
Say, “Why not me?”
It’s your life, Inspire.
See the blessing!

Expand Your Mind

Expand your mind.
Good seeds sprout much.
Read up and find
Christ’s light and love.
Alma 32:34 And now, behold, is your knowledge perfect? Yea, your knowledge is perfect in that thing, and your faith is dormant; and this because you know, for ye know that the word hath swelled your souls, and ye also know that it hath sprouted up, that your understanding doth begin to be enlightened, and your mind doth begin to expand.

Extend an Arm of Love

Extend an arm of love
To someone depressed
Listen much, give a hug,
And how you feel, confess

Christ’s Authority is Questioned

The words of the Son of Man
Spark the Light of Christ within;
As we ponder deeply and
Turn our hearts unto Him.
I can’t comprehend being in Christ’s presence and not being moved with love.

The Science of Happiness

The science of happiness
Is found in the left frontal lobe
Meditate and witness,
Through prayer, you are never alone
Build up a social circle
Forget yourself and be giving
Laugh, smile, tackle hurtles
And, get out: serving and living
I love this quote: There is great purpose in our struggle in life”(*That All May Be Edified* [1982], 94). Boyd K. Packer How will we find that purpose? meditation, getting out, Meditation- church is a time to be renewed, start fresh, receive i… more »

Satan Seeks the Good Men

Satan seeks the good men
The great leaders for our day
He would to weaken them
To grasp more along the way
and women…

David Archuleta: GLORIOUS from Meet the Mormons

Let’s do something
To brighten up hearts
Souls are hunting
For what love imparts

Syrian Refugee – “The moment I was shot I knew I would never walk again”

When you feel Christ’s love
It’s easy to give back
Blessings from above
To refugees who lack
Can you see all that the young girl received? a quilt, clothes, a jacket, a wheelchair

Love, Joy, Sink Into My Heart

Love, Joy, sink into my heart
And contain every chamber
Come and soften what is hard
That I might feel my Savior
I keep thinking about Alma- when he was harrowed up in sorrow for sin and wished to have not even existed. In an instant this pain was gone when he remembered what he once knew. 1. Enos 1: 3 3 Behold, I went to hunt beasts in the forests; and the words which I had often heard my father speak concerning eternal life, and the ajoy of the saints, bsunk deep into my heart. Cross-References Cross-References from the Footnotes and Study Helps 1. G… more »

The Savior Wants to Forgive

You can shut out the Lord
But He is still there
Pray, you can hear His Word
And feel His sweet care
Look how wonderful lds.org is. I googled this verse and it came up with cross references! Mosiah 26: 30 Yea, and aas often as my people brepent will I forgive them their trespasses against me. Footnotes 30*a* Moro. 6: 8. 8 But aas oft as they repented and sought forgiveness, with real bintent, they were cforgiven. *b* Ezek. 33: 11 (11, 15-16) 11 Say unto them, *As* I live, saith the Lord God, I have no apleasure in the bdeath of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from… more »

The Savior Wants to Forgive

You can shut off the Lord
But He is still there
Pray, you can hear His Word
And feel His sweet care

Widow of Nain

Tears of great sorrow
Can change unto joy
Look towards tomorrow
Where faith and hope join

Let the Good Word

Let the good word
Nourish and keep you
Turned to the Lord
As one that’s clean, too –
Moroni 6:44 And after they had been received unto baptism, and were wrought upon and cleansed by the power of the Holy Ghost, they were numbered among the people of the church of Christ; and their names were taken, that they might be remembered and nourished by the good word of God, to keep them in the right way, to keep them continually watchful unto prayer, relying alone upon the merits of Christ, who was the author and the finisher of their faith.

Number Me

Number me, dear Lord,
As one of Thine own.
Keep me from error,
For which I’m so prone! 3 Nephi 30:2

My Dream Girl

Like a cloud of promise
You are my dream girl
When you smile, I notice
For you rock my world

Come to Yourself

Come to yourself
Your spiritual senses
Seek the Lord’s help
Let go of pretences
Men and women who ignore the gentle promptings of the Spirit will often learn, as the prodigal son learned, through the natural consequences of disobedience and riotous living. It was only after natural consequences humbled the prodigal son that “he came to himself” and heard the whisperings of the Spirit telling him to return to his father’s house (see Luke 15:11–32).

Why Limit Yourself?

Why limit yourself
To just a narrow view?
Seek the Lord for help
What would He have you do?
Obedience through Our Faithfulness BY ELDER L. TOM PERRY Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Those who rely solely on themselves and follow only their own desires and self-inclinations are so limited when compared to those who follow God and tap into His insight, power, and gifts. It has been said that someone who is all wrapped up in himself or herself makes a very small package. Strong, proactive obedience is anything but weak or passive. It is the means by which we declare our faith in God… more »

Fill Me With Faith

Lord, fill me with faith
From my heart to my head
With light to my face
As one spiritually led

Reoccurring Thoughts

Through the lessons found in life
Come reoccurring thoughts
That point us to Jesus Christ
And spiritually we’re taught
and those thoughts can often be questions

Without Soap

He cleans us without soap
With water and with fire
He purifies the soul
With newness to inspire
1. Clean Hands and a Pure Heart – David A. Bednar I have fond childhood memories of my mother reading Book of Mormon stories to me. She had a way of … It cleanses, heals, and purifies the soul. … Faith in the …

Tears Can Express

Tears can express
What words and thoughts cannot.
Pure love does bless,
Through the spirit, we’re taught

He Can- Believe

He can brighten lost trails of thought
And enliven minds to be taught
As, too, He bind up wounds for new life
And heals the spirit with truth and light

He Can Mend

He can mend the bruised and torn-
The lonely and oppressed
Through Him we can be reborn
As by faith we are blessed
He can mend the battered soul-
Anxious, broken, and ashamed
He bore all our troubles so
As His lambs, we can be named

Self Aware

Ponder the paths where you step-
The things that you say and do
What are the reasons you trip
Is there a lesson or two?
Talking with some friends about self-awareness and speaking without thinking and doing things without realizing it.

Your Best Foot Forward

Your best foot forward
Helps you rise from prayer
And points you toward
Heavenly Father’s care

Take a Gospel Trip

Take a gospel trip
And feast on the word
Then cross reference it
There’s much to be learned
Psalms 82:6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. *We are children of GOD.* Ex. 33: 11, Lord spake unto Moses . . . as a man speaketh unto his friend. *Jesus is our friend.* Malachi 10 10 Have we not all one father? hath not one God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers? *God is our Heavenly Father.* Matthew 3: 16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water:… more »

I Have Kept the Faith

May I have courage to go forth,
with the spirit as God’s Word leads.
And, if I have to die for the Lord,
Let it be upon my knees.

Parallels- The Wilderness and the Atonement

He created the heaven and earth
According to God’s plan
Then He condescended unto birth
To live and love with man
Jesus walked the wilderness
And fasted for forty days;
Then tried in his humanness
Became the Christ in all ways
Fully, to know the God of all,
Our Father, to emulate
He then redeemed us from the fall
And for humanness, He paid
Having been tried in all things
As one perfect in every way
He suffered all of mankind’s pains
And, in our place, for sins paid Christ
– Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/*Christ* – – Wikipedia Christ is a translation… more »

The Ultimate Bike Ride

The ultimate bike ride
Involves church meetings and more
Take the Lord by your side
And see what the trip is for
I saw a motorcycle at the temple. It put a smile on my face.

Of the Heart

Our Father in Heaven always hears
Sincere prayers of the heart
Warmly, His spirit calms all fears
As darkened thoughts depart

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Auto correct
And reconnect
Talk more and share
How much you care

Full Conversion Brings Happiness

Turn, be fixed with control
And determination
To God’s laws as your goal
For love’s transformation “”To be converted, you must remember to apply diligently in your life the key words “a love of God, with a fixed and controlling determination to keep his commandments.” Your happiness now and forever is conditioned on your degree of conversion and the transformation that it brings to your life. How then can you become truly converted?”” —Richard G. Scott, “Full Conversion Brings Happiness” Topics: Conversion

Burn From Within

A candle can grow dim
When the wick’s not trimmed right
May we burn from within
With oil that’s from Christ

Like a Temple

We have a work to do
That’s filled with light and truth
Like a temple we glow
When we spiritually grow

The Blessings of Sisterhood

The blessings of sisterhood
Circle the earth with light
When they gather to do good
And serve to be Christ-like

Live the Gospel Joyful

Live the gospel joyful
And come to know yourself
Be among the faithful
Who serve to be of help

Magdalena (2011) – Through Her Eyes (New Jesus movie for Women) (Widescr…

See through Mary’s eyes
The magnificent story
Of the living Christ
Who died and rose in glory

Charity Never Faileth

Where charity is
The Lord is there, also
Lighting our souls with peace
And setting our works aglow


1. Resilience- was is that?
The energy to rebound:
To recover and move past
Pain, as the atonement is found
2. Psychological resilience – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 3. Psychological resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. Stress and adversity can come in the shape of family or … ‎Background – ‎Positive emotions – ‎Science – ‎History 4. Rebound – Merriam-Webster Online http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/*rebound* – – Merriam‑Webster to bounce back off s… more »

Love All People

Love all people
For just who they are
Let them sample
God’s love is not far

The Milky Way

Spiral galaxy- The MilkyWay courtesy of NASA
Fly the milky way
Journey with the Lord
Build your faith each day
Let your spirit soar
Discover new precepts
Hold on fast and partake
The meatier subjects
To you soon will awake
Doctrine and Covenants 19:22 22 For they cannot bear meat now, but milk they must receive; wherefore, they … but impart it freely to the printing of the Book of Mormon, which contains the truth … pray vocally as well as in thy heart; yea, before the world as well as in secret, … 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 Milk comes before meat in the Church—Men’s works will be tr… more »

Jesus Tried by Caiaphas, Peter Denies Knowing Christ

They filed into the dark room one by one
For an untimely trial of God’s own Son
His divine role quickly was denounced
As death for blasphemy too was pronounced
Christ spoke of what could not be denied
He for the truth would be crucified
While poor Peter stood not by the lamb
Denying three times the living I AM
de·nounce diˈnouns/ *verb* past tense: *denounced*; past participle: *denounced* 1. publicly declare to be wrong or evil. “the Assembly denounced the use of violence” synonyms:condemn, criticize, attack, censure, decry, revile, vilify, discredit, damn,reject;… more »


[image: dual]

The Burst of Sunlight

The burst of sunlight after the rain
Shows how clean the world can be.
Through repentance we have much to gain.
Through the Lord there is cleansing.
I left work just in time to see this!

Did You?

This song put tears to my eyes.
Did you die quickly?
Did you die clean?
Did you die fitly
In Christ, our King?
I am doing family search and there are so many men who have died in so many wars and it is so sad to see the ones where the family line stops. Generations could have been…

Care to Share

No one cares how much you know
Until they know how much you care
Give of yourself more to show
Love’s a priority to share


Keep God’s laws
As your standards
Hell has jaws
Each choice matters
1. Standard – Merriam-Webster Online a level of quality, achievement, etc., that is considered acceptable or desirable.standards : ideas about morally correct and acceptable behavior. : something that … 2. 1. Hell – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Scriptures … abominable church founded by devil, that he might lead souls down tohell: 1 Ne. … very jaws of hell shall gape open: D&C 122:7 . handcuffs, chains, shackles, and fetters of hell: D&C 12… more »

What Has God Done For You?

A dismal man who had lost his faith
Challenged, “What has God done for you?”
And I being one who likes to pray
Replied, “He strengthens me anew”
Fear and hatred is no more
As peace and love fills my heart
Through Him, I can start over
Inspired… to do my part

This Nation

This nation
Is like no other
We station
To serve our brother
I keep thinking of the military who go into harms way are now setting up stations in the midst of Ebola. I am so deeply touched. How scary!

Be of Good Cheer

He felt useless and alone
With a death sentence near
The Lord came and made it known
Paul did have cause to cheer
Imagine that… the Lord near, praying for you, and blessing you! What could you not do through Christ who strengthens?


Who feels alone
And why?
By Christ *you’re known*
For He does near
And feels
Each pain…each tear
And heals!
Oh, what *comfort* What *love*
Comes from the Lord
I saw a stranger walking along crying and I wish I thought to share this thought. Pray- the comforter is real!

200 Years The Star Spangled Anthem

Two years into the war of 1812
The White House was seized and burned
With the President still alive and well
Our desire to strike back returned
The British were not please
Cut off, they retaliated
A kind doctor, in bed, was seized
The fighting, thus, escalated
Our government seeking to free
This elderly doctor and friend
Sent of two, (one Francis Scott Key)
To offer a prisoner exchange, in the end
A flag of truce was waved
To enter a British vessel
And the exchange was made
But, not till dawn due to the hassle
The battle that night was fierce
With combatants, each other pursuing It wou… more »

To Fly in the Face of Providence

Fly in the Face of Providence | Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/dictionary/brewers/*fly*-*face*-*providence*.html – – Fly in the Face of Providence. (To). To act rashly, and throw away good opportunities; to court danger. Source: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable , E. Cobham …
To fly in the face of providence
Is to get wrapped up in sin
To disavow warning’s evidence
And seek the favor of men

Brushed Aside

We quickly brush aside
The pain of disaster
And the spirit our guide
As pride we seek after
Long forgotten, faith’s labor
Like unto birthing a child
As to the world we seek favor
Till we’re unclean and defiled
“We have a tendency to forget our pains quickly, even as does a mother when her child is born. Little is said even now about the Arizona floods, although the debris and broken bridges remain…. “It is possible to become so hardened that we brush aside the warning voice, and even forget our sufferings. Those who lost their homes and loved ones won’t easily forget, though, even … more »

Let the Solemnity

Let the solemnity
Of all eternity
Rest upon your heart
As treasure to impart
Doctrine and Covenants 43: 34 Hearken ye to these words. Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Treasure these things up in your hearts, and let the solemnities of eternity rest upon your minds. so·lem·ni·ty səˈlemnitē/ *noun* 1. the state or quality of being serious and dignified. “his ashes were laid to rest with great solemnity” – a formal, dignified rite or ceremony. plural noun: *solemnities* “the ritual of the church was observed in all its solemnities”

Jesus Teaches a Samaritan Woman

Any well can go dry
And leave you thirsty still…
From living water, draw
In spirit and truth thrill!

Jesus Teaches about the Widow’s Mites

The poor widow
Wise in her years
Knows to give, though
Poverty nears
She walks in faith
That prayers are heard
And receives strength
Through the Lord’s word

The Lord Spares

The tares are in our midst
reveling in our pain.
They delight in all sins.
Our souls they wish to gain.
Oh, how we need to pray,
even for all the tares!
As then we receive strength
through the Lord who spares.
1. Book of Mormon Teacher Resource Manual Alma 59–63 Sometimes the Lord spares the wicked because of the prayers of the righteous (see Alma 62:40; see also Alma 10:22–23; Helaman 13:13–14). 2. https://www.*lds*.org/*man*… – – Mormon 3:1–8. The Lord spares the Nephites in battle to grant them the opportunity to repent, but they harden… more »

Unity of the Faith

The perfect bond of peace
Is centered upon Christ.
There’s unity in place
As we serve and share His Light.
Beautiful scriptures from Paul as he was imprisoned- sharing light from a very dark place.


Be a kind human
being,for real
Love is life’s solution,
begin to heal
Being – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Being is an extremely broad concept encompassing objective and subjective features of reality and existence. We gave up on television six years ago. I spend too much time on the computer and would like to challenge anyone to join me to unplug once a week. There was a day when people sat on a porch and just visited or read and listened to the sounds of nature. Imagine that!

The Perfect Bond of Peace

The perfect bond of peace
Is centered upon Christ
Where unto Him we place
Our darkness for His light
I had this thought while riding my bike. Wouldn’t it be like Zion if we all strove to center our thoughts and actions on Christ…

The Comfort Zone

Cross that marked line-
Your comfort zone.
Follow Christ’s Light;
You’re not alone.


Listen more
And talk less
Heed the Lord
Who does bless


How is it that a song
Can heal what is wrong?
Through emotions relived…
Pent up tears flow released

The Making of Where Are the Desks Part 1

The Making of
Where Are the Desks Part 1
Is a desk a right?
Is it something to earn?
Here is some insight…
there’s a message to learn!
Imagine a room void of desks and then one by one they are brought in by our soldiers who work so hard fighting for freedom.

Elizabeth Mueller Singing The National Anthem (6 yrs old)

May God bless
America for generations to come!
And grant us miracles
Like when our nation was won

Do You Pass the Israel Test?

Celebrate others
in the good that they do.
We are all brothers
Arabs, Christians, and Jews

The Law of the Harvest

The law of the harvest
Is much more, you see
In life you are blessed
When you do good things
Our relationships, goals
Career paths, and more
Can spiritually grow
In the light of the Lord

Becoming Tender

How else do you become tender
Save through the bruising of pain?
Then empathy lights in splendor
Through charity unfeigned
The tears, they flow easily
Freed from walls of pretense
The heart warms more readily
For tender mercy is sensed

Use Your Elbow

Use your elbow
When you sneeze
For germs grow
And spread disease
Second week of school and we have two kids out….sick.

Jotta A Agnus Dei ♫ Hallelujah ♪ ♫

Out of the mouth of babes
Our hearts are touched and opened
Unto our Lord who saves
And gives us much to hope in


It’s quantity
Not quality
That children want
Then hearts are won
*T*ime is all I need *I*n the home today *M*om and Dad and me *E*very single day

Harsh Words

Harsh words, like daggers
Cut us right to the quick
Know patience matters
And your fights, you must pick
These are the moments
When you must pray hard
Refrain from comments
And anger, discard
Then…think What would Jesus do? Doctrine and Covenants 121:37 That they may be conferred upon us, it is true; but when we undertake to cover our sins, or to gratify our pride, our vain ambition, or to exercise control or dominion or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men, in any degree of unrighteousness, behold, the heavens withdraw themselves; the Spirit of the Lord is grieved; and… more »

The Playbook

Surround yourself
With a great team
Volunteer, help,
And to the playbook, lean

The Simple Seven

Learn and do life’s simple seven
As the way back towards Heaven
Doubly pray with your family and alone
As well as read the scriptures that the Savior might be known
Have Family Home Evening as a learning ground
So that in the home the spirit might abound
Attend the temple oft as well as weekly partake
Of the Lord’s sacrament, where covenants you remake
The Simple Seven 1,2. Pray as a family and individually 3,4. Read the scriptures as a family and individually 5. Hold Family Home Evening 6. Go to your church meetings 7. Go to the temple

Rise to the Temple

A cascading avalanche of evil
Threatens to engulf us all
Rise to the Lord’s temple as God’s people
And don’t come down lest you fall
I found a pdf for inspiring the family towards the temple 52 Weeks of Inspiring Family History & Temple Service Quotes sudweeksfamily.com/…/52-Weeks-of-Inspiring-Family-History-Quotes.p… – – David A. Bednar, “The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn,” Ensign, November 2011 ….Mormon and (2) the words of Malachi foretelling the role of Elijah in the ….. “Many parents, in and out of the Church, are concerned about protection against a casca… more »

The Calling of Callings

There is but one calling
Of which there is no release
Family is no small thing
So treasure your loved ones please

Yanked From the Stream of Life

Yanked from the stream of life
Into a cesspool of woe
I turned to Jesus Christ
What cleansing, I came to know!
Turning completely around is a 360 degree change. There’s actually a book that talks about making a full circle in your life for radical change.

There is No Room So Full

There is no room so full
That the Lord can’t come in
His love then to sample
As we are freed within

Separate Wants from Needs

Separate your wants
From your needs
For as a man hunts
Each thought leads

Be a Pioneer

Be a pioneer
And begin anew
Seek Zion near
Makeovers renew

Leave a Legacy

Leave a legacy
Founded on Christ
Help others to see
You shine with light
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In Fetal Slumber

In fetal slumber
We drift away
And remember
Things of our day
Something that we missed
Then comes into light
It dawns like the mist
Then dries out of sight
Have you ever had a dream and remembered it for just a moment and then it was gone?

The Traveling Teenager

Oft as through life’s hoops they jump
Teenagers move full speed ahead
A parent is their speed bump
With a sign that warns, “Use your head!”

The Resolution [from the movie COURAGEOUS] Print at Christian Cinema.com

Hereby this resolution
Made to God and before all
Is my declaration
That to the home is my call
Our Bishop talked about this today. It is beautiful. I want to watch the movie. A father shares with some other men that he wants them to hold him accountable on how he is doing in keeping his resolution. It has such an effect on them that they want to take the resolution as well… These are manly men! Here are some of the resolutions: and you can order the whole thing at this site: The Resolution [from the movie COURAGEOUS] Print at Christian Cinema.com As for me and my hou… more »

Focus More

Focus more than less
Outside yourself
Be one who does bless
Through the Lord’s help

The Natural Man

The natural man
Manipulates truth,
Trusts in his own hand,
And of his horn, toots

God is the Source and Answer

God is the source and answer
For every bit of truth
Line upon line to gather
A witness as the proof

For Profit and Learning- The Old Testament

The spirit speaks in truth
And manifests plainly
Through the Word to reprove
For our growth and training
The spirit speaks in truth
Of all things as we’ve faith
Line upon line there’s proof
God knows all that we face
Matthew 16: 26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Here are two witnesses of the importance of the Old Testament: 1Nephi 19: 23 And I did read many things unto them which were written in the books of Moses; but that I might more fully persuade them to believe in the Lord … more »

Walk Around and See

Walk around and look at people.
Each has the light of Christ within
To help us know good from evil;
And to lead us home to Heaven.

The Student Becomes the Master

The student becomes the Master
As he puts his big boy pants on
Then, he is saved from disaster
For the Master helps him along
How many times have you heard at church that the speaker remembers when so and so was in the nursery and now is in mutual? Or the same general idea. It is exciting to watch the progress of our youth and how they are in leadership positions while so young.


To progress.
Don’t be scared.
God does bless.

The Best Boss in All the Cosmos

The best boss in all the cosmos
Compensates us well with angels
We can sense their presence, almost
As a new tongue in us unveils
1. “The Tongue of Angels” – Robert S. Wood https://www.*lds*.org/…/th… – – – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints Nephi declared that the fruit of receiving the Holy Ghost and listening to the promptings of the Spirit is that we may speak with “the tongue of angels” (2 Ne. 32:2).

We’re Hastening the Work

We’re hastening the work
In gathering lost sheep
As shepherds to the world
We’ve the gospel to preach

Submission – Receive the Call

How vital submission is
 When receiving new calls
..We’re as bumpy and uneven as
 A sack of doorknobs
“Life in the Church means experiencing leaders who are not always wise, mature, and deft. In fact, some of us are as bumpy and uneven as a sackful of old doorknobs. Some of the polishing we experience is a result of grinding against each other. How vital submissiveness is in such circumstances, especially if the lubrication of love is not simply present.” -Neal A. Maxwell


Preoccupations take us
On a journey from light
They’ve dominion over us
Thus turn quickly to Christ

I Thought We Had Landed

I thought we had landed
But we continue to fly
We’re so busy… granted
Working in the temple, is why
The new temple president and his wife spoke. They are so new, they said they haven’t unpacked the four boxes they brought.

The Lord’s Emissary

As the Lord’s emissary
I hold divine light
It’s His words I carry
To teach with insight
I am always amazed how young missionaries are always prepared to give us a message when we feed them.


Focus like a laser
On what you can do
To spread the Word farther
To those before you
Of all the mind boggling uses for lasers beams, if one could send a message of light to a darkening world, it would be the most important.

Take a Chance

Take a chance
Extend a hand
Help one grasp
The gospel, grand

Come Back to the Fold

Come back the fold needs you
We are hastening His work
There is so much to do
To prepare all of the world
1. Haste, Hasten, Hasty https://www.*lds*.org/*script*… – – – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints Scriptures … the Lord will hasten it in his time: Isa. 60:22 . … I will hasten my word to perform it: Jer. … let the work of the gathering be not in haste: D&C 58:56 . 2. 3. not in haste

How Do You Hear the Voice of the Lord?

How do you hear
The voice of the Lord?
Invite Him near
And heed His good word

A Friend

http://www.yourldsblog.com/2014/08/23/righteous-vs-toxic-friendships-guest-blogger-amy-nelson-run-mom-run/ Amy has an inspiring message. It was good for me to think about the friendships that have made an impact on who I am today.
A friend gives from the heart
Words and smiles that invite
The spirit to impart
In a bond filled with light
A friend misses your face
And asks about your day
A friend’s first to embrace
You when things aren’t okay
A friend remembers well
The good times when you grew
True friends are mutual
They serve each other too

As a Believing Man

As a believing man
Where is your faith today
On a team, trend, or brand?
What would the Savior say?

God Made Us Special

God made us special,
Unique, and set apart
Each individual
Has a place in His heart

Dare to Set a Goal with an Object Lesson

Dare to set a goal
Dream to set it high
Let it fill your soul
Through the strength of Christ
1. Philippians 4:7 – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day *…* https://www.*lds*.org/…/4…. – – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints 6 a Be b careful for nothing; but in every thing by c prayer and supplication with d … 13 I can do all things through a Christ which b strengtheneth me. 2. 3. For a visual of this: 4. imagine all the burdens 5. you are asked to bare 6. All the trying hurdles 7. In this balloon, here -put pe… more »

Integrity Is

Integrity is doing the right thing
Because you should, not because it is seen.
It is knowing just who you are
By following our true North Star.

The Complete Story

As long as there are truths
Yet to be revealed
Within us an angst moves
Till we’re wholly healed
Then, with the complete story
We truly understand
Along with the history
Was our redeemer’s hand

Where’s the Consequence

When you lie, cheat, and steal
Where’s the consequence?
The spirit hurt, must heal
It’s called repentance
In consequence Is the word sequence The sequence of repentance is like the 12 step addiction pattern: 1. recognize 2. remorse 3. resolution 4. reliance 5. reconciliation 6. renewal The 12 steps and the 5 R’s | LDS Recovery *ldsr*ecovery.wordpress.com/2006/06/30/the-12-steps-and-the-*5*-r’s/ – – – Jun 30, 2006 – However, it is rare for us to go into any detail regarding how to actually repent once one is caught into an addiction. That said, the five R’s aren’t A… more »

When We Sin

When we commit a sin
Who is the first to know?
Christ’s perfect light within
Alerts the face, to show
The chest becomes tight
And it proves so hard to breathe
You want to take flight
But from yourself you can’t leave
The bathe of emotions
Have set an awful course
Then, for a magic potion
Repent with remorse
Do you ever feel your face get hot when you do something wrong? Is there fear? How is this different from anxiety or the flush of embarrassment? How do you get rid of these awful feelings? Do we ever get past feeling and kick against the pricks? Self government requires we ask th… more »

Go and Talk it Out

Go and talk it out
With Cuddle Bear
He will never shout
Then, say a prayer
Kids go through fight or flight too and need to release their emotions.

Set a High Goal

Set a high goal
It is reachable
To the Lord, go
And be teachable
I love how the church needs everyone. The young and the old. Having goals is a wonderful thing.

Having the Gospel

Having the gospel is like
Living by a continual stream
Where we hope for eternal life
And branch out with celestial esteem
I love these words and ponder them… especially when I felt like a tree with one leaf, barely holding on. Psalms 1: 1 Blessed *is* the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. 2 But his delight *is* in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. 3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his… more »

Life is a Pilgrimage

Life is a pilgrimage
 A search for love and faith
 It advances as we age
As more towards heaven we face
 Pilgrimage – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/*Pilgrimage* – – – Wikipedia A pilgrimage is a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance. Typically, it is a journey to a shrine or other location of importance to a person’s beliefs and … ‎Christian pilgrimage – ‎Hindu pilgrimage sites – ‎Buddhist pilgrimage

Climb Your Own Ladder

Climb your own ladder
At an even pace
Study each matter
There’s no second place
Looking for excellence at work? Where should you put your attention and effort? At what point do you need to worry about the efforts of others? The bottom line is living with yourself and your efforts while being an example and helping support the ladders of others.

Does God Exist 

What is absent in your life?
We know darkness, without light
That God is bad is a lie
When we seek Him, we’re made bright

NO Longer Half Hearted

No longer half hearted
I seek for the best
My doubts have departed
And I have been blessed

More than Anything

I want more than anything
God’s love in my heart
Humbly, I am offering
My all to do my part

Hindsight for Blessings

As the darkness parted
I saw how I’d been blessed
I, though once weak hearted
Had been put through a test
hind·sight ˈhīn(d)ˌsīt/ *noun* 1. understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed. “*with hindsight*, I should never have gone”

Burst of Hope

From a warm desire
Comes a burst of hope
Flowing to inspire
From our Heavenly home

The Heart Begins to Pound

The heart begins to pound
Fully alive again!
The spirit, here is found
And leads just like a friend

The Strength of Priesthood Power

The strength of priesthood power
Can bless us every hour
And improve our very lives
As we trust in Jesus Christ
Power in the Priesthood – Neil L. Andersen https://www.*lds*.org/…/*po*… – – – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints by Neil L. Andersen – A courageous mother raising five children listened attentively to the second verse: “Mine is a home where [every] hour is blessed by the strength of priesthood

Happiness is Found

Satan seeks to control
Our minds and actions
To confuse our roles
And create distractions
Happiness is found
When we’re free of despair
When we’ve light around
And we feel the Lord’s care


Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes and remember
How it feels to be clean
Rekindle that warm ember
That helps you live life’s dream

How Great Shall Be Your Joy

How great shall be your joy
When you bring new souls to me
That your heart will rejoice
From the beauty soon to see
1. How Great Shall Be Your Joy – Liahona Feb. 2011 – liahona https://www.*lds*.org/…/ho… – – – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints by Henry B. Eyring – “And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many …

The Hebrew Love Story

Why would a devout Jew become Mormon?
Because it connects heaven and earth for them
With covenants, oaths, and laws to obey
The Hebrew love story continues today

The Greatest Pioneer Known

Turn life’s pages unto the past
To the greatest pioneer known
And upon Jesus you would cast
As He marked our path alone

Good Things are Created Twice

Good things are created twice
Through the light of Jesus Christ
First in the thoughts that arise
Until, then, it springs to life
Now let us start with you
And with the end in mind
What do you want to do?
You’ve gifts inside to find
God’s power behind you
Is greater than what’s ahead
You have a work to do
Seek the spirit to be led
“We don’t invent our mission; we detect it.” Victor Frankl

The World is Changing Fast

The world is changing fast
With darkness settling in
Make covenants that will last
You’ll shine aglow within

Like a Baby Chick

Like a baby chick
Breaking from its shell
Life’s test, long and thick
Is one to live and tell
Each to find alone
Midst surroundings hard to bear
That the Lord did atone
And suffer because He cared
The promise of new life
Is how we keep going
Past darkness into light
For seeing and growing

Greater Courage is Called For

Greater courage is called for
When you stumble and fall
Be humble unto the Lord
You’re not alone, at all

It Takes Courage

It takes courage to weather the storm
But you don’t have to do it alone
Our father has a listening ear
Out of the darkness light can appear
The clouds will break
The sun will show
You need not quake
Seek the rainbow

Temples Dot the Earth

Today temples dot the earth
As sacred places to make
Covenants of eternal worth
That light in us awakes


Soar on eagles’ wings
Uplifted with new faith
Sail where freedom reigns
And where hope never fades

Love Conquers Fear

I will not fear
What man can do
The Lord is near
And His love, too!

Patience is Required

Patience is required
At every turn
We unhinge when tired
Rest, prove you’ve learned I
t is so hard to be patient with myself and others. Balancing expectations with allowing others to self-govern…

Life Can be Sweet

In the midst of paradise
There stands the tree of life
It is bright before the eyes
With fruit as white as light
Some walk all the way around
Others reach to partake
Here the purest love is found
Which is sweet to the taste
Some ignore it, determined
That they have much to eat
What can we do for that friend?
Show how life can be sweet

How relevant is Religion?

How relevant is religion
For our country we must ask
Is it a cause for division
Or a help to every task?

President Thomas S. Monson Display – Deseret Book Store – SLC Utah

May warm fuzzies abound
From kind things that we do
That your wishes be found
Happy Birthday to you
Well he can add to his timeline another birthday! Happy Birthday President Monson!

Ye Are No More Strangers

We are strangers no more
Nor are we foreigners
But fellow saints in Christ
Filled with His peace and light
Ephesians 2:19 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God; fellowship our fellow citizens


Fill Your Bucket

Fill your bucket
with joy and service.
Family, love it-
your highest purpose.

Social Media and the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Sweep The Earth As With A F…

Let us sweep the whole earth
with God’s light, as a flood .
What is sweetly of worth?
Let us praise it as good!

Through the Eyes of Faith

Through the eyes of faith
Look beyond *current* pain
Each trial you face
Comes with blessings to gain
My dad is having neck surgery this morning to prevent him from becoming a quadriplegic . I called to check on him (is he awake to get to the hospital?) because i cant be there i am in training for a new job. My mom told me my sister who lives in Oakhurst is waiting out a fire near by with a possible evacuation for the second time this summer! So these thoughts were going on in my head as I thought of this talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Grateful in Any Circumstances”. Our tria… more »

Fear God

For Heavenly Father have fear
Which really means hold and revere
All that He is, His gospel, and laws
As oft, in gratitude, we should pause
Fear – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Fear can have two meanings: (1) to fear God is to feel reverence and awe for him and to obey his commandments; (2) to fear man, mortal dangers, pain, and evil … Fear of God – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Surely the fear of God is not in this place: Gen. 20:11 … Thou shalt fear the Lord thy God: Deut. 6:13 . … God require of thee, but to fear the Lord: Deut. 10:12 . …more »

“Lean Not unto Thine Own Understanding” by Gary E. Stevenson

As sure as the Lord lives
We can expect
His hand in our lives
To lead and direct
Raise your sights to heaven
And pray unto God
Inspiration’s given
When through faith it’s sought
Trust not in the arm of the flesh
Where only obsessions you will find.
Lest all that you gain, then, does test
Let wisdom come to your heart and mind
Temper worldly desires
For prestige, power, and fame
Focus on what inspires
On what God would have you gain
If faithful, we have the same expectations of blessings from God as in times of old, to be prospered and to accomplish what He would have us do. Be sole… more »

Giving Smiles

Comic relief given
Brings a smile
And eases your own pain,
All the while
#RobinWilliams He was an adorable person. Here is a hymn to share/ Lord I Would Follow Thee 1. 1. Savior, may I learn to love thee, Walk the path that thou hast shown, Pause to help and lift another, Finding strength beyond my own. Savior, may I learn to love thee– 2. (Chorus) Lord, I would follow thee. 3. 2. Who am I to judge another When I walk imperfectly? In the quiet heart is hidden Sorrow that the eye can’t see. Who am I to judge another? 4. 3. I would be my brother’… more »

Truth Be Known

What you turn to
When left alone
Measures virtue
The truth be known
Bishop Gary E. Stevenson Be Valiant in Courage, Strength, and Activity Ensign, Oct 2012 #truthbeknown Be courageous! Be strong! “Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved.”6 Young men, I promise the Lord will empower you. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power.”7 He will reward you for your courage and righteous behavior—with happiness and joy. Such courage will be a byproduct of your faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, your prayers, and your obedience to commandments.

Mormon Founder: Joseph Smith Jr. – 5 of 5 – Mormonism

As the founder of a cause
How would you lead? at what cost?
Would you be willing to die?
Who would take your place? and why?

Mormon Founder: Joseph Smith Jr. – 4 of 5 – Mormonism

Sometimes all you have
Is your faith to hold on to
And the hope that perhaps
All your family will be true

Mormon Founder: Joseph Smith Jr. – 2 of 5 – Mormonism

Amidst a war of words
How can you know what’s right?
Let your questions be heard
For wisdom, seek God’s light

Mormon Founder: Joseph Smith Jr. – 3 of 5 – Mormonism

A witness can’t be denied
Forgotten or ignored
As, from it you cannot hide
For it came from the Lord

Mormon Founder: Joseph Smith Jr. – 2 of 5 – Mormonism

Scriptures come with power
Unto the heart of man
Teaching any hour
Heaven remains open

The Gift of the Atonement

How do you show appreciation
For gifts of sacrifice?
Use them at every occasion
And give thanks for the price

David Archuleta sings “Be Still My Soul” to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Keep your favorite hymn
In your heart, like a prayer
Let your troubles soften
Under our Father’s care

Life is a Four Minute Race

Life is a four minute race
Marked with preparation
Do not hang back. Embrace
Christ’s own invitation
Dreams dash in but a moment
Let the Holy Ghost be your guide
Live a life of deep devotion
Accept the Savior by your side

Recovering Porn Addict: Porn Is No Match for Real Love

Love conquers life’s boredom, fears, and stress
Not strangers seen in a state of undress
With my heart turned towards God I have found
That that is when things start to turn around
Porn is no match For love grown deep As one might snatch The other, keeps Recovering Porn Addict: Porn Is No Match for Real Love Now a mentor, Aujero sees that same void in other porn addicted men. He described, “There’s a lot of reasons why guys look at porn and there’s boredom and there’s stress, but there’s something deeper there when I work with guys and there’s this deeper love and guys, we want to br… more »

Enjoy the sky and Nature

Enjoy the sky and nature
Put beauty in your yard
The things of God bring pleasure
Even when life is hard
Do you think the dragonfly is a blur? He must have thought I was too! I just rescued him from the pool and put him on a rose. He kept wiping his eyes, all 30,000 facets! It’s not every day that you get to hold a dragonfly.

There is a God

There is a God
And He listens
He’s over all
Pray…and witness!
A miracle in the desert. The clouds gathered just above our neighborhood circle. There are blue skies in the distance all the way around. hummm. I love the God of Heaven and Earth. He listens to prayers in remarkable ways. Just a few hours before, I had said to my husband, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all these puffy clouds gathered right over our house and we had some rain?”

The Appointed Hour

The night was lit by the full moon
Which cast the temple’s shadow where
It added to the cloak of gloom
As the group walked away off there
Descending the city, weary
They crossed by a little brook
And soon passed the cemetery
On a path they often took
The grass was tall. It soaked each hem
In the garden where trees were budding
As they walked the wind howled, driven
Adding to the sense of foreboding
Christ’s clothes grew heavy as did His heart
It became laborious to step
From the disciples, He turned to part
The appointed hour must be kept…
How many times had He been present
When th… more »

Pose a New Question

Pose a new question
And see where it goes
Gather suggestions
Until Christ’s Light glows
“What Kinda Car” Joshua Creek (Story Last) I am going to teach at American Heritage. We prepare lessons that all point back to Christ- the Master Teacher.

I Dance When

I dance when I hear music
That uplifts my mood.
And, I enjoy the lyrics.
Then, oh, life is good
What song can get you excited to go back to school? Add your words to twitter: #IDanceWhen

Confidence of God’s Love

Confidence of God’s love
Comes through our thoughtfulness
Which opens doors thereof
To the gospel’s sweet fullness
The light you have embraced
Has taught you so many things
Share of what you’ve faced
And give of your well-being
I Have Given You an Example “Giving [others] confidence in your love can help them develop faith in God’s love. Then through your loving, thoughtful communication, their lives will be blessed by your sharing lessons you have learned, experiences you have had, and principles you have followed to find solutions to your own struggles. Show your sincere interest i… more »

Humanitarian Aid

Almost overnight
We can bring relief
Offering Christ’s light
For hope to believe
http://www.mormonnewsroom.org/article/humanitarian-aid-welfare-services-breakdown-donations-costs-resources earthquakes, tsunamis Typhoons, high winds When there comes a need We spread forth God’s wings Thousands of professionals and volunteers give freely of their time and means to those in need, with no expectation of praise, publicity or reward… While the Church’s emergency response to major disasters draws more media attention, Latter-day Saints engage in many other less visible initiatives. In a… more »

We Are the Offspring of God

*Feel after the Lord*
For in Him we live
We, His offspring
Hope in all things
Articles of Faith 13 We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

An Experiment in Words

Use your best words /not the worst
There is nothing more beautiful
Than recognizing worth
Positive words are wonderful 


All the trash of your past
Can be replaced with light
Be reclaimed and upon Christ cast
Your sins unto new life

My Bucket’s Gone Dry

My bucket’s gone dry
From the holes therein
As life’s critics try
It wear me out, thin

Upon the Land

When charity is no longer shown
The burden of the owner is known
As there’s no trust, none borrow or lend
This, then, is a curse upon the land
When the love of God cannot be found
Diverse diseases and plagues abound
Fear and despair takes you by the hand
This, then, is a scourge upon the land
Let each land become more filled with prayer
To protect the freedoms we all share
That prosperity might then return
As we show forth kindness and concern
Clarity | Define Clarity at Dictionary.com dictionary.reference.com/browse/*clarity* – – – Dictionary.com clearness or lucidity as t… more »

By Design they Pierced His Side

With the third cup, by design
He mixed the water with the wine
As a sign of things yet to come
When they would pierce Him, though the Son
During the last supper, the disciples were given four cups of wine. Each have a purpose which varies a little as you search online. They are based on the four promises in Exodus 6 1.I will bring you out. slavery (The blessing is said and the host washes his hands) The Cup of Blessing or sanctification/ (out of the world and out of spiritual slavery of sin and the fear of death.)- the *Kiddush*, which means sanctification 2. I will rid you o… more »

Among the Wheat and Tares

Among all the wheat and tares
Who is putting on false airs?
How can you know who is right?
The good fruit grows in God’s Light

The Hope of God’s Light

Line upon line,
A glimpse at a time
God’s light can be found
As we seek it around

Even Then

The Son, even on the cross,
Showed the way for all to see
That our souls need not be lost
He is light, love, and mercy
He sees the bigger picture
Beyond every sorrow and pain
He calls to hearts to assure
The repentant have peace to gain
In His intense suffering
He paid the price for sin
He leads the way offering 
Eternal life with Him
: compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.

Watchmen On Tower Doctrine and Covenants LDS Sunday School

From the watchtower’s height
The warning cries begin
The prophets lead aright
And counsel us from sin
They see what lies ahead
Subtle traps that await
They keep us spiritually led
Within the hedged up gate

The Watchman on the Tower by Earl C. Tingey

Look for the watchman on the tower
Who sees far beyond the hedge
Awake to him at that hour
When he warns what lies ahead
nobleman- the Lord olive tree- people watchman- prophet hedge- For the Strength of Youth/ standards/cautions/counsel servants- covenant people tower- revelation Choice land- zion vineyard- familes, the world enemy- Satan

The Jerusalem Conference

There ought not to be differences
Among the purified
Let us go through great distances
To be more unified

Be Still and Look Up

Be still, soul, and look up.
Have faith in God and trust.
He gave us every star
And lights us from afar

Love Me

 Love me for who I am,
Who I can and want to be
There’s nothing better than
Having you believe in me
Heavenly Father wants us to have confidence in potential.

Jesus Acclaims John the Baptist / Come Unto Me

Imagine what the Lord
Would want for you to see
Search for Him and His word
Start with, “Come unto me.”


Let yourself imagine a different place and time
When with your whole family everything is fine
Let it make a difference to who you are, who you’ll be
And be a happier person from that memory

Patient Care

Upon the wings of wisdom
From days gone, he thought to share
The past to his son with him
And taught him of patient care

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

One size fits all
Isn’t the way
Love’s miracle
Makes a kids day

The Chat

Nothing you have to confess
Could make Jesus love you less
He knows where your heart is at
And awaits a little chat

Marching Orders

Our marching orders are given
At every general conference
We should study from and live them
Their cautions make all the difference
What do you recall from conference?


Savor the things which come of God
Let them be a part of you
Be the salt of the Earth for all
Through the good works that you do
Salt of the Earth: Savor of Men and Saviors of Men – general *…* https://www.*lds*.org/…/sal… – – – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‑day Saints In the New Testament the Savior referred to his disciples as the “salt of the earth,” and charged them to retain their savor (Matt. 5:13).


As the Jewish plots to take His life
Fermented beneath the surface
Jesus continued to testify
And bear fruit through selfless service
steadfast resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering. “steadfast loyalty” synonyms: loyal, faithful, committed, devoted, dedicated, dependable, reliable,steady, true, constant, staunch, solid, trusty More

How Deep

How deep His love and compassion is
As He bore the dark depths of Hell
To know every side of injustice
That perfect mercy might prevail
1. Mercy – Merriam-Webster Online http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/*mercy* – – – Merriam‑Webster kind or forgiving treatment of someone who could be treated harshly. : kindness or help given to people who are in a very bad or desperate situation. : a good or …

Ecstasy for All

The enclosing agony for one
Has opened the door of ecstasy for all
We’ll resurrect because of the Son
Mercifully He has atoned us from the fall
Jesus did what He did out of love
That we might return to God’s presence
And dwell with him in Heaven above
The narrow way truly is precious!
This takes the following phrase to a whole new level… 1. What Does All for One and One for All Mean? – Ask.com http://www.ask.com › Q&A › Reference › Biographies and Quotations – – – The phrase 'all for one and one for all' speaks for unity. If one person experiences some kind o… more »

A Knowing Heart

With a knowing heart
As one who bore it all
Strength He does impart
Through faith’s prayers, large or small

The Bitter Cup

[image: File:Cole, Thomas – Der Pokal des Riesen – hi res – 1833.JPG]
In Gethsemane
He found the bitterest cup
And to the last dregs
Jesus drank it up
Bitter with anguish, dark with despair
He swallowed it all to show
He does care
The will of the Son was “swallowed up in the will of the Father.” Mosiah 15:7 despair the complete loss or absence of hope. “*driven to despair*, he throws himself under a train” synonyms:hopelessness, disheartenment, discouragement, desperation, distress,anguish, unhappiness; More anguish severe mental or physical pain or suffering. “she shut her eyes *in an… more »

By Divine Decree

By divine decree
The great redemption began
In Gethsemane
Christ received the pains of man

Truth is a Living Light

All truth is a living light
Which shines before our eyes
And radiates what is right
For growth to improve lives


Lukewarm and wavering
I am unable to choose
What am I favoring?
As I discern the news
1. Revelation 3:16 – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day *…* https://www.*lds*.org/…/3…. 16 So then because thou art a lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will b spue thee out of my mouth. 17 Because thou sayest, I am a rich, and increased with …

Great Are Your Eyes

Great are your eyes
To help you see
What is of light
And happily


Don’t just sit back
And let the day fly on
Love, serve, and bask
In the Light of the Son

Hold the Memory

Those with eyes that see
Hold the memory
Of blessings in life
That are filled with Light

Bonds of Trust

Broken ties
Come through lies
Bonds of trust
Are honest