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What do you feel when you hold a seed?
When you’ve gathered grains of every kind?
If you liken them to your own seed-
Behold, visions may come to your mind

And, when Lehi did this in the wilderness
He saw a man dressed in a brilliant white
Beckon him to pass a dark dreariness
That engulfed for hours, till he prayed with might

And when he arose, he beheld a field-
Spacious and wide- and beyond- a tree
Its fruit, the sweetest a tree could yield
With whiteness more than he’d ever seen

His eyes cast round to where his family stood
At the head of the river and near by
Would they partake as he hoped that they would?
“Please come”, he beckoned with a loud cry

Some did come and of the fruit partook
It fed their souls with exceeding joy
Dark mist arose and it was hard to look
For, he’d yet sons to come eat and enjoy

Then, he saw strangers along a narrow track
Who pressed on with a rod they held to
Some wandered off and did not come back
While others partook, but in them shame grew

For across the river they heard loud scoffs
From pride filled people in a spacious building
They wore fine apparel and did mock
Those who enjoyed the fruit’s sweet yielding

Would his lost sons ever find their way?
He worried his seed would be cast off
For in the depths some drowned straight away
While the haughty looked down from aloft

Those who are filled with pride scoff and scorn
And disconcern themselves with their seed
But, kind loved ones call out to straylings and warn
This sweet fruit is delicious indeed

-Lehi’s vision, 1 Nephi: 8


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Steadfast and Immovable, Always Abounding in Good Works
-Built upon the Master- As our foundation

What does it mean to be steadfast and immovable?
That I stand firmly Christ-like and unalterable;
Though mocks and scorns of the world call out to confuse me,
I’ll defend virtue, integrity, and chastity.

As Captain Moroni’s stripling warrior, I will fight
To maintain my worthiness. I will stand for the right.
My foundation is built on the Lord- Here I stand.
Though mighty whirlwinds blow- There is safety at hand.

I know for myself- I am firm and steadfast- I am free.
As I ponder and follow in faith- God speaks to me.
I’ll progress and prepare- one drop of oil at a time.
To refuel my lamp, I will study, pray, and be kind.

I can become consistent in my preparation.
For the best fruit, I will declare my dedication.
My gospel roots can sink deep when they are well nourished.
With steady drops of living water, I will flourish.

-Elder Bednar

Always Abounding in Good Works, Jan 2008, “Steadfast and Immovable, ” New Era

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Why did the Savior suffer for me?
He must know and love me so deeply!
My debt to Him is incalculably great.
He took away the world’s sins, even hate!
What power was His to carry the load?
He lifts all up to a heav’nly abode.

When I’ve sore trials that I must bear,
I’ll deepen my faith and show I care.
I know He can heal wounds and broken hearts.
That peace and comfort, His Spirit imparts.
His gift to each can’t be destroyed by death.
He grants unto all, His living breath.

The Master Healer in perfect frame,
Gives resurrection to those once lame.
Am I not also in need of healing?
Thanks to Him, I am not past feeling.
Thanks to Him, there are bright days ahead.
As He heals me, with the water and bread.

-Elder Russell M. Nelson- Jesus suffered deeply,
because He loves us deeply

85, Nov 2005, Russell M. Nelson, “Jesus Christ—
the Master Healer, ” Ensign

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Poems Based on President Packer’s talks

The Light of Christ

Christ spoke of a light which shineth.
To our eyes it enlighteth.
And, to our minds it quickeneth.

Yet this light is invisible.
To touch, it’s intangible.
And it is indestructible.
Boyd K. Packer

The Spirit of Christ can be likened to sunlight.
It stands brilliant though evil tries the world unto blight.
Our guardian angel, as cause and effect fight.

With this light, we have been created equally.
Endowed to all man so we will act sensibly.
It gives insight to instruct us sufficiently.

Inside man the light can warn and guard and be our guide.
It enlightens us for the blessing of all mankind.
That each man may be accountable for his life.

Like a fan to a flame can burn much brighter.
This light dwells in all man and makes us better.
And can nourish with goodness to the comforter.

This Holy light can become ignited by the Holy Ghost.
And bring to memory things taught by a Heavenly host,
Where familiar gospel truths ring from afar tolls.

May those bells heighten our courage, so we can grow.
May we tell all man of the Light so they can know,
How to feast on the words of Christ where e’er we go.

– Boyd K. Packer

The Weak and Simple

No respecter of persons,
Our Lord has called the weak.
In a solemn procedure,
He calls those simply meek.
He qualifies those who serve.
Though they’re untrained and unlearned.
That ev’ry man may speak
In the name of God the Son.
That faith might also increase
To break the mighty and strong ones.

In the service of the Lord,
It is not where but how.
One neither seeks nor declines.
Through our mouth, He endows.
The Lord’s gospel is proclaimed,
Through the meek and not the famed.
That ev’ry man may speak
In the name of God the Son.
That faith might also increase
To break the mighty and strong ones.

As such was called young Joseph,
To organize God’s church.
That we’d see it’s through priesthood,
Not position, nor perch;
That we are governed and lead
By a living seen Godhead.
We do not pay clergy
We are taught with love instead.
As we’re hungry for the truth
We are taught by living bread.

He commands unto the ends.
Our God has thus spoken,
With focus on the family-
Sealed love at home transcends.
We are taught from little ones-
Who from God have freshly come.
Our testimony is
All that we need to possess.
For we see Him work through us.
And of His hand, we confess.

-President Packer- Otherwise known as a frog
who has learned to jump very high

A Defense and A Refuge

After hiking as far as they could,
The apostles and the prophet stood
High above the valley- their new home.
With God’s blessings no longer to roam.

To a walking stick, they tied a cloth.
On a high peak they waved it aloft.
As an ensign to all from the storm.
A raised standard which was not the norm.

Here was Zion that the Savior chose.
Here they’d blossom as a unique rose.
Those pioneers survived circumstance,
With Christ’s image in their countenance.

The lord’s moral standard we must preach
To those seeking refuge we will teach.
The pioneers’ homes had been taken.
Through trials their faith was not shaken.

If we’re doing the best that we can,
We can light a path for fellow man.
As a candle placed upon a high peak
Our flame can burn bright for all who seek.

We have a refuge and a defense
In our homes and our inheritance.
We do not attack or turn flighty
But, in faith we’ll pray to Almighty.

-President Packer

Who Is Jesus Christ?

The Father asked
Whom shall I send?
Who’ll follow my plan
To the very end?

One spoke freely
I, Thy First Son
Here am I, send me
And Thy will be done.

And in protest
With his own plan
A son took to test
Till one third was banned

Before us epochs
Behind us aeons
Creation in check
And a world soon spawned

A place for man
The earth was formed
By Jehovah’s hand
Our God, to be for

In God’s image
First man was made
As Jehovah pledged
God’s glory displayed

Adam and Eve
In the Garden
Used their agency
And fell from Eden

The heav’n fallen
Came to tempt Eve
Adam determined
He too must believe

Left free to choose
There’s repentance…
But wicked hands bruise
And there’s consequence

Where’s mankind’s place?
In our God’s plan?
Jesus would show grace
And save earth and man

The Bread of Life
The Messiah
The Alpha of Light
And the Omega

Would come to earth
Born of Mary
With humble birth
Sins load to carry

With all man’s guilt
And sorrow too
Drops of blood were spilled.
Born for me and you.

Evil piled
Too, mortal pain
Us, He reconciled
He forsook hell’s claim

He bore taunting
And took abuse
He suffered scourging
With pain too profuse

He the world’s Light
With His legions
Layed down His own life
To take it again

The ransom paid
Soon the earth reeled.
In the tomb He lay.
The law was fulfilled

Twas He who died
For all our sins
He hated and tried
When would He ascend?

On the third day
He was risen
Mankind was now saved
To live without end

I kneel to find
Words of gratitude
Agency is mine
This I choose to do

The Moving of the Water

A moving of the water
Caused by an angel that dipped
Healed the first one to enter
As unseen hands to head slipped

A gathering of the infirm
Await the water’s stir
Whose turn to wash and be healed?
Before the waters stilled
Impaired in body or mind
This sprinkling of mankind
Cannot care for themselves
And depend on someone else

Those who are in the family
Feel the blame guiltily
That it’s a result of sin
But, this is false doctrine

As Jesus passed a blind man
He taught of handicaps
He said of nature’s sovereign
God’s manifest in them

Don’t ridicule or discard
What nature disregards
The infirm are innocent
And, not all ignorant

If we laugh at their expense
Let there be recompense
Those who mimick a palsy
May they fall where all see

Oh, that we were afflicted
With blindness inflicted
And not see imperfection
Then we’d know perfection

We should become like angels
Who move and water swells
By one act that we perform
We heal what’s in deform

Our spirits locked in the flesh
Not always well they mesh
We’ll serve without apathy
With love, not sympathy

Lest we die prematurely
We’ll need some aid, surely
Let our works make an account
For when our needs too mount

When we resurrect one day
Some we’ll look a new way
Like the pool of Bethesda
One blink and it is done

For now might we just glimpse
The infirm’s small attempts
For they’ve a spirit’s guiding
Though often it’s hiding

As everyone must progress-
A step by step process
May we help those handicapped
To be spiritually tapped

Each spirit’s intelligent
What’s now is earthly sent
When the sleeping dust’s restored
We’ll rejoice with the Lord

There will be fullness of joy
Flesh no longer destroyed
The day of healing will come
With no more blind, deaf or dumb

Washed Clean

Our conduct is based on values
And more so the gospel improves us
As we learn doctrines and their use
We see the Atonement of Jesus

The doctrines can change behavior
Quicker than behavioral study
With the first we can become pure
With the latter we’re long seen muddy

It is truly exhilarating
To ask and become spiritually cleansed
We’re consoled. It’s liberating
When we’re not harrowed up by our sins

Just as we’re obedient to laws
There are laws for ordinances too
The gospel can wash us of flaws
With values to help us become new

Boyd K. Packer
“Washed Clean”
Ensign May 1997, 9

Alma 36:17-19
17 And it came to pass that as I was thus racked with torment, while I was harrowed up by the memory of my many sins, behold, I remembered also to have heard my father prophesy unto the people concerning the coming of one Jesus Christ, a Son of God, to atone for the sins of the world.
18 Now, as my mind caught hold upon this thought, I cried within my heart: O Jesus, thou Son of God, have mercy on me, who am in the gall of bitterness, and am encircled about by the everlasting chains of death.
19 And now, behold, when I thought this, I could remember my pains no more; yea, I was harrowed up by the memory of my sins no more.

In Ancient Times, Came a Balm- The Balm of Gilead

In ancient times came a balm
For healing and for calm
From out of Gilead it came
And was asked for by name

In our day of disorders
Many are cured or ordered
And much can be prevented
If what’s inside is tended

As for good health there are rules
Rest and exercise are useful tools
For maintained quality of lifestyles
And for preventing growing stress piles

But, this does not seem to be enough
Our minds can make life real tough
And how stuck thoughts will manifest
Into ill health all of us can attest

My message is an appeal
To those who feel at ill
My message is a kind plea
To those who know not peace

There is a spirit in man
Which can become ill and sad
And as we are prone to sin
Obedience is the best medicine

If you suffer from worry
Or cannot control fury
All these negative thoughts
Clutter up like junk lots

Put up a “no dumping” sign
And to God’s laws realign
What’s inside can be healed
As our bad thoughts are stilled

And the cure’s found in prayer
May we oft be found there
To find soothing and healing
And be spiritually feeling

If we’ve a troubling heartache
Or are burdened by a mistake
Prayer’s as though a transfusion
To ease and end confusion

And those “oughts” that were in control
Seem petty as we’re freed from their toll
And the beam lifts from our eyes
So we see beautiful skies

There is strength as we gain understanding
That the Lord’s inside us for our standing
And as the Prince of Peace, He knows our pain
And would that we pray and take on His name

The more we’ve His Spirit and the Comforter
We are more eased of disease and disorder
Forgive, forget and leave it alone
And, be grateful that our Lord did atone

There is a healing balm
That has to be applied
Our Lord can heal and calm
And, through prayer it is supplied

Boyd K. Packer
The Balm of Gilead
New Era, Aug 1979 36

Jer. 8: 22
Is there no balm in Gilead;
is there no physician there?
why then is not the health
of the daughter of my people recovered?

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Thanks to David H. Sundwall

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Our God Truly is God

Oh God, where art Thou?
I cry out to Thee
For guidance, and how
With humility

As I ponder Thee
I can see Thy hand
Working hard for me
And for every man.

Those who disbelieve
Need not look too far
For our bodies leave
Proof in who Thou art

We’ve our eyes and hands
So complex from birth
There one understands
True beauty and worth

The blind and infirm
Through Thy Son could feel
All Thy love confirmed
And saw Thou art real!

When I look at hands
I am in amaze
They grasp and expand
For creative ways

I know who Thou art
I’m in Thine image
I can do my part-
And, with my hands, I’ll start!

-Elder Douglas L. Callister

64–68, Jan 2008, “Our God Truly Is God, ”

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Poems Based on Elder Ballard’s talks

We believe other lands had visits from Christ.
They saw signs in the heavens, they knew His name.
He taught them, they felt His wounds, He dried their eyes.
The Book of Mormon testifies that He came.

We’re Christians otherwise nicknamed “The Mormons”.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints-
And our missionaries can teach you lessons.
But, you can read on if you have time constraints…

Here are some facts to introduce us to you…
The Lord’s Church was restored in 1830.
We’ve priesthood, apostles, and a prophet, too.
Our pioneers frontiered and proved how we’re sturdy.

We’ve members in 176 countries
With 13 millions members, we are rising.
We don’t smoke, drink alcohol, coffee or teas.
We’ve unpaid clergy, we serve and pay tithing.

Faith in God
We believe that God is our Heavenly Father.
And we are literally His spirit offspring.
That’s why our names start with brother and sister.
And why the gospel sounds with a familiar ring.

We worship our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ .
We try to be like Him, we pray in His name.
Those with priesthood are authorized and baptize.
Through total immersion we’re never the same.

Every Monday night’s reserved for the family.
Where we’ll teach each other, sing, pray and have fun.
We’re known for having practiced polygamy.
Biblically restored, then abandoned, now shunned.

As families, we attend Sunday services.
We instruct each other using the scriptures.
In temples we perform sacred ordinances.
That seals families committed to their futures.

Fruits of the Gospel
The Savior said, “By their fruits, ye shall know them.”
For our Lord, we strive to be in His image.
To be healthier, we have the Word of Wisdom.
In love, we’ve a divorce rate lower than average.

We’ve shown our excellence in education
Missionaries surpass in their languages,
They pay their own way to teach. It’s not a vacation!
With compassion, Saints serve and share from their wages.

This Was Simple and Short
These are a few thoughts, that come straight from the heart.
May these words build a bridge of understanding.
So together we’ll rise up and make a new start.
Let’s seek for the good, with friendships longstanding.

If you’re still wanting to know a little more
Our doors stand wide open, where the Lord calls you.
You’re what our missionaries hoped and trained for.
To witness that for man Christ died and now lives too.

O Be Wise

“Oh be wise, what can I say more.”
Wrote Jacob, to meekly implore.
A prophet thus speaks from the dust.
His wisdom, from God, we can trust.
He’d sincere energy of soul.
Each man, too, may magnify role.
We can serve both wisely and well.
When we do, it’s easy to tell,
For we’ll know their hopes and their dreams.
This is not as hard as it seems.

Oh be wise, I say to myself.
I must take the book off the shelf.
When I read of the prophets plea.
I know I feel the urgency.
Self-compelled I know what to do.
Simply put, I should follow through.
Innovate, through inspiration.
Contemplate, through meditation.
It’s our chance to serve and to grow.
Stewardships are made to be so.

-Elder Ballard

The Greatest Miracle of All

From Elder M. Russell Ballard’s remarks honoring the Crandall Canyon mine collapse
To the Tune: Come Ye Children of the Lord

There is one who knows us best.
He only can give true rest.
He knows every ounce of pain.
For us He suffered, was slain.

Our hearts won’t be troubled, now
With fears flayed to rest, and how?
His love enfolds us with His peace.
May our love for Him increase.

We endure and weep the night.
Then joy comes with morning light.
He bears what ere shadows fall-
The great miracle for all.

He has borne all man’s sorrows.
Our hope for bright tomorrows,
We know His love is so pure.
With faith we cope and endure.

The Miracle of the Holy Bible

Four thousand years of sacred history
The Bible was preserved by holy men
It gives account of Christ’s words and ministry
They are found in the old and new testament

They were protected through the dark ages
Through the countless conflicts of generations
Yet, still testifies of Christ in its pages
Though there’d been many hands and translations

We owe so much for each man’s inspired words
We owe so much to the many martyrs
Who served all their lives and made record
And, too, we revere those called the reformers

God does direct what His scriptures should say
He’s whom we place our trust and confidence
We are blessed to have the bible today
And, it’s not by chance or coincidence

Here we learn of the teachings of Jesus
Here love and obedience can increase
Honest study of holy words help us
On our quest towards happiness and peace

Tens of millions find God in the Bible
Here they find truth to feed and guide their faith
Their dream to have freedoms, were not idle
They saught to be led by God and not fate

When the bible went into the household
It helped each man to search which doctrines were true
Now more light and wisdom can and does unfold
Influenced by one who asked what to do

Prompted by words he read in the bible
He went alone to a grove, to God beseech
Now what happened next, there’s no denial
God and Jesus came to Joseph to teach

Without the bible, where would mankind be?
It led Joseph, who was schooled for manhood
From golden plates, he began translating
Then God’s church was restored and, too, priesthood

Now we’ve the most correct of any book
For it was preserved and protected also
Translated by seers, he used to look
With this companion works, the church does grow!

Now, we’ve another testament of Christ
As the world grows in knowledge of all kinds
We’re thankful our father hears our cries
That to every humble seeker- truth he finds

The bible is a pillar of our faith
And is a powerful witness of the Savior
It witnesses anew, and God may be praised
For the Latter- Days, we have help to endure!

-Elder Ballard

Family- What Matters the Most, Lasts the Longest

What matters the most, lasts the longest
And with our families, we are strongest
It should be strengthened and up foremost
There is no question- love gives the most

When we’ve a conflict or a crisis
There is a lot that we must process
We’re reminded that families connect
They are supportive, as they protect

This is even more true after life
As a husband longs to see his wife
And each spouse searches for their mother
For their siblings, and for their father

In the spirit world, there’s no question
We’ll need our families as we station
The prophet issued to all the world
A clarion call- stern in it’s word

Some priorities shut the child out
As declined values confuse and doubt
Ahead of its time, and for our age
God’s given counsel in simple page

As the notions of society
Contrast with all that they now should be
For the survival of the family
We must define it- ev’r so clearly

Marriage is solemn- wife and husband
One woman, one man- with wedding band
Gender has purpose, that’s premortal
And is essential and eternal

A husband and wife, God has ordained
And calamnities rise when it’s disdained
Couples now should live responsibly
With marriage vows of fidelity

Children should be reared or placed within
Honorable homes who’ve prayed for them
They are entitled to be cared for
As extended families lend support

As though a banner of liberty
This proclammation waves perfectly
It’s for everyone- we’re meant to be
Raised in honored homes commitedly

Parenting involves great sacrifice
When there’s selfishness- who pays the price?
If there is a change- a “tolerance”
Who is brunted with the consequence?

Our precious children, are now confused
The family has changed- as pawns they’re used
Our Heavenly Father stands with wisdom
He’s proclaimed to the earthly kingdoms

The family’s in need of scaffolding
Which comes from the prayers they are holding
And, weekly there should be an evening
Set aside for home and believing

Each member should feel they are cherished
And are known by their brother, Jesus
His message to all can’t be denied
“Love one another-For you I’ve died!”

We must now measure, we must fulfill
And live according to Father’s will
What matter’s the most, lasts the longest
He’s counseled families- where we’re strongest

Elder M. Russell Ballard
What Matters Most is What Lasts Longest
November 2005 Ensign

Lifting, Bending, and Twisting

Lifting, bending, and twisting
Every day in their homes
A young mother’s existing
To find for what she combs

Under the couch and loveseat
Are toys and books and things
Wherever the children meet
With them there’s much each brings

Perhaps one day she can rest
While the children stay calm
And even though they are at breast
There’s nothing in her palm

As she captures the moment
She sees her best reward
Her precious children are lent
And she is the steward

This world busily demands
And children know this too
Yet, a mother understands
And knows just what to do

There’s not a more worthy role
Than that of motherhood
And though it takes its toll
She’d striving as she should

She relies on her instincts
As each child’s so diff’rent
Though her daily tasks may stink
At home she is content

A child’s in need of well-being
While in formative years
And thus must have a routine
Or are oft found in tears

And so there’s times of frustration
As things are overlooked
She makes a correlation
And knows she’s overbooked

Each family needs unstructured time
When they can laugh and play
That’s when bonding becomes prime
And shining joys display

Every good thing is brought to pass
By small and simple things
Like moments in photograph
Can capture the heart strings

So when a daughter of God’s giv’n
A day to spend her way
All her thoughts while away she’s liv’n
Are of them- thus, she prays

This is how the church is preserved
And we must give her aid
For while her role is observed
Firm foundations are laid

What’s the best use of her spare time?
That she draw from the well
And, that she enrich her life
In what she may excel

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