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Precious words from Jacob
Were treasured then revealed.
The men of his people
Were in the spacious field.
Bound to clouded doctrines.
Indulging as they reeled.

Nephite men had hardened,
Desiring second wives.
For their gold and silver
soon lifted up their pride.
They forgot their covenants,
And greed was in their eyes.

For the wives and children
With tender wounded souls,
The men must set aside
Searching for wives and gold.
Jacob called them to repent.
His warnings were so bold:

God sees and hears wive’s cries
Caused by the sins you do.
The sobbings of their hearts
Ascend to God against you.
Repent, lest His piercing eye
Does send daggers to dust you.


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In a day where sweet is bitter
and bitter is sweet,
Mankind needs to be more holy
and not take to strong drink.

The Lord’s vineyard has been planted
on a fruitful hill.
With the choicest of grafted vines
That’s been cared for with skill.

We, too, grow a young seedling
Nurtured from a seed.
Through faith that promotes actions
We’ve precious fruit that’s sweet.

Evil is not good. It is dark,
And so is its fruit.
Soon what’s bitter and rotten
May poison to the root.

The bitter fruit tastes very bad
To those with sweet food.
Wo to them who find bitter sweet
When they have what is good.

The Lord’s vineyard has been grafted
To preserve each root.
Each bitter branch will be cast off
And soon burned into soot.

He has grieved much as He’s labored.
Trying everything.
As the Lord grafts for the last time.
More servants, He will bring.

Isa. 5: 20, 2 Ne. 15: 20
Wo unto them that call evil good, and good evil,
that put darkness for light, and light for darkness,
that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Jacob 5

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To those known as ex-Mormons
(We have all known one or two)
Please lay aside aversions
There’s a new Saint inside you

Come back, you’re as a temple
There’s healing balm- just for you
One small change makes a ripple
From one step- miracles view

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A call to all the inactives,
It is time to return home.
Know what’s inside you lives.
You’ve a place from which you’ve flown.

We’ll leave our doors wide open
And await for your return.
Your name’s been here engraven,
Since the Holy Ghost had burned.

A second chance goes two ways.
Together let’s try again.
We can cleanse what stains in grays.
With the Spirit that’s our friend.

Reconcile to the straight path.
Where there’s riches more in store.
Soon with all the Father hath.
We’ll enjoy forever more!

Jackmormons and inactives are names of the past.
You are a Saint- A name, through change, does last!

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Scriptures written in weakness
Help God’s people become strong.
The words persuade to goodness-
To Christ, where we endure long.

Scriptures written speak harshness,
With the plainness of the truth.
They call man to repent lest
They forget whom they lean to.

The writings of the prophets
Are heard crying from the dust.
“Please read and heed these tablets.”
For Christ, we can and we must!

2 Nephi 33:13,
And now, my beloved brethren, all
those who are of the house of Israel,
and all ye ends of the earth, I speak
unto you as the voice of one crying
from the dust: Farewell until that
great day shall come.

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With a long glance in the rear view mirror,
I think how I’ve been so defective.
To the Father, Humbly, I plead in prayer.
I long for His love and perspective.

He knows of my shortcomings and despair,
The things which easily beset me.
And for what I need best, He is aware.
I will follow His paths to safety.

How far from sin will be a safe distance?.
My life has missed the best scenery.
I want joy in life, not just existence.
I want vistas and to see clearly.

My Savior, all alone, through His suffering
Knows of the darkness of my despair.
How can I not receive what He’s offering?
A second chance, a life with repair.

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My sister’s heart has broke in two.
Now, what am I supposed to do?
Be her friend and give her a call.
Give service no matter how small.
When I pray- I know what to say
To share my light and brighten her day.

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