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When we look at our spiritual heritage
We’ve intensified hope and lengthen our stride
When we’re kind and don’t give into disparage
We rescue all that is finest deep inside

As we practice virtue and holiness
We give and receive, we share and build character
There to ignore all forms of lasciviousness
We grow as a Zion, where each need’s a factor

Gone would be strife, tumults, and whoredoms
As to our neighbors, we aim to be handier
And, without lies, we’ve much more freedoms,
As to each other, we could not be happier

We’d be partakers of a heavenly gift
With a remission of sins from day to day
Both physically and spiritually, we’d not drift
As hunger and nakedness is swept away

To dwell in righteousness, we’d be so kind
We’d aid the sick giving a shoulder to lean and cry on
How we’d celebrate to live of one heart and one mind!
Who does not thrill of this depiction of zion?

In fourth Nephi, we witness it’s blessing
The “ites” all blended to become delightsome
For they’d lost all desire to do bad things
And grew more grateful, selfless, and wholesome

Who can look upon another who has much less
And say to themselves their poverty is just
When of the whole world, our Father would that we bless
For when we’ve robes and they’ve rags, we know what’s a must

Our highest spiritual achievement is when
Those who are dependent can learn a new way
And soon more are teaching others this lesson
Till the curse of idleness is done away

As givers gain control of their desires
And properly see their own needs from their wants
The welfare service in action never tires
And one’s measure of love is known all at once

How we treat man, measures our love for the Lord
What’s the highest achievement? To conquer the flesh!
Then we’re rich in spirit, we’re of one accord
And when we’re all Christ-like, our purposes mesh

To love is the first of all the commandments
With welfare as the essence of the gospel
Zion will put on her beautiful garments
When we learn to apply this crowning principle

If we give a generous fast offering
We’ll meet the cash needs of the welfare program
And physical needs we’ll soon be tempering
As we’re provident and each are safe in God’s plan

The stakes of Zion serve as our defense
Where we are promised a refuge from the storm
In the face of difficult times, it’s a safe fence
Where there’s obedience as gardens there to form

Spencer W. Kimball


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Where lies the buried treasure?
If only map pieces could be found
Lost marks here and there measure
What lies concealed beneath the ground

But there’s danger on this path
Much lurks ahead darkly concealed
Waiting to pronounce great wrath
Where consuming greed is revealed

Where has this obsession led?
Can it ever be satisfied?
What are riches to the dead?
Moth and rust cannot be denied

But in another setting
There lies treasure bright and surreal
It is up skyward jetting
Where thieves do not break through nor steal

The promised treasure is untold
It beckons those pure to advance
Endless numbers will behold
From the Master- inheritance

Lay this treasure in your heart
And seek no more for earthly wealth
Learn from your past and now start
Gone the need to live in stealth

There will be forks and turnings
As you journey to the future
But with hard work and yearnings
You’ll obtain that heart so pure

You must prepare for each day
This heart’s made in word and in deed
And old longings you must stay
You must love and share without greed

To obtain your highest need…
Search this treasure map with known marks
Each step must be done, indeed
With stable footings, and gold hearts

-Thomas S. Monson

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Who can ascend above the clouds?
Where a road of white enshrouds
And travel where sky is all you know
There to find rest from what’s down below

Do the angels travel this way?
As they look o’er what we do
May we testify on fast Sunday
So they can look upon us anew

And may they be found beside me
To my left and to my right
To bear me up in my times of need
And keep me safe through the day and night

Flight home from Maryland

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Achievement Day Poem

We learn how to be hopeful
As we grow in the gospel
And put to practice being faithful

When we think to give service
We find that we’ve a purpose
So, let’s give to those who have much less

I can teach someone something
That’s very interesting
It’s my new talent I’m developing

Each week we’ll make a suture
Preparing for the future
With each stitch my growth will be measured

A call to:
learn and live the gospel
serve others
develop talents
prepare for the future

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Four thousand years of sacred history
The Bible was preserved by holy men
It gives account of Christ’s words and ministry
They are found in the old and new testament

They were protected through the dark ages
Through the countless conflicts of generations
Yet, still testifies of Christ in its pages
Though there’d been many hands and translations

We owe so much for each man’s inspired words
We owe so much to the many martyrs
Who served all their lives and made record
And, too, we revere those called the reformers

God does direct what His scriptures should say
He’s whom we place our trust and confidence
We are blessed to have the bible today
And, it’s not by chance or coincidence

Here we learn of the teachings of Jesus
Here love and obedience can increase
Honest study of holy words help us
On our quest towards happiness and peace

Tens of millions find God in the Bible
Here they find truth to feed and guide their faith
Their dream to have freedoms, were not idle
They sought to be led by God and not fate

When the bible went into the household
It helped each man to search which doctrines were true
Now more light and wisdom can and does unfold
Influenced by one who asked what to do

Prompted by words he read in the bible
He went alone to a grove, to God beseech
Now what happened next, there’s no denial
God and Jesus came to Joseph to teach

Without the bible, where would mankind be?
It led Joseph, who was schooled for manhood
From golden plates, he began translating
Then God’s church was restored and, too, priesthood

Now we’ve the most correct of any book
For it was preserved and protected also
Translated by seers, he used to look
With this companion works, the church does grow!

Now, we’ve another testament of Christ
As the world grows in knowledge of all kinds
We’re thankful our father hears our cries
That to every humble seeker- truth he finds

The bible is a pillar of our faith
And is a powerful witness of the Savior
It witnesses anew, and may God be praised
For the Latter- Days, we have help to endure!

-Elder Ballard

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Listen to Learn

Here’s good counsel to receive instruction
So you’re found wise and safe from destruction
Surley, we’ll find wisdom from each neighbor,
Child, parent, leader, and from our Savior.
Are we eager to listen, when in distress?
Or when there’s trials we need to address?

When others express anguish, do we listen?
With both ears? Do we have time to fit them in?
When someone is in shock they speak openly.
Do we interrupt and act most shockingly?
We can try to understand distressed feelings.
So we’re not ignoring them or pretending!

When young people are lonely or troubled
Their need for us to listen is now doubled
When they are behaving like a frenzied beast
That’s when they seem to deserve favor the least
The wise listen to learn from children
Who in turn are wise- when obedient

The husband and wife listen best- together
Then they try to learn from one- another
Talking time is prime for our love and commitment
For weeds may choke out fruits requirement
When the garden is well cultivated
A marriage is proven and dedicated

When we listen, it promotes tolerance
We learn their true intent and sentiments
Even if their persuasions are diverse
We can be polite when ere we converse
We learn to listen and listen to learn
This too is how the spirit can discern

In our day the prophet is far reaching
And we must turn our ears to his teachings
He teaches us of how life is best enjoyed
Those who ignore will one day be destroyed
When we incline our ears, we listen
And we can see with our ears, the vision

We need to listen, to hearken, and obey
This is true when ere we read and when we pray
We feel inspired, we speak and then we wait
To understand the answer which comes by faith
We lend an ear unto counsel, with laws kept
Line upon line, we then hear Father’s precepts

Elder Nelson

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The body needs sunlight, exercise, good food and rest
To protect it from diseases ravaging effects
Our spirits need nourishment to wax strong in the truth
We’ve been told to feast upon the word as though it were food

In the preexistence, our spirits learned and developed
Now on the earth we’ve bodies to which its been enveloped
The body and the spirit must each define their role
If we travel in happenstance, how do we reach our goal?

For knowledge and experience is why to earth we came
We’ve agency, for good or bad, and we’ve no one else to blame
And after this second estate, there’s much for which we’ve in store
One day, in perfect form, we’ll have forever more

But, this is not as easy as it seems, it’s a test
There’s unseen opposition that works and doesn’t need to rest
They without bodies, serve Satan, each a cast out spirit
And they’re relentless and cunning and too, desperate

For safety, we must obtain and study God’s holy record
And hold to the rod and heed the good word of the Lord
We must beware of all that’s increasingly bad
And, avoid me-ism to enjoy all that God has

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, heals and prepares us for the last day
He has led a perfect life and our ransom he has paid
He is the perfect example of what we should be here
We should strive to always have His spirit to be near

L. Tom Perry

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