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Alma the Younger wasted his youth
He made life hard for church members
Then an angel came to show him truth
And rebuked him with a voice of thunder

His anguish of soul, we’ll not know of
As he confronted sins hard to bear
Three days Alma lay in a coma
As an answer to his father’s prayer

As one rescued from a dark abyss
His life is an example of change and hope
There’s a way out of awful darkness
We don’t have to stand alone there to grope

As to Christ, Alma cried in his heart
Pleading for mercy and deliverance
With his sins gone, he pledged a new start
Devoted to preaching repentance

This is dedicated to Phil
Clean Hands, Pure Heart:
Overcoming Addiction to Pornography
Through the Redeeming Power of Jesus Christ
In this Book, author, Philip A. Harrison relates
his journey out of addiction to pornography into
recovery and freedom. He explains: “like Paul and
Alma the Younger, who also spent a portion of their life
in serious darkness and were delivered from it by
Christ Himself, I am willing to allow my life to be an
example of someone the Lord has rescued from
‘the darkest abyss.'”
Using the scriptures and teachings of Church Leaders,
Phil leads us through the process of coming unto Christ
and having our burdens lifted. For those who have
struggled with sexual addiction or any other
overwhelming challenge , as well as for those who
care about them, this book offers welcome help,
guidance and hope.
How can I find out more about the LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program?
You can now check online for
recovery meetings near you and for additional support information at
www.lds.org which will take you to the Church home page.
Then click in order:
1. Provident living
2. Social and emotional strength
3. Addiction recovery support

You then select your area; the schedule of locations and times will come up.
The phone number to call for more information at Family Services is
1-800-453-3860 ext. 2-3646.


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Sins never tire
They ever cross the wires
Shades of Sodom…
The dregs at the bottom
Has Pandora
Yet glimpsed at Gomorrah?
Our wicked world
Screams loud and insults hurl
Each sordid fact
Exposes evil stacked
They’ve Light so dim
From all their sins within

Must we suffer
The twin cities’ fate here
Where ill is bred
Without balm in Gilead?
Are there lovers
Of God or of pleasures?
From old Noah
Were great lessons not taught?
This time it’s sin
That the world’s flooded in
And what does reign?
Unholiness and pain

Where’s the doorway?
Hurry, find it I pray
Where the Lord stands
Waiting with knocking hands
Written above
Reads: The Doorway of Love
It’s on high ground
That our dear Savior’s found
And as you near
There’s echoes you can hear
“Open the door
You are, who I knock for “

Love causes change
As our lives rearrange
Love has its price
It requires we’re nice
And God loves us
So He gave us Jesus
The great teacher
To love one another
He also taught
Of higher laws of thought
To understand
where love can best expand

Love’s not like weeds
That spreads from wind and seeds
Love’s not like rain
Dripping where e’er it came
Love can perish
When it is not cherished
So, we have Christ
Who has paid a high price
He loves each one
For us, His work was done
For each person
He bore sin’s hard ransom

Little children
Can learn the Lord’s lesson
“If you love me
Do as I’m commanding
As I love you
Now, love each other too”
Where’s our haven?
Our safe place to live in?
It’s where honor
And loving symbols are
Where contention
Has no place to station

God’s found in love
As blessings from above
Where there’s virtue
His love resides there, too
It’s apparent
We’ve premortal parents
Heav’nly Father
And our Heav’nly Mother
And when love’s gone
The sobbings of those wronged
Ascend up high
Against those who’ve shown pride

Our happiness
Hinges on righteousness
The path to joy
Comes to each girl and boy
With faithfulness
We’ll press on t’wards fullness
Let there be peace
May it begin with me
A soft pillow
Helps those whose lives are low
This we’ll not know
Unless our hearts do grow

Vagrants asleep
Are in need of watch keep
What can be done
In the name of the Son?
To those hungry
May our compassion be
A sparrow falls
The Savior hears its calls
He sees service
He knows concern’s purpose
All love imparts
Catalysts for big hearts

Those who show care
Are often more aware
That violence
Does not cry of strength
Yet, compassion
Cries with Christ-like passion
What’s of value?
Our last gifts of adieu?
This mom’s locked box
T’would only hold small rocks
As she’d nothing
Why bother opening…

As though treasure
Photos of past pleasure
A young couple’s
Sealing date ink bejeweled
And last inside
A child’s note, “I love you”
Hearts were tender
Voices soft, eyes moister
Louis’s note
A Valentines he’d wrote.
A locked box viewed
With a new attitude

We see Christ’s love
Reflected in true love
At Christmas time
One finds people are kind
You can hear it
As you believe in it
You can see it
And anticipate it
You can feel it
As you grandly share it
It’s yours to own
But, never just alone

Twas years ago
A class was troubled so
What could be done?
The solution, but one
The problem child
With love, must become mild
She confessed
She asked him, and was blessed
And now the boy
Became her greatest joy
And she knew him
Through her gaze blank and dim

In her nineties
She’d not eat, her fork teased
She knew no one
And not a word she spoke
When lunch ended
And… the words one-sided
He stood to leave
And you would not believe
He said “God Bless “
And she- “Why you’re Thomas!”
She kissed his hand
Love passed the aging sand

“How I love you,”
She said. There were tears, too-
On hands bestowed.
Now, those hands were hallowed
The air was cool
Outside the sky was blue
An azure blue
The snow was white
A crystal white
The words of the Master
Were felt deeper
“Woman, behold thy son!”
As she’d beheld this one

A wondrous gift
Graced by God was given
Heavenly blessings
Were there for receiving
At a doorway
Patiently, He’ll await
Till, us He hears
And with love Christ enters
Through a doorway
That’s opened with our faith
Through a doorway
Of love, where all is okay

This poem is best understood
if read after reading Monson’s talk
Thomas S. Monson
The Doorway of Love
“The Doorway of Love,”
Ensign, Oct 1996, 2

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Achievement- My Testimony

As you learn the gospel
Your testimony grows
As you live the gospel
May your pencil write what flows

Write of Heavenly Father
And of your love for Him
Write of our dear Savior
How He conquered all sin

What covenants have you made
What do they mean to you?
And, before your thoughts soon fade
Please write of How He loves you, too

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We can know the truth of all things
As the Holy Ghost witnesses
It testifies with warm feelings
As it protects and it blesses

The wisest thing we’ll ever know
Is that Heavenly Father is real
As we learn to obey and grow
A sure knowledge of God does seal

By the power of the Holy Ghost
We can know who our Savior is
As creator, He is our host
Inside us we’ve a Light Which is His

Those who’ve gained a testimony
Have learned how to recognize truth
It is not a cacophony
Nor do you have to wait for proof

All things denote there is a God
And all truths point towards Jesus
From the sky to the planted sod
Here we will learn, Earth is for us

There are sources that help us learn
We have books, teachers and parents
We can pray when our thoughts won’t turn
We can practice faith and patience

In Moroni, we learn of gifts
That are sent from our Lord above
Each of us have one to uplift
To the faithful they’re giv’n with love

One, may teach wisdom of the word
From another, knowledge is heard
One, may have faith that exceeds all
Another, the gifts of healing
One, may work mighty miracles
Another, prophesies all things
One, can behold heavenly angels
Another, ministering spirits
One, may speak the various tongues
Another, may then interpret
With Christ-like love these gifts are hung
We need each other, everyone

Moroni 10:5
And by the power of the Holy Ghost
ye may know the truth of all things.

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All over the world parents are concerned
For the strength of the youth and what they have learned
To all the young men
and our young women
The First Presidency
has frankly spoken:

They love you, and have confidence in you
Of things that are right, they hope that you’ll do
You are choice spirits reserved for this day
When you’ve temptations, you can always pray

A righteous life is full of happiness
Which can be lost with desires that areee foolish
You can live standards that will help your peers
You can reach out, and lift and help them to steer

There’s burdens of guilt when you self- indulge
The father of lies will always divulge
He’ll leave you fallen with a shattered life
We pray that you will avoid all this strife

Opportunities abound, there’s no rest
As obligations are at their greatest
The Holy Ghost is the highest blessing
You’ll have direction, there’ll be less guessing

A constant and calming companionship
Can keep you from Satan’s ever strong grip
You can keep your bodies and your minds clean
And walk tall through a spiritual guiding

If you are confused there’s much you can do
As you believe all that the church has told you
You’ll know that you been prepared for this earth
That you came to win, and you have great worth

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Through the strengthening power of the atonement
An offense is over-ruled. We triumph
We can live together with at-one-ment
If we petition in prayer for guidance

Keeping covenants requires dedication
And, of the many who’ve left their covenants
They are in need of our inspiration
We need prayer to open walls of offense

Why have they not been participating
In the blessings and programs of the church?
Offtimes they’re lifestyles are dissipating
And, grievances have turned them away hurt

These are some of the reasons some have cited:
Some felt excluded and without a friend.
Until some have moved or died
Some vow to not set foot in again

With commandments they struggled to live within
They avoided change and went another way
Do they remember the spirit given?
Do they remember what the scriptures say?

Where once they might have viewed us severely
We pray that they might feel of our concern
If we’d visit and ask them sincerely
Perhaps the spirit might help them return

One of the Lord’s disciples has proclaimed
It is time to stop feeling offended
Each of us do things of which we’re ashamed
It’s time for the lost sheep to feel tended

All must act and not be acted upon
As free agents we can choose for our good
It is time to find the faith that we stand on
The Holy Ghost will witness how we should

Elder David A. Bednar
“And Nothing Shall Offend Them,”
Liahona, Nov 2006, 89–92

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What matters the most, lasts the longest
And with our families, we are strongest
It should be strengthened and up foremost
There is no question– love gives the most

When we’ve a conflict or a crisis
There is a lot that we must process
We’re reminded that families connect
They’re supportive, as they help protect

This is even more true after life
As a husband longs to see his wife
And each spouse searches for their mother
For their siblings, and for their father

In the spirit world, there’s no question
We’ll need our families as we station
The prophet issued to all the world
A clarion call- stern in it’s word

Some priorities shut the child out
As declined values confuse and doubt
Ahead of its time, and for our age
God’s given counsel in simple page

As the notions of society
Contrast with all that they now should be
For the survival of the family
We must define the home so clearly

The solemn marriage- wife and husband
One woman, one man- with wedding band
Gender has purpose, that’s premortal
It’s essential and it’s eternal

A husband and wife, God has ordained
And calamities rise when it’s disdained
Couples now should live responsibly
With marriage vows of fidelity

Children should be reared or placed within
Honorable homes who’ve prayed for them
They are entitled to be cared for
As extended families lend support

As though a banner of liberty
This proclamation waves perfectly
It’s for everyone- we’re meant to be
Raised in honored homes committedly

Parenting involves great sacrifice
When there’s selfishness- who pays the price?
If there is a change- a “tolerance”
Who is brunted with the consequence?

Our precious children, are now confused
The family has changed- as pawns they’re used
Our Heavenly Father stands with wisdom
He’s proclaimed to the earthly kingdoms

The family’s in need of scaffolding
Which comes from prayers they’re daily holding
And, weekly there should be an evening
Set aside for home and believing

Each member should feel they are cherished
And are known by their brother, Jesus
His message to all can’t be denied
“Love one another-For you I’ve died!”

We must now measure, we must fulfill
And live according to Father’s will
What matter’s the most, lasts the longest
He’s counseled families- where we’re the strongest

Elder M. Russell Ballard
What Matters Most is What Lasts Longest
November 2005 Ensign

Congratulations Courtney you passed the
State Boards! And, I wrote this waiting
while you took the test! 4/24/08

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