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May We So Live

May we so live that if we died today
We’d have eternal life with the Master
Then we’d feel peace and be unafraid
When suddenly comes a disaster

When tragedy struck in 2001
Gone were well-laid out plans for pleasant futures
And all raced to their phones to speak with someone
For the precious moment of now it captures

What are we doing with today?
How fragile life. How certain death!
If only for tomorrows we pray
We’re wasting away this days breath!

Tomorrows of change rarely come
Unless today we make the first step
Have we done something for anyone?
Opportunity’s an endless debt!

There are words to say and gifts to give
There are souls to save and deeds to do
To extend the joy it is to live
Is to share our Lord’s light all anew

As we turn from paths that lead us down
We can follow a star toward the light
As we quicken our step with courage found
Our joy’s for today- in doing what’s right

Can you hear the children’s laughter?
Do you too have a song in your heart?
It’s joy that we all should be after
That’s from giving of what God does impart

For whom do we feel strongest emotions?
Surely it’s not for someone we hate
For that is where we’ll place our devotions
And regret is a dark friend at the gate

But, darkness can be dispelled with light
With service being the formula for peace
Those who follow the Master enjoy life
And, oh how our love for all does increase

President Thomas S. Monson
May We So Live
Ensign, August 2008, 5


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Teaching requires communication
That encourages participation
And as engaged students raise up their hands
This action signifies desire to understand

Thus, permitting the Holy Ghost to teach
A personalized message best to reach
Through the use of agency one is taught
Those who are passive find they’ve received naught

Richard G. Scott
To Learn and Teach More Effectively
Devotional address 21 August 2007

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Knowledge is power
In the world today
As the fullness of light does shower
To the dawning of a brighter day

From all that we learn
And from our talents
We can bless and help others in turn
As teaching and learning does balance

The best known resource
For truth of all kinds
Is when the Holy Ghost guides our course
And spiritual promptings light our minds

Once a thought is lit
Our senses expand
And for our eternal benefit
God’s true principles we more understand

Whatever we seek
We see, hear, and feel
As we pray for promptings and are meek
The precious impressions come to avail

With paper and pen
In a secure place
As though a new path of light burst open
We write things that come before our face

We’ve laws to obey
To gain this wisdom
But by faith, repentance, and prayer each day
The sweet whisperings of the spirit will come
Richard G. Scott
To Learn and to Teach More Effectively
Devotional address 21 August 2007

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A passenger jet took flight
In nineteen seventy-nine
To overlook the sight
Of a world white and sublime

To Antarctica and back
With preset coordinates
But, they were two degrees off track
As they descended for just minutes

The white of the clouds above
And the white of all that was below
Hid, till the panels sounded of
What was all in white- soon to show

It was too late, when they saw in terror
A volcano of 12,000 feet!
Twenty-eight miles off course from one error
Of a matter of just a few degrees!

All the passengers were killed on board
As the plane crashed into the volcano
From an error they went way off course
And became a lesson for all to know

In all our actions and all our roles
The longer it takes to get on course
The greater the distance from our goal
And come when it is too late- Oh, the remorse

When to laws we don’t adhere
Irregardless of how we’ve strayed
The way back is certain and clear
As for us the Lord has paid

As we are agents unto ourselves
We should show gratitude for our lives
And measure our actions as one delves
Treasuring the journey as one strives

The difference between happiness
That’s eternal and misery
Oft lies between our repentance
And our knowledge of mapery

A Matter of a Few Degrees
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Ensign May 2008, 57

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With open eyes we see more clearly
Of Christ’s light to live life fully
And as we exercise humility
We receive loving resiliency

Before us lies a grand smorgasbord
That has been placed brilliantly before
And into us, there’s joy to infuse
Where do we start and what do we choose?

As we pause to stand very still
We can see and know of God’s will
There’s much for us that’s brightly lit
If we only seek to lay hold of it

For the meek, comes the greatest gift of all
That fills the soul with joy that enthrals
It is the purest love we can know
It is charity which sets us aglow

Thoughts from reading
Search Diligently in the Light of Christ
Wendy L. Watson
1997 Women’s Conference

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Economy and Money Flows

Economy and money flows
Who has it now? Nobody knows

Yesterday’s conglomerates
Are tomorrows desperates

Sell something, be bold or fold
Or at least take stock in gold

Read the news. What’s soon to fail
Is engulfed when it’s cheap to bail

From progress to improvements
Old money moves to new movements

Yet, to all can come an inheritance
That’s eternal which God to us grants

Given to the chosen, though He love’s all the same
It’s for the righteous, who are known by Christ’s name

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Pioneer Day- Poems From What the Prophets Say

In remembrance of the pioneers

With full faith in their every footstep
The pioneers forged and tempered their souls
Without the Lord, they would be inept
May we too be true, in all of our rolls

Elder Wirthlin – General Conference April 1997

We’ve been blessed by pioneer Saints
Who followed the prophet with their faith
They showed courage through the years
And we have a kinship with their tears

Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Heeding the Voice of the Prophets,” Liahona, Jul 2008, 2–5

A Defense and a Refuge

After hiking as far as they could,
The apostles and the prophet stood.
High above the valley- their new home.
With God’s blessings no longer to roam.

To a walking stick, they tied a cloth.
On a high peak they waved it aloft.
As an ensign to all from the storm.
A raised standard which was not the norm.

Here was Zion that the Savior chose.
Here they’d blossom as a unique rose.
Those pioneers survived circumstance,
With Christ’s image to their countenance.

The lord’s moral standard we must preach
To those seeking refuge we will teach.
The pioneers’ homes had been taken.
Through trials their faith was not shaken.

If we’re doing the best that we can,
We can light a path for fellow man.
As a candle placed upon a high peak
Our flame can burn bright for all who seek.

We have a refuge and a defense
In our homes and our inheritance.
We do not attack or turn flighty
But, in faith we’ll pray to Almighty.

-President Packer 85–88, Boyd K. Packer, Nov 2006, “A Defense and a Refuge, ” Liahona

The Passage of Time

The passage of time dims our old mem’ries
And none too soon fades our sorrows and worries.
The pioneer trail where tears fell like rain
Now is a roller coaster of grief and pain.

While crimes creep higher to spiral upward
Decency careens society downward
And who can escape as the ride moves faster?
This thrill of the moment speeds to disaster!

Can we muster the courage for today?
As modern pioneers can we show others the way?
The path has been laid to eternity
May we blaze its trail with bright morality!

Thomas S. Monson ‘Come Follow Me,” Ensign, Jul 1988, 2

The Coming Tests and Trials and Glory

We stand today on a mountain peak
Humbled for there is much more to seek
In the midst of the mountains of Israel
There’s a panavision that is surreal
To gain the height we have climbed switches
Past forests of evil where sin stretches
Past canyons, cliffs and crags where some plummet
Yet, we’ve struggled and reached this high summit

Along the way as we upward climb
We passed roaring rivers of hate and crime
As we trudge forward sharp rocks cut our feet
We’re leary of jackals that we might meet
The lion’s lair, serpents coiled on ledges
What’s lurking in the brush along dark edges?
But, far in the distance- hid in the clouds
A morning mist on Mt. Zion enshrouds

This Mount is the grandest peak of all
Where Heavenly angels beckon and call
Here assemble the church of the first born
Looking back we see the the trails they have worn
And the view is glorious indeed
We can hear praise for their every deed
As Angel Moroni flies high in the midst
From his trump, lo- hear whispers come from the dust

While angelic ministrants come with keys
What is rolling forth to fill the earth with piece?
A little stone that is cut without hands
Shorn from where the house of the Lord now stands
As the stone breaks earthly kingdom’s damage
Soon it’ll smite the Babylonian image
Then Elder’s can cry unto these nations
Repent and assemble where one stations

We see stakes and temples dotting the ground
Where gifts, signs and miracles abound
As the sick are healed and dead are raised
And the power of God, in song is praised
Amidst this toil and sorrow test
From which they abided covenants the best
God’s elect were strengthened and bred
While murderers tried their blood to shed

We see Nauvoo in flames by those depraved
We see snow and cold and death and graves
With a new leader t’wards their promised land
“All is Well,” they sang, and they did band
As they lay their all on the alter
They proved though driven they would not falter
With their new prophet, their faith was not weak
T’wards Mt. Zion, their trails would now seek

As our eyes watch all that lies below
We rejoice that there is more to know
With joy, we anticipate tomorrow
Though we may face suffering and deep sorrow
We know we’ll yet face greater perils
As we’re tested with severe trials
May our shoes be off, when there we’re found
As though we stand upon holy ground

As we ponder and count our blessings
We’ll follow the pioneers old treadings
Crest upon crest on their charted course
We are hit with emotions full force
What we can see causes us to rejoice
For those with clean hands and pure hearts are choice
What we can see causes to tremble
As we weep for those who’se faith had crumbled

There’s wars and plagues which cover earth’s kingdoms
As the wayward and worldly abuse their freedoms
While some in the church drop to this pattern
And fall by the wayside bruised and tattered
But, the Lord’s caravan must roll forward
To all the nations it must move toward
Our missionary’s must give utterance
Till Ishmael’s tribes have their inheritance

As the stone breaks down all the barriers
We will not stop a while nor tarry here
We see saints of the most high worshipping
In Moscow, Saigon and in Peking
In Egypt, India, and Africa
As contrails burst forth from America
We see Saints of God all the world over
Standing with lights and guides, that empower

Helping the kingdom become triumphant
Our children take a virtuous stand
Crowned with God’s power, defending truth
We see great wisdom of those still in youth
This visions not all sweetness, peace and light
There’s greater evils, than at any time
As the Saints prepare to meet their God
Sinking depravity rides hardshod

Hearts become heavy with forebodings
While liars, thieves and murderers are goading
With blood, death and carnage everywhere
Mankind’s hearts are finding it hard to care
Adulterers and homosexuals
Take the place of families as usuals
They glorify all that is lewd and base
As the work of the Lord rolls on in haste

While Satan reigns in the hearts of men
He’ll show his power with Gadiantons
They’ll fill the judgment seats of nations
They’ll overthrow freedoms as sedition
Amist it all there are revelations
There are prophecies and more visions
There are gifts, signs and miracles
As the Holy Spirit of God fulfills

Amid this believing souls are born again
Preparing for God and to dwell with Him
Is it any wonder that we rejoice?
Amid commotion there’s a still small voice
The ungodly will be swept from the church
As the little stone fills the whole earth
The Zion of God will be found unmoved
Amidst great trembling, the Mt. is best proved

Ahead lies what’s dark, dreary and dreadful
Upon each issue we must be careful
The blood of the martyrs will poor again
As though doors in Carthage enclose in
We must heed the Prophet and Apostles
As their words penetrate our auricles
As whether in life or death, we’ll soon see
Our blessed Lord return in full Glory

We’ll see New Jerusalem coming down
To join the Holy City we’ve built sound
We shall mingle with Enoch’s pure city
While we worship and serve divinity
From peak to peak, hear the echoing strains
Glory to the Lord our God, we’ll acclaim
We’ll sing the Psalms of the Restoration
And of things unlawful to even speak
Will come into all the hearts who’re weak

Bruce R. McConkie, Ensign 1980 “The Coming Tests and Trials and Glory

Give Heed Unto the Prophet’s Words
In the promised land
During conference session
Bad news came at hand…
“There’s a stuck procession”

The priesthood holders
Gave heed to the prophet
Dropping church folders
They thought not twice of it

Time was against them
To save those pioneers
On the verge of death
They must brave their fears

As the snow drifts stormed
Twas terrible indeed
Yet, rescue teams formed
For those in dier need

In a selfless act
At SweetWater some laved
Their faith was in tact
They carried those they’d saved

When the prophet called
Their love was heroic
To serve no one stalled
Though the waters icy thick

May we not forget
May we act in like kind
Those in dire need fret
And, of those may we find

In conference we hear
What’s for our best profit
His message is clear
May we heed our prophet

Give Heed Unto the Prophet’s Words Elder Quentin L. Cook

“The Sabbath is a Holy Day”,

On the Sabbath morning
I felt within my heart
That the Lord’s day was holy
And was set apart
As a heart that rejoices
I speak of heavenly things
Then join the choir voices
And with the angels sing

Here I rest from labors
And the duties of life
I with my best endeavors
Have come to receive light
With full dedication
And with tender feelings
I offer affection
And then ponder my dealings

What I learn from a talk
I can know that it’s true
For if in right paths I walk
The spirit tells me new
Thus we gain more wisdom
By teaching each other
Here we learn of God’s kingdom
And share with one another

As a memorial
We take the sacrament
His life, death and burial
Gave us the atonement
And this we must think on
As we partake of His emblems
And, His ascension
Gives reasons to sing hymns

We ought to be careful
And partake worthily
With tender hearts that are full
And engage more deeply
We receive blessings
Each time we come partake
Our sin we’re addressing
As we commemorate

Now the day is not through
As we attend meetings
This we do not simply do
For that would be fleeting
We have high callings
And need not to condemn
The world would that we’re falling
But, we’re a light for them

We must each wash our robes
And make them become white
In heaven there will be more than probes
To see if we’ve done right
We’ve got to arrive at
A state that’s ever pure
The spirit tell us what’s fact
Thus, we can know for sure

May the pioneers inspire
They traveled in peril
The days became more dire
They soon may not fair well
But, they were committed
So they stopped each sabbath day
Our Lord’s commands are written
And we’ll trust and obey

“The Sabbath is a Holy Day”, John Taylor, pg 107 Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

Mommy, Why?

Mommy, why are we leaving home
Where are we going, why must we roam?
Come, come along, my dear precious one
We are going to live in Zion
There we’ll build the city of our God
Come follow me, hold my hand and come…

How much longer on the ship? I’m sick
We’ve traveled so long on this Atlantic
Yes, the quarters are small, the voyage long
But, we’re together. Let’s sing a glad song
With faith in the Lord we’ll be made strong
We’ll soon be in Zion, where we belong…

I feel so very sick, I feel so weak
Do you see land? Please, Mommy, go and peek
Yes, you stay with Mary and hold her hand
She has been too weak to even stand
Her lips are pale and I greatly fear
She’s soon to pass through this vale of tears…

Why must we bury her out to sea?
Can we sing a song for dear Mary?
The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away
Yes, little child, let’s sing and let’s pray
If we do according to God’s will
He promises us we’ve His peace, be still…

Why must we walk so long and so far
Can I sit up there, high inside the cart?
We need to keep moving, just to stay warm
Come, and I will hold you under my arm
Here we must step and here we must press on
Until we reach the city of Zion…

Is this our new home, this little dugout?
Is this what Zion is really about?
This quilt can be our door for this winter
For now all we need is quick shelter
We’ve sacrificed much and we have conquered
May our trials always be remembered…

(One-sixth, died on the journey- there to slumber.)
They did it for you and for me- now- look at our numbers!

Thomas S. Monson, “Come Follow Me,” Ensign, Jul 1988, 2

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