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Be thou humble to the Lord
For He shall lead thee by the hand
And give answers to thy prayers
That thou simply may understand

What a tremendous statement!
If we’re without arrogance or pride
And in us there’s no conceit
Our greatest needs will not be denied

Gordon B. Hinckley,
“A Prophet’s Counsel and Prayer for Youth,”
Ensign, Jan. 2001, 10
Yes, it’s one of the 6 be’s!

(D&C 112:10)
‘Be thou humble;
and the Lord thy God
shall lead thee by the hand,
and give thee answer
to thy prayers’


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I’ll Sit Quiet

I’ll sit quiet
And I’ll listen
With eyes so bright
They glisten

There’s a light
Inside of me
And I want
My best to be

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Hold to Your Wishes

Hold to your wishes
Of great love and peace
You soon will witness
Sweet dreams will increase

When our eyes drift off
There’s much we explore
Though yesterdays scoff
We know there’s much more

Hold to your wishes
And hold to your dreams
While darkness inches
Out bursts the moonbeams

Though gone the sunset
And in creeps great doubt
Our dreams will not let
As inside they shout

Hold to your wishes
Of prosperity
It’ll be delicious
In wakes clarity

When you are sleeping
Your dreams are in sight
There for safekeeping
Till they come to light

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A proof of faith
Is a small fee
I’ll give my tenth
Yes, happily

Heaven’s windows
Open and shine
When knowledge grows
Of what’s not mine

Tithing unlocks
The temple doors
Where I can walk
And learn much more

What do I need
Amidst sorrows?
Obedience leads
And sin borrows

When I’m confused
My faith grows dim
And I’m self-abused
From the fight within

When I show pride
And alone fend
I feel the slide
When blessings end

When flesh controls
Or things tempt me
My debt soon grows
And, I’m empty

Then I must leap
And pay up full
There are laws to keep
And hungers to school

There is protection
That is temporal
When we’ve detection
Of what’s spiritual

The Lord awaits
To light our path
And we must awake
There are tests to pass

When blessings come
They help me see
Where they are from
I want to be

Elder Robert D. Hales
Tithing: A Test of Faith with Eternal Blessings
Ensign, May 2006, 118

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Be One

As from their parents, they leave
To experience matrimony and unity
Through God’s command, couples cleave
For love and for necessity

And, with their hearts knit together
They can learn how to be one
For, this way they’ll be forever
Living with God and the Son

A man and woman shall join
And from that perfect union
They’ll produce fruits of their loins
In their own image- God’s creations

But, Satan our enemy
Would that marriage not endure
That through discord, gone would be charity
That they will contend and divide unsure

He would that they separate
Through temptations and through strife
So, they too will know of misery and hate
And, not achieve goals of eternal life

The Apostle Paul made a record
Of Christ’s words at the last supper’s meeting
That through sacrifice he’d afford
What, for us, would otherwise be fleeting

And for those who believe and accept
May their hearts also with the Lord, be one
That, through the Spirit, they may expect
Harmony, peace and sanctification

And as we submit to the Lord’s authority
We’re allowed to be bound as families
So, though we feel offense for whate’er may be
We see the good intentions and feel at ease

We must speak no ill of anyone
But, appreciate our Lord all the more
For, not an enemy did He shun
As even them He atoned for

For on earth we have imperfect eyes
That cloud our own true feelings
And, too, of others we know not the “why’s”
Yet, with our Lord, natures change and there’s healing

To feel unity we must beware of pride
For, there’s opportunities in what we have
And service from which we should not hide
As we’re here to gain from what the Father hath

We can complement those around us
By making use of our strengths
Then there’s balance of need and trust
So, we’ll find unity at length

President Henry B. Eyring
Be One
Ensign, September, 2008, 4

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Born Again

All that I have and am on earth
I commit to God and His Son
I have been taught unto rebirth
As a new creature, I have sprung

I must press on, proving steadfast in Christ
Who, through His merits, is mighty to save
I’ve entered the path to eternal life
Which, through His atoning grace, He did pave

In His name, I can weekly partake
That the Spirit might in me take root
He can cleanse me of the sins I make
So I might taste of the sweetest of fruits

Old temptations lose their appeal
As I renew covenants to obey
I humbly pray to know of God’s will
For, he gives me strength and makes a way

With all of my might, mind, and heart
May I be devoted without reserve
And of those who’ve helped me from the start
May I honor them as I serve

Elder D. Todd Christofferson
Born Again
Ensign, May 2008, 76

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With knowledge of God’s plan
We’ve much work to do
To restore faith in man
And in families too

In science there’s success
As laws are applied
And for mankind’s progress
Logic is supplied

The forefront place to learn
Is inside of the home
Where children can discern
The basics to be known

To safeguard children’s virtues
Parents patiently train
And model morals and values
To pass on their good name

As children watch and observe
They explore and factor
As children learn to work and serve
They build up character

Where best to learn how to’s?
Like making good decisions
So when a child’s confused
They’ve the tools for discussions

The home is training for life
And for marriage, too
A husband and a wife
Have much work to do…

But, they’re not alone
As we’re all God’s noblesse
Thus children, can’t be owned
And we’ve His Light for success

Elder Kenneth Johnson
Restoring Faith in Families
Ensign May 2008, 15

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