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The Church of Christ became perfect
Once the women were organized
Their loving service would boost and affect
As their strength for good became utilized

They went about from house to house
Dedicated to give support
To assist the brethren, they did espouse
And gave aid to the needy and the poor

Let’s devote ourselves to giving relief
And being a blessing to those around
May we encourage faith in those who’ve grief
And succor the weak where ever they’re found

May we be prompted to action when comes
That child who’s ill, or neighbor with needs
Or a family perhaps that’s lost their income
May we assist them back onto their feet

Dear Sisters, each deed can be small
We can lift others in many ways
A smile, a kind note, perhaps a phone call,
Or to kneel and bow with them as one prays

In 1830, Joseph Smith gave this advise:
That the sisters “expound scriptures” and “exhort”
That in them the gospel truths might apprise
To nourish them and lend to them a gift that supports

May we renew those days of faith and hope
That our lessons might be a purifying stream
Which does refresh the heart to better cope
As it restores and edifies us to high esteem

Dear Sisters, may we now step up and be strong
To declare the truth with faith and boldness
May we with the angels rejoice unto song
As we live up to our privilege to witness

We have promise that is finest deep inside us
May we rescue God’s daughters for His kingdom
That Relief Society might be a refuge, thus
As we feel blessed immeasurably with love and wisdom

Barbara Thompson
General Relief Society
Now Let Us Rejoice
September 2008, 114


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If a man die, shall he live again?
As one chapter ends, does another begin?
When I die, where does my spirit go?
These are my questions. I’ve hope to know…

In Alma 40- the answer’s there
Stated simply in words that are clear
We’ll return home to our God who gave us life
Where the righteous will be found in paradise

To know a state of rest from troubles
From sorrows and cares of tomorrows
To know peace until through Christ, they claim
Resurrected bodies of perfect frame

And what of the wicked, could that be me?
As it is anyone judged as unclean
They, like bad fruit, are to be cast out
To taste what bitter dregs are about

And while in this state of hopeless condition
There will be teachings and reparations
If they so seek, there’s safety from perdition
If they so seek, there’s wickedness and separation

Thus, we will all know restoration
Until the glad day of consignation
Let it be known the righteous will shine
And live with God in His kingdom sublime!

Thoughts after watching a video of
President Monson telling about visiting
A dying man- and his scriptures opening to
Alma 40 –

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We are deeply thankful we are able
To come anew unto our Lord’s table
We have come for broken bread and pure water
To be found sanctified for Heav’nly Father

It’s our time to be reverent and prayerful
Contrite in spirit with hearts that are full
He who paid the price and ransomed us from sin
Has given His life that we might live with God again

May we thank Him that for us He has suffered
May we with clean hands receive what He offers
May we feel a portion of His Spirit deep inside!
May we be humble, for then we will not be denied

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We’ve gone about doing good
Loving as the Savior would
But, now we have felt impressed
There’s more He would that we address

We must reach beyond our Sisterhood
To assist alongside the Priesthood
To understand our purpose and our role
We must study the restoration’s goals

As calamities must come to pass
Faith must increase and covenants ever last
As the fullness is taught of the gospel
Unto the world by the weak and simple

As daughters t’wards eternal blessings
Our righteousness should be increasing
That we might help our family and friends
To serve the Lord and teach His children

And thus, through a divine commission
We’ll bless the home and support the missions
Attend the temples and show welfare
As we extend hands that nurture and care

And in memory of the sisters of old
Who endured persecutions and were bold
May we walk in faith with fire in our souls
And rise in stature to accomplish our roles

May our homes be sacred sanctuaries
Where virtue and loveliness in it carries
Strength to defend and practice truth
To prepare our children and our youth

May the Holy Ghost show what we should do
As we pray, read, study, and ponder anew
With serious mental effort and fasting
To catch the vision the Lord is casting

Julie Beck
Fulfilling the Purpose of Relief Society
Ensign, November 2008, 108

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What’s a testimony good for?
But to motivate us in life
To prepare us for good things in store
And eventually Jesus Christ

It gives us reason for gladness
It helps us know and choose the right
For our peace of mind and happiness
For our confidence in Holy Light

To help us shine bright and stand tall
While listening to the prophet’s voice
That we might arise unto our call
Growing valiant with each good choice

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Your Right to Choose the Right
New Era, Aug 2005, 4

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I know that I’ve
An unique roll
I must then strive
To reach each goal

To drift and float
Is not enough
For a lone boat
Sea waves are tough

Then watch the storm
More turbulent
Where sin’s froth forms
From rules I’ve bent

I am inept
When I’m alone
Overboard I’m swept
My curse to own

Where came that squall?
How did I sway?
How did I fall
And lose my way?

Shall I sink
Unto despair?
Or shall I think
Unto repair?

I must do
Whate’er it takes
To swim anew
With great painstakes

As I was tossed
About much more
I became lost
With no boat, no shore

To drown or drift
In this great big sea
Only one can lift
And then rescue me

He who calms the wind
And stills each wave
Can help this end
And, too, me save

As I beseeched
I felt a hand
As an arm reached
And raised me grand

I wiped my eyes
There was someone
It was the Christ
The living Son!

And He told me
To study more
For on the sea
There is no shore

He showed me His lone star
And how to navigate
Unto His bright pillar
For which it’s hard to wait

On my boat once more
I am not afraid
For I’m prepared for
Travels of crusade

I’m set on my way
Where the water’s deep
I read and I pray
For I have goals to keep

Prayers the answer
That saves us
I must anchor
Unto Jesus

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On a ship that rides the sea
I’ve a course for my journey

I’ve a purpose and destiny
And I will try my best to be

I’ll not rest until I’m done
And live with God and the Son

I’m pointed towards our Lord’s star
It’s polar and seen afar

And when clouds come and perform
I’ll anchor and ride the storm

While I’m tossed upon the waves
I will pray, my soul, God saves

I’ve a light inside of me
That will help me know and see

I’ve covenants that I have made
Thus, I’ll see the path that’s laid

Once a week, I’ll land ashore
To renew my chart once more

I’ll assess my goals and needs
And build faith for loftier deeds

I will search the horizon
For my Lord and New Zion

He’s coming here, to return
And for this my soul does yearn

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