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When we’re weighed down and are given to worry
We can lose focus and know not where to hurry
Oh, ye who are overburdened unto despair
Come, rest and sit beside me as I have much to share:

Just like this stool you sit on needs three legs to stand
We need three bright guideposts to be always at hand
Hope is the first, it is trust in God’s goodness
When we lean unto Him, we hold to His good news

Hope arises out of gratitude and need for the atonement
Then faith in Jesus Christ our next post before us does glint
Hope is like a beam of sunlight rising up and above the horizon
For when we awake unto Christ, He’s a brilliant dawn to envision…

We see the path of hope step by step as we grow
And the things that we hope in sustain us as we go
So that when we’re in darkness we are still upheld
Until we walk in the Light and find our hope has not failed

The things we hope in lead us unto charity
And with this third post we learn of Christ with clarity
As we put faith and hope into action and we move forward
We discover the joy of being Christ- like as we serve outward

From life experience, I testify this is true
I have been a refugee and felt discouragement, too
It is through our membership we find brightened hope,
And strengthened faith, then charity to help us to cope

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
The Infinite Power of Hope
Ensign, November 2008, 21


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To Behold the Wounds

To behold the wounds which pierced His side
The prints of the nails in hands and feet
I’d humbly tremble with excitement inside
Just to join with the angels to sing of what’s sweet

Oh, the eternal joy I’d feel
To join among the Saints there to greet
Oh, the eternal love I’d feel
To gaze upon our Lord and have our eyes meet

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He’s Felt Every Teardrop

He’s felt every teardrop
And each ripened disease
May we step back and stop
To ponder the giver of peace

He showed power and strength
In meekness and suffering
Then at the crosses length
He made His final offering

Punished like a sinner
He comforted the thieves
And told where they’d soon enter
Where hope’s learned as one believes

May we ever be grateful for Jesus
Knowing He prays in our behalf
And know He ever believes in us
Thus, where He is now, may we one day be at

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Here I have come to ponder anew
My past in review and of all that I do
May Thy Spirit dwell inside of me
To testify and bring much to memory

Here I have come to Thy house of prayer
To pay Thee devotions and to rest in Thy care
The world’s distressed as peril surrounds
Yet, with reverence I’m sound On Thy holy ground

Here I have come to partake anew
I want to be true and sanctified, too
With Thy son’s name, His paths I’ll follow
They’re set all aglow with His Light there to show

Here I have come to show obedience
To my covenants and to the commandments
He who shed blood and atoned to give life
Is my compass and guide if I am contrite

Here I have come early to prepare and meditate
Before I partake of His emblems and commemorate
His sacrifice of suffering that shows love unto all
That He might redeem us from sin and from the fall

Here I have come to make an offering of sacrifice
I pray that my broken heart might in some way suffice
May the prayers and hymns give comfort to my soul
And witness anew of my destiny and current role

thoughts from reading
Sacrament Meeting and the Sacrament
Dallin H. Oaks
Ensign, November 2008, 17

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To Learn, To Do, To Be

To learn, to do, to be
Requires great will today
And of us others have need
What more can anyone say?

In these difficult times we face
The priesthood must make endeavor
For then near miracles take place
As for each other we work together

There are those in need of lifting up
To be fed, clothed and given shelter
There are those in swamps of sin- stuck
And there lives are a helter skelter

Ours is a precious privilege
To make a difference in their lives
And we must commit full fledge
To inspire faith as one strives

Let’s serve as we’ve been assigned
And not with timid periodic support
For with the Lord’s power we’ve combined
And assemble to give our best effort

May we yearn more to discern
And learn what we should learn

Too, we should follow through
In doing what we should do

May we seek more to be meek
And more- be what we should be

The priesthood is an honored gift
To which the blessing from heaven attend
It should be used to aid, warn, and uplift
And prepare souls for an eternal end

May the promptings of the holy ghost come
To save us in times of dire need
May we as shepherds find the lost one
And do as the Savior to minister and feed

To learn, to do, to be
Let’s yearn anew and see

Thomas S. Monson
To Learn, To Do, To Be
Ensign, November 2008, 60

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Lovingly Led

I have been lovingly led
To a woman who completes me
When I was on a path to dread
Prayer helped me to believe and see

A recent love
Was a deception
I saw the dirt on her gloves
With prayer’s closer inspection

Then in heart ache
I questioned myself
And for pain’s sake
Put dating on the shelf

But, as time flew
I made a rebound
I had to move, too
For the right girl, I’d found

This time my vision’s not been blurred
I’m with the right person, in the right place
And a prayer has sealed what my heart assured
She’s whom I’ll marry throughout time and space…

Now: work, love and school
There’s no time for rest
Except for the spiritual fuel
I would not ace each test

And what lies ahead?
A sealing date, of course
And from this day, may I be lead
By proven prayer as my best resource
For that is the way to be safe from remorse

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Who Shall I date?

Who shall I date?
And what shall I wear?
I hardly can wait
For someone who cares

Someone to laugh
At all of my jokes
And says no thanks, I’ll pass
When offered a smoke

Someone who thinks
The same way I do
That alcohol stinks
And drugs are euww

Someone who’ll think
I’m not a bore
May our hands link
But, nothing more

For then I’m sure
That things are right
For, then there’s no pressure
And respect is in sight

When will we meet?
How will I know?
Each day that I greet
My hope further grows

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