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Shut out from God’s presence with finality
Adam and Eve stepped into mortality
They faced thorns and thistles and troubles of every kind
And their dependence on God was ever before their mind

Though they could not see their Father face to face
They saw the manifestation of His grace
And were not left alone when things loomed in sinister
For He sent angels to warn them and to minister

The scriptures are rich in doctrine and history
And some bear witness of holy angels’ ministry
And through our dispensation, seen or unseen, we ever sense
That God still answers prayers, and sends His angels for evidence

When in Lehi’s dream he found a frightening place
An angel bid him follow out of a dark and dreary waste
And as even the Savior himself was in need of their comfort
We can be assured, in times of trouble, they do lend support

They are subject unto Christ, according to His word
And only through our faith in Him, can they be heard
He will fight our battles and that of our children’s
And we need not fear and tremble the signs in the heavens

May we believe and have gratitude for this promise
That angels go before us and are ever in our midst
Always there are angels who come and go all around us
Always we can assist them in the sacred name of Jesus

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
The Ministry of Angels
Ensign, November 2008, 29

D&C 84: 88
And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.


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Thanksgivng day on the beach
I saw just how far love can reach

Families were walking here and there
Looking content without a care

Happily fed and out to enjoy the sun
They came to explore and to run

And one large group on the boardwalk
Included a young man unable to walk

Out of love, he was not left behind
As each took turns to ever be kind

That he could enjoy the sight of the sea
And be included in the family of we

And of his bumpy ride, he did not complain
Though oft I saw his neck stretch out in pain

The family was showing love and sacrifice
While the son was thankful for the price

Pacific Grove 2008

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To raise each other for highest endeavors
Befitting daughters of infinite worth
The women of the church gathered together
In meeting houses all over the earth

These singular women with remarkable souls
Have surrounded their homes with that which is good
To help those therein create talents and goals
To build up the kingdom and God’s own priesthood

And as such these sisters can become weary
And some did not meet lest they’d get behind
To think of their sacrifices makes one teary
For they are ever striving their best to be kind

What speaker could give the sisters perspective?
And help them remain balanced and Christ centered?
But, one born of their influence who is introspective
And speaks in God’s name from the high calling he’s entered

He said “there are hearts today that harbor deep sorrows”
And there’s no “switch to flip” for hurt feelings to cease
For those “sinking in quicksand” know not sweet repose
Till they’re saved by two principles that lead them to peace

Be God-like and create something that did not exist before
In a way that does not require position, influence, or money
Help the world around you and within become much more
As you adorn it with smiles, beauty, and words that are sunny

Be God-like and reach out to bless the lives of others
Your service and sacrifice will open the windows of heaven
Assist the young mothers and the discouraged young brothers
Let your eyes open, and God’s power for good will then leaven

Have faith that God will encircle you in the arms of His love
That discouragement, inadequacy, and weariness will give way
Know that you are as an instrument in the hands of Him above
Draw close to Him and be the answer of those in need who pray

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Happiness Your Heritage
Ensign, November 2008, 117

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In rich abundance our hearts have been touched
And though we’ve hard times our fears have been hushed
The testimonies born have strengthened our faith
And have lit our minds unto peace, hope, and praise

Here we supplicate full, with gratitude
With arms turned towards those destitute
While those in tragedy are more in our midst
There are those alone who would our time they enlist

As such we are thankful for the Holy Ghost
Which leads and guides us where we should turn the most
As we recommit for great works to do
May we be good citizens and neighbors too

May we strive each day to follow the Lord
And be anchored strong with armor and sword
May we now ponder the words of conference
And treasure them safe for future reference

Thoughts from conference
Until We Meet Again
President Thomas S. Monson
Ensign, November 2008, 106

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In this world abounding with misery
Marriage is in need of God’s ministry
I’m profoundly grateful to know of His plan
That brings eternal joy to woman and man

Like a shopper who selects what endures well
Love in marriage can bloom unto the Celestial realm
Beyond death what is of God continues
And unto this joy we are now free to choose

This kind of marriage is not found through urge
Of bargain, of theft, nor out of splurge
Nor can it be attacked and redesigned
For through proclamation its sanctity has been defined

And while other arrangements might now exist
Only the virtue of temple marriage can persist
Because what’s been ordained of God and sealed
Endures forever as unto covenants couples yield

Nonmarital options crafted in misery
Can through repentance be upgraded to destiny
This is the pivotal part of preparation
Where in one might be assured exaltation

For what’s celestial we must ever more focus
And search outside ourselves as taught by Jesus
Like the effort applied for the best orchestra
Sealed vows must be concerted with something extra

But,…there are those unwed through no fault of their own
Who have been endowed in the temples alone
There are those who’ve died with the gospel unheard
Who would have embraced it if they’d found The Word

In the Lord’s plan they will not be excluded
For through proxy work they too might be included

How thankful I am for Heavenly Father’s plan
And for sanctifying vows between God and man

Elder Russell M. Nelson
Celestial Marriage
Ensign, November 2008, 92

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The Morning Light- How it Shone

The morning light- how it shone
Brighter than ever known
After two dark hopeless nights
The dawn sparkled just so right
For a miraculous sight

The Savior who’d born the cup
Unto God was lifted up
With not a deed left undone
Eternal life He had won!
To become the living, breathing Son

And now, with joy, I see light
Passing through a window bright
It shines upon a treasured lace
And warms what’s on the Savior’s trays
These emblems that purify and erase

And, how precious are the brethren
Endowed by God in heaven
Who, with worthy hands, to us lend
The prayers which upwards ascend
To help us renew our covenants again

May His Spirit light my mind
And guide my paths to better find
The things that I should do each day
To remember to follow the Lord’s sure way
Unto loving service, while too I pray

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This Thanksgiving 2

This Thanksgiving may we celebrate life
Especially that which is born of husband and wife
For they are the harvest of the family
Of which we then gather in most happily

Come little children, while we dine, might you sing?
What new bits of knowledge are you offring?
Bring your stories and art for us to enjoy
Share with us your books, a doll or a toy

And then might we share something with you?
Of how special you are to us and to God too
May we all feel love on Thanksgiving leap
May each child be cherished under safe watchkeep

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