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Ever the majesty of His touch
Is reaching unto the least of us
Ever our afflictions are discerned
Ever our demons- He has conquered

Ever He’s there to lend us support
Of our troubles- He’ll never abort
The greatest lesson He ever taught
That for each of us, Satan, He fought

He’s carried each burden of sin
And borne all our sorrows within
We must trust in heaven’s promises
That not a hair fallen He misses

To take upon us His name
Means to be Christ- like – the same
To follow Him, there to do
What shares of His Light all anew

And ever we will learn, thus
Where to turn and where to trust
And ever we can face life
As we do like Jesus Christ

To succor those who’re in need
To find the lost sheep and feed
To lift up hands that hang low
To serve with love there to show

With that kind of love displayed
Light shines that we’re not dismayed
And as Christ’s splendor is in detect
We daily do and ever connect

thoughts from
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Broken Things to Mend
Deseret Book


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We Should

What we can
We should change
Rather than

We should read
The scriptures
For in there
Peace assures

We should let
And forgive
For we’ll get
What we give

We should hope
And move on
There to cope
And be strong

We should bless
Their goodness
Then one sees

We should love
Our neighbors
Instead of
Closing doors

We should trust
And more care
When we’ve much
We should share

We should preach
The gospel
There to reach
New people

The list grows
Ever more
Then one knows
What life’s for

We should give
Unto the meek
Hope to live
And to seek

We should fast
Humbly, meek
There to cast
What is weak

We should lift
Those who’re down
Those who drift
Can be found

We should stay
Feeble knees
With them lay
Humble pleas

We should lift
Hands that hang
With our gifts
And them thank

We should go
To shut ins
There to show
Where love is

We should be
So happy
When we’re we
With family

We should write
And oft quote
With Christ’s light
We take note

We should keep
The Lord’s day
And not sleep
Covenants made

We should pay
Our full tenth
And more pray
This day hence

We should seek
Out our dead
And then link
Those who’re wed

We should find
The temple
And there bind
Our people

We should store
And be wise
Prepared for
Come what tries

We should live
Laws for health
It’s our sieve
Unto wealth

God’s laws are
And they are

First things first
We should ask
What’s our worst?
And, take that task!

feel free to add
we should…

This list came quick
For- I know
But the trick
Is to do and go

things to do
reasons to hate
trying new
to not be late

lists distract
unless there’s prayer
unless on track
there’s naught to share

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With the formation
Of a molecule of faith
Came the foundation
That would ever change his fate

And with that first step
He walked away from despair
And with joy how he lept!
For he’d hope unto repair

Broken things do mend
When the gospel is applied
Life does not dead end
When the Lord’s light is supplied

Jesus Christ’s first words
In His Sermon on the Mount
Were to give courage
To those troubled and in doubt

Each person must brace
Themselves for what life inflicts
And must learn to face
Trials, struggles, and conflicts

Some ever insist
That the flood waters not start
Held back they persist
Into foxholes of the heart

Where it drowns the soul
Like a tsunami in spread
Shattering life’s goals
With the emptiness of dread

For the rest we seek
The Lord says, “Come unto me”
Be humble and meek
Where we’ll find His peace

As we’re our worst enemy
We hide in a foxhole
Then we call for a remedy
And Christ makes us whole

Thoughts from:
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Broken Things to Mend
Deseret Book

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An unhappy young man faced a stream
There he would pace and there he would dream
If only the water would not flow
He could move on and a better life know

And there he relived all his mistakes
Wishing and missing all that life takes
But, no matter- the past is long gone
And his only choice now was to move on

Up or down the stream- away from this spot
Acknowledging errors- he vowed this lot:
To daily be noble and compassionate
To repent happily as one fortunate

And as the way ahead would not be easy
He pressed on with fear, somewhat queasy
With first things first he would begin
To work on his most grievous sin

With priorities set, he chose to improve
For where one’s thoughts lie, there one does move
And with the commandments as his handbook
Peace and joy in his life soon overtook

As he embraced the words of the Lord
Gone were homelife’s feelings of discord
The emptiness in his soul began to shrink
As more on his family he did think

At church, he attended all his meetings
And accepted and served within callings
And as one who knows of the high cost
He never let the distressed ever feel lost

He’d never let a wedge drive between
As he ever remembered life stuck at the stream
And when he looked back upon his life
He expressed gratitude and gave thanks for strife

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin
Self-Improvement Via Gospel Living
Ensign, November 2003

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A Christmas day without presents
Can be a time of great pleasure
As Christ’s light is still there to sense
And create memories to treasure

When a purchase is wrapped and sent
It is opened to hold and touch
And as an earthly present
It is only made of such

But, a gift- that’s something else
It comes with immeasurable love
That, as one gives of themself
Two do share warmth from above

To each is given a true gift
That is good to give and get
It is there to heal and lift
And is for the stranger, yet

As in Christ’s name we do and sayeth
God’s arms extend and do increase
The gift of service and of faith
The gift of love, self and of peace

How wonderful and secure
It is to know that we belong
For therein’s hope to endure
As with charity we’re made strong

With riches of the heart and mind
We feel a love that has no bound
When we’re thankful and we’re kind
Christ’s priceless gift is ever found

thoughts from
James E. Faust
A Christmas with No Presents
Ensign, Dec 2001, 2

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That brightest star in the sky
Is the one I gaze upon
It tells me what is nigh
As soon comes the dusk or dawn

Below it I stand and dream
Of my future and my past
Of things that are unseen
But so precious that they last

The first is of God above
Of where I’ve come and I’ll go
And of all those whom I love
Who at present do not show

Those to welcome to our home
Those who have long passed away
And those lost who now do roam
Are whom I think upon today

And when the nights are cold
And the days are so short
I watch that star so bold
And long for its retort

If it could grant one wish
I’d say as quick as a wink
To each question that I ask
Please answer with a blink

One flash for yes, two for no
And if I ever lose my way
Might it fall where I’m to go
And come back the next day

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Planted Together

Planted together
In likeness of death
We’ve His flesh in gather
Where His priests break bread

Here is what’s risen
With life that’s for sup
Here meekly given
His Spirit- for us

Come in remembrance
That we’ve been immersed
Come with repentance
In Spirit rehearsed

Here is His body
And here is His blood
Here as His flock we
Are filled with His love

Contrite in Spirit
And with broken hearts
His name, we share it
As fresh, the week starts

Here we are lifted
Unto a new life
Here we are gifted
With Jesus the Christ

Rom. 6: 5
For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:

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