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It is what it is
This world of business
That at the end of each day
Satisfaction is what pays


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The heavens are oh so close
Via the Holy Ghost
As such much through prayer will impart
If faith burns warm within the heart

For as we know God is the Father
And our Savior is Jesus the Christ
Our testimony of all three will gather
Into strength and courage in this life

Let the rivers, brooks, and rills
Flow down with gladness and tell of our King
Let the solid rocks weep to thrill
As the sun, moon, and morning stars sing

Midst kingdoms, principalities, and powers in reign
Let all the sons of God be devout
While eternal creations declare His name
And the valleys and mountains cry aloud

How glorious is the voice that we hear
Calling from heaven above
Proclaiming the great day does near
Offering eternal happiness and love

The coming of the Lord is at hand
Who will abide that day prepared
Those who’ll be left to stand
Will show the vast records of their dead

Let us go oft to the temple
There to give the Lord an offering
Let us go as a righteous people
To be purified by His suffering

What will be worthy of all acceptation
But the book of life fully completed
With the sons of Levi purged for salvation
As the refiner’s fire for glory is heated

D&C 128:23-24
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When e’er in their hearts they search
The flag of faith has been flown
By the sisters of the church
In all of the ages known

So often it is the women
Who carry the torch of faith
As a banner for beautiful living
Knowing through trial there’s hope to embrace

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
Lessons From Liberty Jail
CES Fireside for Young Adults •
September 7, 2008 •
Brigham Young University

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Of Our Lord and Savior

Of our Lord and Savior
I know this to be true
He grants to all life’s favor
And would His works we do

For all His pain and suffering
He has not asked for much
In truth He’s only offering
What heaven’s made of to touch

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I can shut the world’s noise out
And speak with my Heavenly Father
Such that when others speak His name to shout
A deep sorrow in me gathers

And after hearing of a prophet’s plea
That introduced guilt and silence
I have felt a vow grow within me
To say the same from this day on, hence

Please, please that is my Lord’s name you revile
He is whom I pray to, love, and adore
Must He hear this from you each day each mile?
As He has given you life and all you afford

primary lesson 32
Joseph Smith in Liberty Jail-During the thirteen-day trial the prisoners were kept chained together and at night had to lie on the floor. They had to listen to their guards saying terrible things about them and the other saints. Using filthy language and frequently taken the Lords’ name in vain. These things were very painful for the prisoner to hear. Suddenly Joseph Smith stood up and commanded “Silence, ye fiends of the infernal pit. In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you, and command you to be still: I will not live another minute and hear such language. Cease such talk, or you or I die THIS INSTANT!” Even though he was in chains and had no weapon, Joseph Smith stood calm and dignified. His words frightened the guards, and they apologized and sat quietly in a corner for the rest of their shift of guard duty.

Of Spencer W. Kimball: “In the hospital one day, I was wheeled out of the operating room by an attendant who stumbled, and there issued from his angry lips vicious cursing with a combination of the names of the Savior. Even half-conscious, I recoiled and implored ‘Please!Please! That is my Lord whose names you revile!’
There was deathly silence, then a subdued voice whispered: ‘I am sorry’.”

Profane Not the Name of Thy God!
Improvement Era
May 1953, 320

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We held my infant in our arms
And gave him a priesthood blessing
That his name might be known among the church
For record, nurture, and addressing

And those who joined the circle
Are men so noble and true
That on this path that is eternal
They’ve been an example for me too

They have helped me along to be a father
Who is worthy of this privilege
To represent God and serve with honor
And I pray, one day, my son too will join this pledge

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I bring with me today
A message from above
Sent from God to say
He has naught for you but love

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