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Prophecy was made
Then generations passed
A promise in hearts laid
With signs for eyes to cast

A virgin birth
For one named Mary
Soon come to earth
God’s son… to carry

Meanwhile… atrocities and war
Bondage…. Babylon, Egypt, Greece, then Rome
Conquered again and again…who was favored?
Then…He came… obscure, nearly unknown

With His life
Came rebirth
Jesus Christ
Brought us new worth

Perfectly He led
Healed and discoursed
Spiritually He fed
Till He finished His course


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Sin shades well
What lit the heart
And love fades
As contention starts

The first to go
Joy… belonging
Caresses flow

A door closes
between two souls
One… searching…knocking
Unto but holes

Yet, some reminiscing is heard
The door opens some distance
For tender, loving words
The marriage has a chance

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On a quest for what’s within us
Each challenge becomes a platform
That increasingly sensitizes
And launches us forward to perform

With growth in truth and light
The Holy Ghost is the ingredient
To lead our future t’wards what’s bright
In as much as we’re obedient

These are the times to discern
How best to be positive
As we love, listen, and learn
Lighten, laugh, lead and lift

Let us, as a church, look to God’s plan
While remaining immersed in the gospel
There to reach out with Christ-like hands
And teach of faith unto all lands and people

Bishop H. David Burton
These are the Times
Dec 1, 2009

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Let us Give to the Lord

Let us give to the Lord
What, simply, all can afford
The gift of gratitude
And a humble attitude

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There were four frogs on a lillypad
And two decided to jump
But when I looked, I felt I’d been had
For their decision proved not enough

Given freedom, it’s hard to follow thorugh
Unless we learn to have objectives
Prioritize, and report to someone too
For then… we become more selective

With the gospel there’s a freshness to life
For we pray, ponder, and discuss
There to grow in wisdom, stature, and light
Seeing not just what’s before us

Thoughts from sister Hubler’s talk
in Monterey Ward

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If a man offered to carry my load
Should I not give thanks and follow Him
For will he not take it upon the best road
And help me to lighten it often

When I in my silliness
Managed to accumulate more
He in the purest meekness
Said is that but what I’m here for…

Truly, I followed him closer
Asking what for him I could do
He said, let go and find closure
For when you’re weighed down, indeed, I am too

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The Candle Flickers Bright

The candle flickers bright
In the softness of the night
In memory… of one dear
Whose Light is ever near

Merry Christmas, Jesus Christ
And happy birthday too
We celebrate your life
And teachings all anew

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