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Passover Week

Passover week was a joyous reunion always
Of all the others, for Jesus, this one was different
The scribes and the chief priests had plotted for days
And, He knowing, spoke that His death was now eminent

Yet, none could foresee this by the greeting
That was given Jesus while entering the city
A path of palms, the cloths, and hosannas how fleeting
For, lambs were nearby, as on the donkey He was sitting

One last pascal dinner for Him remained
They were given a large secluded chamber
Commemorating Israel’s deliverance so famed
They had unleavened cakes and herbs…. bitter

The lamb was roasted on a pomegranate spit
Peter and John with the owner prepared everything
The room was made festive, with the lamps lit
And…Jesus sat with the twelve and spoke of suffering

The meal was the Savior’s to offer
He washed the feet of His disciples in the upper room
And said…”I have desired to eat this with you before I suffer”
Judas Escariot left and the meal resumed

He took the round unleavened bread
And blessed…and broke it, and He said:
“Take, eat- this is my body
This do in rememberance of me”

He then took the cup and gave thanks
Passing it around till each man drank
“This is my blood that will be shed”
Thus, teaching them through every word He said

The miracle of His atoning sacrifice
In which He would bleed from every pore
Teaching the redemption came at a high price,
What it was in rememberance of and who it was paid for

He commanded: “Love one another as I have loved you”
As, He covenanted this comforting promise
“Peace I leave with you…my peace I give unto you”
There to not feel troubled as in their part they were honest

All His words had farewell undertones
And Peter asked-“Lord, whither goest Thou?”
“The hour cometh for my works alone,”
He responded. “Whither I goest, thou canst follow me now”

thoughts from
Son of Man
Susan Easton Black


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The Scribes and the Pharisees counseled new
Not with God…but with each other
If they let Jesus continue
They’d lose their place to another

The men developed a plot of malice
Reasoning it would save their whole nation
This their best attempt to trip and surpass
They waited with ears, eyes, and lips in station

Jesus left…for His ‘time’ was not yet at hand
Journeying to Ephraim and the coastlines further away
Then… for the Passover, He went back to the holy land
Unto His sheep that had all gone astray

Traveling among the pilgrims in white
He saw curtains at hospitable doorways
As even strangers had a place for the night
And a pascal lamb to eat that last day…

thoughts from
Son of Man
Susan Easton Black

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Mary and Martha from Bethany
Sent word of Lazarus
Jesus was needed urgently
As their brother was dying, thus

“This sickness is not unto death,” He exclaimed
“But for the glory of God and the Son”
As, too, “Lazarus is dead,” He proclaimed
Still…their four day journey had just begun

Upon arriving,noisy lamentations pierced the air
As chairs and couches were placed upside down
Evidencing all was not right in the dwellings there
Lazarus had been dead for four days, now

“Where have ye laid him?” Jesus asked
They went to a cave and rolled a stone away
And unto a living Lazarus their eyes cast
Many no longer doubted Christ after that day

thoughts from
Son of Man
Susan Easton Black

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“Will ye also go away?”
Jesus asked of His twelve
“Where would we go?” Peter did say
He, being their living well

From that time forth Jesus spoke
Of His ensuing death
Hanging over like a heavy cloak
He was to become their living breath

As His ministry drew to a close
They saw of the Lord, added dimension
How oft shall we forgive- Peter purposed
Seventy times seven…He said…thus too many to mention

His words unleashed new blessings
There was promise for the vilest sinners
As only through forgiveness of transgressors
Will we come across in heaven as winners

This miraculous sermon on forgiveness
Was to be tested in the holy city
When a woman in adultery was witnessed
The scribe and pharisees saw their opportunity

By command, her fate was known
They challenged Jesus… wanting His judgement on this matter
“He that is without sin, cast the first stone,”
He answered…and they departed- their hopes shattered

They had thought the trap was set
For Roman law forbid casting
And Mosaic law did contradict
In the end, their own guilt…hit lasting

The words of Jesus regarding the woman
Broke down the Pharisaic wall
Just as the shouts of Joshua and His men
Caused the walls of Jericho to fall

Who would not now come unto Him
For He truly invited rest and peace
Those who would believe and repent often
Could place their burden upon Christ… so meek

thoughts from
Son of Man
Susan Easton Black

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Again the Master entered
Villages dotting Galilee
And to Him people ventured
As He healed all manner of disease

Pronouncing Himself come of heaven-
The Bread of Life that no man hunger
They refused His invitation given
Knowing His parents, He had lived under

The very people He’d fed on the plains
Of the city known for grinding mills
Shunned the words…Jesus proclaimed
As to the man of Living Bread… they turned their heels

After healing as many who reached Him
With each becoming whole… He healing them all
They dealt Him but antagonism
He the son of Joseph… ever small

Gone was the awe of the throng
His popularity now had waned
In, this, the city of Capernaum
Because of His superior claim

thoughts from
Son of Man
Susan Easton Black

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Three little letters
I. T. Y.
Stand for high standards
Ours…to try

When integrity, fidelity,
And charity come forth
Of generosity, morality,
And quality…there’s more

According to our ability
It is our opportunity
Through Christ-like humility
To build an ity community

May i.t.y. words never be forgotten
To be as lights shining before us
May these three letters awaken
Traits bright and virtuous come of Jesus

thoughts from
Let Virtue Garnish Your Thoughts
Bishop H. David Burton
Ensign, November 2009, 76

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With whom say ye what I am?
Still ringing in their ears
The disciples’ trip began
In a ship that the wind steers

Having been with multitudes
Healed and fed by the Lord
Jesus stayed behind to say adieus
And set them off on the sea to fjord

Feeling quite weary
They rested on the ship
The wind grew contrary
And the boat rocked high enough to tip

Jesus descended the mountain crest
Having for hours prayed to His Father
Without a boat…which would be best
He walked directly upon the water

Struggling to keep the boat aright
The disciples saw Him on the sea
Unrecognized…adding to their fright
“Be of good cheer. Be not afraid. It is I,” Said He
Oh, how they welcomed Him on this night!

Peter would to walk there, too
He stood with faith… his focus on Jesus helped
But, this proved too hard for him to do
And he started to sink… as fear enveloped

With the wind whipping about
Jesus stretched forth His hand
And taught faith is lost with doubt
As He lifted Peter to stand

Once aboard the rocking boat
The mighty wind soon ceased
New joy in the Lord awoke
As their awe of Him increased

The feeding of multitude…
The walking on the water…
Ever, the Lord did exude
Characteristics of the Father

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