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There is only one source of peace, often
In the most difficult times of our lives
Through the Savior heavy burdens soften
Unto rest to continue to strive

Shall we let a circumstance
Spiritually disable us?
No …let us mark our existence
Through Christ, with His light and solace

Think of the many generations
Waiting to follow your lead
Then, renew your dedication
To strengthen yourself and your seed

Along the way, may your poor soul
Find joy as exceeding as is your pain
Even, that you may feel healthy and whole
As you find the Lord you have more gained

He, our bright and morning star
Will deliver us out of any bondage
“Hold on thy way”, He is never far
Come what elements combine to hedge

Turn to the Lord
Who is mighty to save
Find strength to move forward
On a path He has paved

Turn to the Lord
Elder Donald L. Hallstrom
Ensign, May 2010, 78


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I’ll send one and see if it’s okay
Then another along the way
One by one until we’re done
Then we’ll go outside and have some fun

A single line straight and long
Moving gently as a train
Showing in behavior…we are strong
And equal to the quality of our brains

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I care too much to see you fall
High intelligence is your call
Sit up straight and act your part
Look ahead it’s time to start

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When, desperately, you need to know
Everything will turn out fine
Wait, patiently, as then you will grow
And be surprised by what you’ll find

Believe…happiness will come
Whether soon, late, or beyond heaven’s gate
Embrace our Lord and welcome
All that for you eventually awaits

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A young man was asked to share his favorite scripture
And thought immediately of one, with wit
But, feelings came. He was not so sure…
He sought for one that all might benefit

As the Spirit works oft in unlikely ways
The scripture came to him through seminary
For it is through obedience that inspiration pays
And, thus, he was given the message he should carry

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Yea, though I walk through life shadowed much with death
I fear no evil, feeling God’s comfort and saving breath

For oft before me, He prepares a table in the presence of enemies
That I might feast as He anoints my head till my cup spills over
All my days, surely, goodness and mercy has followed me and my family
In faith, I pray that I might see and dwell with them in His house forever

Yea and recognizing all this pertains to a spiritual sense
I strive to maintain His Spirit for my very soul’s existence

Ever, I see His hand although the innocent are hurt ofttimes
As disease and calamities come and afflict all of mankind

I know there are worse things to suffer than mere mortal destruction
For, I often seek divine protection from what would spiritually harm
According to His time and will, I know He sends pertinent instruction
Yea, I feel preserved through the grace of His mighty and reaching arm

Thus, I find I’ve only myself to blame when my life is in the wrong
Having fallen into the traps of Satan where I know I don’t belong

The evils of lust and jealousy are about me in every way
Thus, I pray to God for guidance that temptations stay away

As, all the while, I hold the words of Christ, as I would a rod
To be led to safety…for darkness can completely surround
Yea I trust not my own paths for the natural man’s an enemy to God
Leaning to His enticings… I yield, that His Spirit can be found

Here and now I vow that to His rod and staff I’ll cling for all my days
And seek for the safety that comes to one who feasts, prays, and obeys

Thank you Christian Rogers. Congrats on your high school graduation!

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Escape babylon, flee to Zion
Where there is safety and order
Advance the cause sure to rely on
And choose to become stewards, not owners

Create a physical manifestation
Of what God has created spiritually
Engage in the principles of consecration
And seek the interests of all, equally

Give your agency back to God
As one meek, humble, patient, and full of love
Pivot yourself from Babylon
And ponder what’s gained then above

Care for the Lord’s children
Be a wise and profitable steward
Acknowledge all we have comes from heaven
Unto trust, for the highest reward

Come find Zion…let all idleness be spent
As abilities are matched with labor
There in is happiness and self- respect
As prosperity is desired for self and neighbor

The Guiding Principles of Consecration
By Larry Barkdull

read the article at Meridian Magazine
click on title to go directly

Larry Barkdull has written extensively on the principle of Zion…

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