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Being still and quiet
The brain gets a turn
Come on…let’s try it
And study to learn


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It was always about love
The way He lived, served, and taught
His it was to lead us home above
Through charity, He ransomed and bought

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A man planted a garden
With a nice hedge round about
Then he went away far
And, to others, let it out

One day, he sent a servant
To receive the fruit there of
But he was badly beaten
With heavy rocks, hard and rough

To keep this property in tact
Again, he sent his best and humbled
Each in turn was attacked
With some killed as they were man handled

Having yet therefor one son
He sent him also the last
Who was the most welcome
For his inheritance

With whips they struck him bloody
Yet, no cries from him were heard
And then his lifeless body
Was cast out of the vineyard

The owner had no choice
He came himself… alone
These men he destroyed
And then he placed a stone

Representing the son, it had been rejected
By the renters as they’d framed
This chief cornerstone was resurrected
And a temple, in his name, was made

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Imagine hearing the Lord
Saying your name as one adored
While speaking to Father of your needs
I did… and fell gratefully to my knees

With warmth and emotion I then cried
And offered what words I could find
Displaying my life and thoughts to discuss
I prayed to God, humbly, through Jesus

Truly thanking Him for all I have received
I thought of my sins and mournfully grieved
Wanting more to serve Him than any thing in life
I sought for love and sensed warmth and light

Determining to do better, I vowed to pray always
And nightly pursue lessons of each day
Thus, linking the weeks, months, and years
As the things of the Spirit, to my mind, more appears

click on title to go directly:
LDS.org – Ensign Article – Pray Always

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To praise Him…the best arose
And merged their talents
In art, film, song, and prose
Their works became…transcendent

Pondering myself and why I write…
Daily- whenever I can
Many times late… or in dawn’s light
As through an unseen hand

Then, I in ponder…
Asked…what would the Lord have me do?
A work of wonder?
No… I am but the weak…to learn anew

With yearnings deep
My emotions rise
When I would to leap
The Lord knows my cries!

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Embrace your holier nature
Grow spiritually in stature
See the world with purer eyes

thoughts from:
click on above title to go directly and read of ones view of being social

“…this is the one that always sends shivers down my spine: “And that same sociality which exists among us here will exist among us there…” (D&C 130:2). I’m sure this is primarily an affirmation of the eternal nature of the sealed family unit, but can it be read more broadly? Can this verse be interpreted to imply that, even in the Celestial Kingdom, I’ll frequently be surrounded by weird people who want to talk my ear off?

I know, I shouldn’t be such a sourpuss, but that’s my natural inclination…so it’s just as well that we’re all here to overcome our lower natures and become more like God.

Truth be told, I’m grateful for all the people I’ve encountered in the Church (and I’m grateful for the insights that help me to be grateful for it!). People that my introverted inner critic would be inclined to ignore after the most perfunctory howdy-do have, as we’ve worked together over time, become honestly dear to me, adding to my stockpile of varied experiences, and helping me grow in directions that I never could if my worship were limited to some kind of isolated navel-gazing.”

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