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In the workshop of our daily lives
Good habits are developed
Being the reward as one strives
In goodness well enveloped

Good thoughts, actions, and deeds
Are oft fashioned in the uneventful
Like the one who forgives another’s misdeeds
And turns a cheek to one that’s vengeful

For evil tendencies are destructive
And degrade ourselves and others
On how to behave God has been instructive
Teaching, goldenly, that we’re to love our brothers

In all situations and whenever we can
We ought to restore goodness to its place
Watching foremost our conduct before man
Believing that bad habits can be replaced

The Lord can and will make us equal to this task
If we humbly petition Him in prayer
Covenanting with Him to do as He asks
And believing He is always there

Making no excuse or allowance
We aim for faith, honesty, and uprightness
Knowing we have God given spiritual endowments
And believing in the eventual reward of brightness

I chanced a rare encounter
With Cara Character
It was delightful in every way

She stood out as one genuinely kind
In body, spirit, and mimd
And I remember her to this day

Delbert L. Stapley
Good Habits Develop Good Character
Ensign, Nov 1974, 20


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The Treasures in My Heart

Thieves cannot break nor steal
The treasures in my heart
For all that I love and feel
Came from heaven at the start

On one hand, I can count
The treasures where my heart is
No earthly thing could mount
Or be exchanged for all of this

1. Relationships
Nothing in the world can compare
To the joy of having a true friend,
As your deepest feelings you can share
While helping each other be the best in the end

2. School
I love how learning adheres
From the work ethic to the mark of achievement
I love the opportunity to grow and be among peers
And above all that feeling of accomplishment

3. Goals
I love having goals to succeed
My challenges- I like to attack
Having visions, this is what I need
As well as the feeling of mastering a task

4. Faith
Everything is possible with faith
This gives me meaning and purpose
In deed and truth, Christ is the Way
To be like Him I devote my life to service

5. My Life
I love seeing the good as I daily strive
And in choosing to find humor in the trial
In Christ, I love feeling alive
As He alone helps me go that extra mile

These five things I hold dear to my heart
They are indeed what I most treasure
These are what I hope heaven will impart
For they give me my greatest pleasure

Matthew 6:21 for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also
based on a talk given in sacrament meeting…I will get his name next week-oops

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When I look up and out skyward
And think of death’s calling
I see it as moving forward
Unto a realm exalting

What of me will I take?
As all that I have, I will leave
The relationships that God helps me shape
That’s what I treasure most, I believe

Wisdom and experience
Won’t mean a thing without loved ones
As even my works of obedience
Extend from love that through me runs

So with all that being said
Who on earth means the most to me?
But that man to whom I am wed
Who completes me for life’s schooling

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We Climbed a Hill

We climbed a hill
And reached the top
Yet, there’s more still
We dare not stop

Feeling lifted and stronger
Through this heightened experience
To goals we’re now not strangers
Remembering this exhilarance

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Shall we leave this gift ours to prize
Forgotten on a noisy shelf
When His still small voice can apprise
Whispering to us always when we need the help

Thus by heeding what quietly reinforces
We are quickened with abilities that improve our lives
Leading us to all the best resources
For establishing good judgment as one daily strives

Listening to the Holy Ghost

“We are given the gift of the Holy Ghost after our baptism, but often we leave this gift on the shelf, forgetting that He will help us in the most important judgments of our lives. The Lord gave us this gift, knowing we would face difficult decisions in life. Listening to this voice is vital in developing good judgment. A relationship of listening often requires a quiet environment in which we can take time to ponder and hear the still, small voice. This peaceful environment is both external and internal.”
Gregory A. Schwitzer, “Developing Good Judgment and Not Judging Others,” Ensign, May 2010, 105

Topics: Baptism

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Having been formed as a nation under God
Our laws and freedoms come of Him
And the hot breath of destruction upon our necks will fall
As the slippery slope leads to hell’s oven

Let us not be afraid to cling to our guns,
Our religion, and constitution
Let us rally together as Americans
And declare our allegiance with resolution

Let us re awake the Declaration of independence
For what else do we have at the end of the day?
Let us believe once again in divine providence
And commit to integrity, truth, and honor while we pray

thoughts from

Tens of thousands flock to Restoring Honor event
Tens of thousands of people heeded broadcaster Glenn Beck’s summons for his “Restoring Honor” rally Saturday from the same marble steps at the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King Jr.’s gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech 47 years ago to the day.


“What else do we have, at the end of the day,” beyond faith in God, Palin said, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

“You’re not afraid to cling to your guns and your religion — and your Constitution,” she added, echoing remarks by President Barack Obama in 2008 during campaigning.

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Let me not glance through a window
Or pass through a door
Without being one given to
Appreciating our dear Lord

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