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>Self government is a principle
We are all more in need of
As we strive to be “we the people”
May our rights then prove enough

Our constitution and liberty
Are founded upon being good
With faith, hope, and charity
Creating bonds of brotherhood

Having freedoms in place
There is room to prosper
Through the hard work we embrace
And the self reliance we foster


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>Wealth is a burden and a blessing
As it effects who’s your friend
Buying moments of less stressing
As well as power that it lends

If I had piles of it
I would pay off all my debts
Then consider who would profit
By a generous message

But the bulk I would give
For the building of a temple
That more families might live
Together forever as God’s people

pondering one of the many emails scamming about putting millions into your checking. this one was different and wanted to donate millions for the building of a house of God. she states she is dying of cancer. but her email is suspect…

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>The young ruler seeking to prove he was good
Came to the Lord explaining his best
Thinking he’d done all that he should
Then, for humility, he was put to the test

For the sake of the Kingdom of God
Could he give up all that he had
His worldly possessions and all
To follow the Savior and be glad

Silence seemed to go on too long
Truly t’was something he’d never considered
His head dropped down, he would not prove strong
As to his treasures he surrendered

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>Prove Me Now

>Prove me now
And bring in the tithes
For this is how
Blessings arrive

There’s a path
Through which blessings flow
That if you don’t
You’ll never know

Each want from your needs
Put me first
And see where this leads

Blessings come
To those who believe
Come and offer
And greatly receive

There is not
Rooms enough to spare
In riches
Of abundant care

For the rich,
The poor, and widows
I will open
Heaven’s windows

I will help
All get out of debt
If they but serve
Obediently yet

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Moving, slowly, kneeling
Falling forward on His face
He cried Father, Abba!
Wishing His pain be erased
While suff’ring for the human race

If it were possible
He would the cup be removed
Suffering in agony
He drank it up. God approved
Giving thanks. I am deeply moved

Is it any wonder
We think of Him, reverently?
Being prone to wander
To commit sin, and misdeeds
We follow Him, where’er He leads

we declare our wonder
Our faith and adoration
Holding oaths we’re under
We pledge our dedication
And look to Him for salvation

In The Garden of Gethsemane
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
click on post title to go directly and watch video showing the garden

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>God wants us to be happy
As His children, to be blessed
He wants us as a family
To enter eternal rest

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>Be a Light

>Be a light
Choose the right
Live life happily

Let love flow
Even to grow
Unto all God’s family

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