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>With the world made small
Through technology
Friendships are for all
Even across any sea

Through translation
We can converse
Where ere we station
Thoughts can disperse

Com o mundo ficou pequeno
Através da tecnologia
As amizades são para todos
Mesmo em qualquer mar

thank you google translate


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>What does it mean to take upon you the name of the Lord Jesus Christ?

As the family of Christ
We bear His good name
And each sacrifice
Takes us further from blame

May His name we sign
When we give in service
Letting His light refine
Unto joy of purpose

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>A more accepting ward
Will never be found
As to the Lord we look
Charity abounds

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The book opens
To a family
Here, the final chapter
Is to turn out happily

Here, in the ideal setting
Joys and sorrows are learned
While of self, there’s forgetting
As to another love is turned

Through daily sacrifice
Good works abound
Sharing the love of Christ
Purely to be found

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Coming unto Jesus
Doing as we should
Giving of what’s in us
His light ever good


Perhaps when we meet our maker
It will be asked of us
For whom did we labor?
May we answer- Jesus

When we give through service
We are doing as He would
This our true purpose
Furthering all that’s good

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>Your glass of life
is filled halfway
You know that good
will come one day

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>When there is envy and strife
Evil works build up in store
Gripping one bitterly in life
Creating wounds deep and sore

Never dare to trust yourself
When the glass looks past half empty
Be a peaceful source of help
And sip in daily thanks for your bounty

We can choose well in each matter
And decide how to react to a problem
Not allowing the glass to shatter
And use the golden rule that’s been proven

Looking for the Good
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Ensign, March 2011, 4

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