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Tenderly, I held you
When you came to be
Watching, I was there too
For your name and blessing

You wore a little dress
All lacy and white
And I must confess
You have grown up right

Here, now, sitting
Inside the sealing room
With a chandelier lighting
You are a brilliant bloom

Kneeling at the alter
Making promises
Unto Heavenly Father
Amidst witnesses

In a mirror before, then
With your eternal companion by your side
You both speak of those in heaven
And those awaiting this earth time

Oh, the wondrous beauty of
Each woman found with virtue
Precious spirits wait above
These guardians of the future


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>Having the gospel
Makes all things possible
To then understand
Love holy and grand

A light of beauty
Settles within deep
Stirring one to duty
Through covenants to keep

A seed of life
Can be planted in all
Unto Jesus Christ
And this is our call

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>When in fear you tremble
As a leaf blowing away
Point yourself to the temple
And in faith continually pray

When you shake as a leaf
About to sail away
Hold to your belief
God hears you when you pray

When your heart does tremble
As leaves do in the wind
Put not your faith in people
But your Father in the end

Fear is not of God
Nor has it ever been
When a test does fall
It’s for faith in the end

pondering… fear in a sleepless night.

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>Feeling pain and loss

I began soul searching

For the root or cause

Numb with grief…. reaching

My son was not called home

For the peace and rest

He claimed this for his own

Escaping life’s test

I must remember the good

The long years of nurture

Putting my faith in God

I must look to the future


The shocking new came

With all the emotions

Can life be the same

After a suicide’s motions

Denial, anger, bargaining…depression

A time of questions… if only

Had there been a sign? A plea in expression?

I’ve feigned resignation, feeling lonely

This is not what I bargained for

How I wish to hide

The past….the memories.. How I mourn

For the future denied

And amidst this all

I wish to pray

And know in some way small

That, with God, my child’s ok


I have not words to say

That can right the pain

Know for you I pray

And for you I explain

Your son took his life

Having battled depression

His mind caught in strife

Trapped in dark expression

And amidst all their sorrow

Questions, regret, and shock

They, like me, wish you to know

Only of his goodness do we talk

Deep inside there’s fear

That this could happen again

To another who is dear

So great the loss of a friend

Deep inside we are each

Looking for life’s lesson

That his passing will teach

Faith as minds question

I wrote another poem based on Suicide- Some things we Know and some We do Not click on below label

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You will feel or hear something
That will move you to a better life
That will cause your heart to sing
Brightened by the Light of Christ

You may even sense the Savior
Saying, “Come and follow me”
Heeding His words to labor
Through new thoughts freely flowing

Come and become more secure
In a testimony that’s alive
Find the strength to endure
Then patiently strive

Scriptures are necessary
And we should seek them out
The messages do carry
The love of God throughout

A testimony can wither away
If it is not rooted deep
Continually read and pray
As you covenant and watchkeep

Reflect its light to others
Until the perfect day
Bear testimony to your brothers
That God speaks to us today

thoughts from
President Eyring’s message to the young sisters

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I surrender, Heavenly Father
I have wanted all the wrong things
I can’t take one step farther
Without what repentance brings

Pride- what is that?
I have lost control
Imprisoned- is where I’m at
I am trapped in a hole

I have fallen prey
To the drug of pleasure
I have lost my way
And given up life’s treasure

I want to feel peace,
Joy, and happiness
To have insanity cease
And through Thy Son be blessed

I want to feel wrapped in love
As a submissive child
I want to rise above
Being base and wild

That is why this day
I have turned to Thee
To repent, cry, and pray
And discover the free me

O That Cunning Plan of the Evil One
Elder M. Russell Ballard
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Ensign, November 2010,

There is hope for the addicted, and this hope comes through the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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>Quietly he turned his head
And knelt away apart
I knew not what he said
But felt comfort in my heart

Spinning in life’s commotion
We hadn’t known what to do
Till this expression of devotion
Gave us redirection too

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