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>Salt Lake man honors veterans for Memorial Day – ksl.com

The gestapo stopped him as he was about to pass
They demanded that he drop his pants
Seeking the evidence of a circumcision
His arrest was but a quick decision

His job would be to cut down the huge trees
To feed the fires for the crematories
His hard shoes were made of cloth and bark
From a dead man’s feet, evidence his future was stark

Each man’s weight was only skin and bones
Side by side six slept in a bed full of groans
Where on the hour together they would flip
Lest any one of them might break a hip

Then came a rucus… they were told to hide
In the sewer, a slippery and slide
Someone yelled out, they were now free!
And that they were alive, it was hard to believe

Each man in the service wept at the sight
How could these prisoners still be alive?
They helped to clean them and sought to understand
And for their courage they shook each hand

The boy… does anyone know what became of him?
Years passed and family found him healthy and trim
What a celebration! So many were dead!
With determination they would look ahead

But…for others their story is retold
That the memory never ever grow cold
Shall we eliminate a color, religion, or race?
No! We are all God’s children- with love to embrace


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>We are each very different
Why? I am not certain
But, of this truth, I am sure
Each choice effects how well we endure

Our thoughts, desires, actions, and deeds
How we speak of others and respond to their needs
Truly effect how we love, serve, and interact
As we strive to straighten out the answers we lack

Through Christ’s teachings we will find our way home
Beyond the veil to know what’s unknown
There the answers we will find
Discovering above all what is divine

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>My prayer is for the soldier
May he always remembers to pray
Ever through the Savior
The Truth, the Light, the Way

My prayer is for our nation
May we remember to pray also
That together we might station
United…defending the freedom we know

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>Along the wayside
For anyone to see
Christ was crucified
Secured to a cross beam

The pain He suffered
Was for each of us
Perfectly offered
The heavens withdrew thus

Great storm clouds billowed
Darkening the sky
He said, “It is Finished”
They pierced His heart and side

His body soon lay
In a sepulchre
Till on that morning day
Angels rolled the stone away

Those seeking for Him
Can learn for themselves
He truly is risen
And can save us from ourselves

He knows each weakness
Sorrow, pain, and sin
In glory and meekness
He can cleanse us from within

All He asks of us
Is that we follow
In consecration, thus
And remember Him below

We had a strengthening sacrament meeting
Each could come up and talk about their
favorite Hymn and we then sang one verse.

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>Drink lots of water and get lots of rest
When you have the dysenteries
Yogurt and apples also should help.
Be a patient patient and get well

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>One Stood

>One stood alone
Afraid to share
The sorrow known
And admit to be scared

One stood strong
Just in case
The doctors were wrong
And pain would erase

One stood silent
Remembering well
A strength, a giant
Letting others tell

One sat holding
On to love felt
Helping the passing
Of pain life delt

One lay slipping
Further away
Tell in death…sleeping
He died today

Then, he stood above
For a brief good bye
Showing us his love
We know for his dog barked is why

May 18, 2011

In memory of Uncle Bill

The dog kept barking at the ceiling
then looked at everyone
and barked again
then stopped

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>I held your hand
So thin and frail
And felt as if
I touched the veil

I knew the moment
You had gone
You left this world
Yet still live on

Mom share with me the sacred experience of being with Uncle Bill during his passing and said she felt like she touched the veil when she touched his hand. And knew he would be gone in minutes.

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