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Pride breaks every promise
Only Jesus keeps them all
We are blessed when we are humble
And heed our own unique call

Blessed Are Ye
Finding Your Unique Call
Chris Huston


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Passionately take one big step back
As with your love you move forward
Let the Light of Christ keep you both on track
Being genuine and straightforward

Rub noses and let your eyes dance
With this Light that shines inside
Feel the joy of heaven’s expanse
Let peace within you reside

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Between your ears
Lies a wondrous brain
It commands and steers
All paths to gain

A memory bank
Of all that lies about
To process and think
And figure things out

Inspired by my grand daughter
recalling of when she asked for a
calculator in class and the
teacher said- the best one was
between her ears.

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We are here to learn
We are here to learn
Our eyes, and lips and fingers move
It is always our turn

Always we repeat
Always we repeat
This is how we store what’s new
The eyes, lips, and brain compete

Moving the body is fun
Moving the body is fun
We set our heart pumping again
We stretch, jump, sit, we’re done

Before us lies a meal
Before us lies a meal
We are hungry for new knowledge
The minds’ a space to fill

We always have to look
We always have to look
Searching for the next big bite
What did the teacher cook?

I was teaching in my sleep…
to the tune
The Farmer in the Dell

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Fear and dire situation
Led to the awful needs
Bringing out the worst in them
The Donner Party deeds

Having seen the Donner Party
_____(he) led the late company
The handcarts were loaded with food
To share as an entire group

Starvation looked them in the face
Soon, the journey became a race
The Winter was setting in
Could they conquer and win?

Along the trail some died
Frozen side by side
Starving in the snow
With their hope still aglow

The rescue was like a dream
Through the snow they saw the team
Now fed they must walk on
To Zion it would not be long

Thoughts from seeing 17 Miracles.
The man leading the hand cart company
had been in the Battalion and
had seen the awful remains
of the Donner Party. The last
thing he wanted was for the
group to run out of food
and then…

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Just like the moon
Promises phase
From fullness of bloom
To a need to be remade

German proverb which says, “Promises are like the full moon. If they are not kept at once, they diminish day by day”

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Until we meet again
I will never forget
You, my eternal friend
For my heart won’t let

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