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All too frequently
The short end of the stick
Goes to the family
As demands become thick

Always at the center
Should be Jesus Christ
Our pivot point and lever
To balance out our lives


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Make your home
Like the temple
Where love is shown
That all might sample

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Celestial parentage
Over and over
To honor family… pledge

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A duty of the priesthood
Is to fill the temple doors
To extend gratitude
That exquisitely pours

Let each Stake Conference
Culminate in the temple
To really make a difference
In uniting all its people

Come find in the temple
The Lord’s healing hand
Offering the balm of Gilead
And light to understand

Come stand in His Holy place
Where there is oil for light
Find His alter of lace
And remember covenants bright

Pondering our Green Valley Stake Conference

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Peace of presence
Comes to each
Who know and sense
What life does teach

Who surrender
Unto God’s will
Finding the splendor
Of peace that is still

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Let the temple go through you
And apply its healing balm
Though your problems be not few
The Holy Spirit will lift and calm

Your countenance will shine
Through this sacrifice
It will be a glorious time
Uplifted by Jesus Christ

Don’t go through the temple — let it go through you
Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010
Kristine Frederickson
Deseret News


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We are God’s offspring
Of His spirit, we are
To know…what a blessing
We were made to journey far

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