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United as One

United as one…
It can be done
Standing side by side-
If we all decide

To the young from the old
Let freedom be told
From the old to the young
The journey’s begun

Agreeing to disagree
From sea to shining sea
Let us build on what is good
Humbly with gratitude

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A very small flower in a garden of many
Waited all day to be named
Feeling insignificant, it would take any
Quite forgotten, it felt so ashamed

The sun had set, light would not last
In despair, it cried from its low place
“Forget-Me-Not” …someone walked past
stopped, looked down, and parted a space

There in the shadows the blue flower stood
Hidden by the foliage of a buttercup
Ah, He said, “You have finally understood
You have worth and limited time to speak up”

“In your sweet plea… you have named yourself
The weakness of your size none shall forget
For we all need to be noticed and are in need of help
From you, the least, we learn great things come if we let!”

“This is the first of five lessons I want to share
Things we all need to remember
One for each petal you so beautifully wear
As I wish happiness for each flower member”

“The second desire comes of my heart
As I recognize talents and gifts
Sacrifices are many but the best impart
A stirring of love that uplifts”

“The third to hold to is found all around
And is easily thought less of
That is finding joy in all that surrounds
The greatness of life is love

The fourth is so easy to overlook
As we each have so much to do
But we should focus on the “why?” as we look
Up…for warmth and bright light too

The fifth is the hope of what is to come
The potential that lies within
The knowledge of what we each can become…
We are much more than this life we are in

Sweet little blue Forget-Me-Not
You’re the symbol for what we should learn
If we are to grow, these five things should be sought
And from them we should never turn


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Our Prophet

Our prophet reaches each heart
Reminds us of who we are
And brings God’s words to impart

Our prophet helps us grow,
Feel, hear, see, and know
The path that we’re to go

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At every stage of your life
You are never alone
For the climb, He offers light
Guiding…you are known

No matter what you’ve done
Or even continue to do
He turns His back on none
If it’s anyone it is you

It is time to turn around
And be renewed in Christ
To stand upon higher ground
Making covenants is the price

He awaits to uplift
And lighten each load
He knows we are prone to drift
From the straight and narrow road

His…the path of happiness
You will not want to miss
He has a plan for each of us
Keep going…through Christ-you deserve this

Thank you Al Fox- you inspire us
To be happy

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You are the second witness
For your child to know what’s true
And your job will never finish
As they will always look to you

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This body, as a temple,
Houses my spirit inside
Where for God’s holy people
The Holy Ghost may reside

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Be ye as God’s building
Anchored upon Christ
With the structure yielding
Faith and hope and light

Thomas S. Monson

“Tabernacles and temples are built with more than stone and mortar, wood and glass. Particularly is this true when we speak of the temple described by the Apostle Paul: ‘Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?’ (1 Corinthians 3:16.) Such temples are built with faith and fasting. They are built with service and sacrifice. They are built with trials and testimonies.” (Live the Good Life [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1988], 17.)

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