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Jesus made Himself
A sacrifice for all.
He ransomed us from Hell
And overcame the Fall.

The ultimate good
Without any blemish-
For the world stood
Till the work was finished.

Every bit of evil…
Painfully He suffered.
Pressed to know His people
The perfect lamb was offered.

No more, need we sacrifice
As in the days of old.
Fully, He has paid the price.
We may come into the fold.

What can I, to Him, give?
An offering of my own?
In newness, I want to live
As a disciple… known.

Yet, I am but ordinary.
How could I possibly please Him?
I’ve but the broken heart to carry
And a contrite spirit, even

My family has disowned me
My country and my friends
But, the gospel I hold dearly
I feel the strength God sends

What else matters
To be first in my life
For hope gathers
Healing all pain and strife

In memory of all who have left something behind to know Christ.  Knowing with God all things are possible, with hope, they take the journey of faith.
Pondering Elder Oaks conference talk
Mar 31 2012


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The Exodus From Egypt

It is good to remember
The life of the Jews
As a family member
Of the good news 

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My  heart warms to recognize
The Jewish community
How they build family ties
And maintain love and unity

Romney’s wife had wonderful things to say about our Jewish neighbors here in LasVegas! I liked what Romney said about what makes America strong.  We need to hear it!

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Porn harms society
There are things we can do
To combat exposure
And protect our children too

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With great soberness
We must warn of sin
Cry out in the wilderness
And offer faith to win

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You are Capable

You are capable
To magnify your call
Be available
In service, give your all

Jacob 1:19

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Write each journal entry
As though a letter to a friend
Your thoughts won’t be empty
And you’ll want to share it in the end

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