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As an inheritance of the Lord
Each child is as a nation
Awaiting to be trained and adored
By both parents in station

That little child on the street
 With scabies, rags, and all
Ought not to have naked feet
And ought to be trained up tall

My prayer to the Lord
Concerns the family
That His work will roll forth
For each home… happily

And a little child shall lead them
President Boyd K. Packer
April Ensign, 2012, 6


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Oh, endless chatter
That really doesn’t matter
I wish that you would flee
That I might better be

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With a letter on each petal
This beautiful flower spells well of
How you are, indeed, special
For you are the very essence of love

L is for the life you bring
O is for hearts and doors opening
V  is for versatility
E is for everything you mean  to me

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A mother is as soft as a rose
Her kiss tickles my wee nose
Her sweet lullabies tenderly teach
As her eyes speak of love with each

A mother is as warm as a throw
As a snuggle safe to know
On her lap her arms wrap me up close
And I stay awake…well almost

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Words to Ponder

Words to ponder

Penetrate the heart

And take us farther

As we let  light impart. 


This is something I needed to read today.  Thanks.


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Saved…Can  I be content?
When, in all I do, I stand alone?
No! For others I lament
Who’ve fallen away or never known …
The sweet savor of mercy
The promise of much to come
The answers to  life’s searching
The stirring of the bosom

I stand as but one and wait
With the Lord’s help, I search
Who is struggling as of late?

And is longing for church?
For a light at the end of the road
For peace and rest from the storm
For a lightening of their load
Who is searching for the Lord?

Joseph Smith – Building the Kingdom of God – Quotes


A man filled with the love of God, is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race. This has been your [the Twelve Joseph Comes to Know God · The Book of Mormon

Pondering conference- I was left with this overwhelming weight of what now lays undone- those who’ve fallen away.  Heavenly Father’s daughters….sons 

I am a bit of a goof ball.  Not someone other’s listen to for life’s answers or advice.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Then, at our Ward Conference the Bishop said he had a perfect family- perfect for him.  He stands alone- with siblings, parents, and family members all struggling and at this time not enjoying the fulness of the gospel.   He stands alone and every once in a while, one, here and there comes close to searching, almost…. and he waits…with the Lord.

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Prayer Awaits

The duty of each man
Is to ask of the Lord for help
Believing that He can
For man can’t be led by himself

Strength and blessings await
Through every humble prayer
Be not one who hesitates
Place yourself in God’s care

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