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A dynamic duo
Both a fish and a fisherman
Of the US and Bolivia
He is a Mormon Olympian

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Open your mind
Light enters in
Culture to find
God wins in the end

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I’ll stand with anyone
Who is willing to fight
To restore America
As a source of light

No bigotries here
All are needed
To brightly appear

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Be a beacon of light
For someone else
Turn the world aright
Be a source of help

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Duty and purpose
Courage and honor
Demanded his service
As our nation’s father

Again and again
He could not be releaved
For it caused him great pain
When we faltered, he grieved

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With sincerity of effort
My journey began
To find the signs still present
Of the Son of Man

And I in my weakness
Sought the talents I’d need
I found His light strengthens
As well as does lead

In God’s pattern of strength and love
Answers come from those around us
For searching alone is not enough
To understand one’s purpose

In the land of ancient ruins
One can walk the paths that Jesus walked
Slowing down to become in tune
To the places He lived, served, and taught

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Thousands Gather For Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Love’ Event At Cowboys Stadium « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Our inheritance
Is a promised land of peace.
Through benevolence
We invest, improve, and increase.

As we give service
It’s love we restore
This is our purpose
Good works to perform

We have courage to stand
And support our community
We offer up a hand
And share of faith, hope, and charity

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