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He entered a dark room
But the light did not leave Him
His countenance a bloom
He cheered my heart even

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He pulled me aside
To express concern
To invite that I confide
And know a place to turn

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Do not fix on and measure
The total of your sins
But take stock in and treasure
Where Christ’s light begins

See Glenn Becks video interviewing some people who have been touched by Mitt Romney in a personal way.  One who was seeking spiritual counsel received advice that inspired this.

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Our culture makes all the difference
Here achievements can brightly beam
Here one can achieve through persistence
To live well and fulfill each dream

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There is nothing inevitable about decline
As it is now and ever has been a choice
The future of our country is ours to decide
Though doing what is right might stir up some noise

Let us be true to our American heritage
As we have faced challenging times before
This is what gives us the leading edge
As then our resolve for unity is reborn

We are a shining city on a hill
Though our example is not as bright as it could be
We have glorious works to fulfill
And must meet our problems head on…honestly

The American spirit is being rekindled
Through tea parties and community action
For we recognize that we have been swindled
And refuse to leave our future to the hands of a socialist faction

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The Last Stretch

It’s the last stretch of the race
His running mate enters in
With great energy in place
Mitt Romney is set to win

Through a lifetime of effort
Of working and doing the right thing
He now sacrifices comfort
For the assistance he might bring

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Politics Aside

Politics aside
Mitt is a decent man
With not a thing to hide
He’ll serve this country grand.

He may seem a little distant
Like a boss with things to do
But be assured in an instant
He’d respond to serve you too

Like the surgeon behind the hands
Set to remove that cancer found
Where it counts, he understands
He is the one to have around!

Warm up to the idea
That we need this business man
He does not wheel and deal
But budgets everything he can


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