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What would stop you
From reaching Zion?
Frostbite? Ice? No!
God’s love warms, try on.

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Like the Wind

Our day breezes along
Like the wind, then it is gone

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Reach out and up to heaven
And pray for what you need
Believe you will be given
The spirit’s voice to lead

When you’re on the Lord’s errand
You have need of Heaven’s help
Your worthiness in the end
Will determine where you sail

Though the task looms large, we are strengthened by the truth: “The greatest force in this world today is the power of God as it works through man.” If we are on the Lord’s errand, we are entitled to the Lord’s help. That divine help, however, is predicated upon our worthiness. To sail safely the seas of mortality, to perform a human rescue mission, we need the guidance of that eternal mariner—even the great Jehovah. We reach out, we reach up, to obtain heavenly help.
Thomas S. Monson, “You Make a Difference,” Ensign, May 1988, 41

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Sit and Be Still

Sit down and be still
Seek to know God’s will
Listen for His voice
Shut out all the noise

A path is in sight
Beaming with delight
Beyond life’s disarray
There lies the promised day

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Careful quiet speech
Is the way to reach
Inside a heavy heart
To enrich and impart

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Further light and knowledge
Awaits just beyond a wall
May we grasp what’s at the edge
And heed that voice still and small

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Where do you put your trust

After your last step’s been made?
How do you still look up
When every hope for a job does fade?

You do by sharing your pain,
Who you are, and what you can do
Believing you have much to gain
Believing in America, anew

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