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Life is a Dream

Life is a dream
That becomes a blur
Built upon deeds
Too vast to number

Life is a dream
Each day is a gift
With goals to reach
Do not go adrift


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Welcome Back

You receive everything back to you
As blessings upon your head.
For returning unto the church anew
Come and see.  You will be led.

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I have made lots of mistakes
And gotten way off track
But, now whatever it takes
I am glad to say, ” I’m back!”

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
A Ring A Robe,  A Fatted Calf

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Life is death or separation
From our Father and His love
This is our day of preparation
To return to Him above

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We can rise above the past
Like a garbage heap to cast
Blot it out, watch it die
Christ will help us if we try


When a battered weary swimmer
Works his way back to the shore
Would you shove him under water
And beat him down with an oar?

Yet we do this to each other
As we struggle to reach ahead
Ought we not to love our brother
And cheer each other on instead?

Pondering Elder Holland’s BYU address from the eighties A. Robe, A Ring A Fatted Calf

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I look at the fields of gold
And warmly I think of you
As summertime takes a hold
Your birthday shows up too

Riding the greyhound  and thinking about a birthday girl while looking at the sunset on the hills by the reservoir.

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Tolerance as a virtue
Will not lead you astray
As to God’s laws you are true
Naught will shade into gray

All of God’s laws are exact
And, they guide us with light
Legalizing sinful acts
Cannot make them right

This light, given to man
Is the Spirit of Christ
It leads us to Him and
Helps us discern what is right

The law of chastity
Perfectly, can be known.
Through virtue’s path it’s seen
As, then, revelation is shown

Pondering President Boyd K Packer
These Things I Know
May 2013, Ensign

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