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Life is a pile
Of shattered dreams
Smile all the while
And do good deeds


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The lion of Judah

He the King of the Jews

Is Diety in the flesh

Ever the good news


His life as a man

Daily journeyed

Interacting with all

He knew of each need


Peaceful like an ox

Ever observant

Teaching as He walks

He is but a servant


An eagle with keen sight

As though on a perch

Perspective and insight

Makes eternal, His church

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I Am Home

It takes years for a house
To become a place you call home
For each room to arouse
Feelings of love, filled with hope

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75 years


She was the prettiest girl I ever saw
Timid, her smile was a treasure
And I dedicate to Lorraine, this- my song
For our 75 years of pleasure

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Truly- thoughts are things
You can look at from every side
A new perspective brings
Fresh matter to analyze

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You can destroy much
But faith, you can’t touch
God dwells inside hearts
Here His love imparts

You can burn down our Churches but you can never touch our faith! Type PEACE to pray for Egypt!

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It is a choice to be unkind
To hurt another’s soul
To judge them unfit and find
Him/Her beneath your own pure role

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