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The Greatest Gift

To you on your wedding day
I wish for you- space to grow
That great blessings come your way
Through simple pleasures to know


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It is not a sacrifice
To have worthy habits
To obey our Savior, Christ
Knowing where it lands us

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The Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal
in the grand scheme of things
Is to fill the soul
With what the spirit brings

The talents we hold
Are great gifts from the Lord
They bloom and unfold
As we heed His sure Word

For, many are called
To become something more
As children of God
We have great things in store

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Walk away from the edge
To where God’s word is heard
Have moral courage
And come out of this world

I have been enjoying the hymn does the journey seem long ?  I found out that it was written by Joseph fielding Smith. In the intro to his life it talks about how he wrote it. It is very sweet story. He really loved his wife and was a romantic man.

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Open Your Eyes

Open your. eyes
To Jesus Christ
Believe and see

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Catch the Wave

Catch the wave
Rise up high
Work, be brave
Don’t be shy!

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