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In All Things

… As Saints, in all things
We must be tried
For the fruit it brings
Even light to guide

Slumber’s Watch Keep

Our wise Mother in Heaven
In her quiet elegance
Visits her sleeping children
And sees what we are up against
In our dream world of sleep
She covers us with love
And we feel, more than know
That soft touch from above

Look Up

Look up and see
Those you ignore.
Is what life is for.

America to Unite in Prayer

 Healing and unity can come
Our country can be as one
As in all things, it starts with prayer
And giving thanks for all we share

It’s All on You

School is all about you.
And what you want to prove.
What do you need to do
To achieve and improve?

Mountains to Climb

Act on that twig of faith
Allow buds to bloom
Kind service adds new strength
For the Lord… make room

Mountains to Climb

Embed the foundation of faith
Deep within your heart
No matter what you have to face
Darkness will depart
Embed the foundation of faith
Deeply… as treasure
You’ve the love of God to embrace
Believe and endure

God’s Not Dead | Official Full Movie Trailer

When people question your faith
What they really want to know
Is: in all the trials you face
For life’s answers, where do you go?

His Attributes

Heavenly Father gives us
His attributes, to seek
We must strive for them and trust
They come to those who’re meek
Let us each remember
We are like God, in part
Talents in us slumber
And awake in the heart

A Heavenly Attitude

Let us give to the Lord
What simply all can afford
The gift of gratitude
From a heavenly attitude

Life’s Setbacks

The setback comes
In many forms
It hits our homes
Like plagues and storms
Solve what you can
Look for a cure
Continue and
With hope, endure

Every Prophet

Every prophet that ever lived
Has seen Jesus the Christ
Each testifies- He lives
And teach of eternal life

Classrooms- Sunday School

Classrooms…learn to listen
With keen ears that hear
The spiritual lessons
That prove God is near
The very help we need
Might be sensed or heard
An impression to heed
Comes from the Lord’s Word

With the Gospel there’s Light

Without the Lord’s gospel
What of pain and doubt?
Like a broken vessel
Hope spills, bleeding out
With the gospel there’s light
And oil for our lamps
Our hopes and dreams are bright
To forever last

The Accepting Circle of Charity

We’re an accepting circle
With a bond of charity
Whether married or single
We’ve Christ’s light for clarity

I Live By Faith

I live by faith
And not by fear
Through God, I face
All that comes near

He is Risen: John the Beloved’s Witness of the Resurrection (+playlist)

Jesus is risen
In glory and light
We can be with Him
Come heed His invite

Believe in Home Again

Empty, you keep coming back.
For there’s a hole in your soul.
Satan’s been on the attack
And, home is where you’re whole
You lost a piece of your soul
When you left our family
What you need to become whole
Is to love us, happily
Take hold of the memories
All the joy you felt back when
There was less stress and more ease
Come, believe in home again

Shine Brightly Music Video (+playlist)

Children can lifts hearts,
Soften what is hard,
Melt the haughty proud,
And turn lives around.
1. Proverbs 21:4 Haughty eyes and a proud heart– the *…* biblehub.com/proverbs/21-4.htm‎ – – – Haughty eyes and a proud heart– the unplowed field of the wicked–produce sin. New Living Translation Haughty eyes, a proud heart, and evil actions are all sin …

Becoming Strong

You never know how strong you are
Till troubles grow and life is hard.
Then searching comes…you learn to share-
To open up to those who care.
Here is someone who has become strong and is working to help others. http://sethadamsmith.com/2014/04/16/five-ways-to-fight-depression/

My Kingdom is Not of This World

His kingdom is not here
But of another
May this bring to you cheer
As He is our brother

To Receive

I come to the temple
To claim my blessings there
Here Christ’s covenant people
Receive His cleansing care
I feel His acceptance
My burdens are made light
I walk with confidence
On a path now made bright
Claim the blessings of Your Covenants Linda S Reeves Ensign Nov. 2013

His kingdom is not here

His kingdom is not here
But of another
May this bring you to cheer
As He is our brother

He Sees

He sees the bigger picture
Of what we might become
And prepares us through the scriptures
Of great days yet to come.

My Heart

My heart is filled to the brim
with love that comes from God.
I feel just so blessed by Him
My worries seem but gone.

Overflowing with Love

My heart in thanks, filled to the brim
As love flowed from God on high
I had so much to share within
Words spilled out to testify

Engrave God’s Laws Upon your Heart

Engrave upon your heart
God’s laws… they sweetly please
His grace flows to impart
Love, safety, joy, and peace

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