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How Do You Reach Your Students?

How do you reach
Those whom you teach?
Prepare them to hear
The spirit when there

You Know You Want to Succeed

You know you want to succeed
And manage well, what you do
You hold all the tools you need
To guide you and see you through
You know you want to succeed
And be in charge of yourself
Let the Holy Spirit lead
It is your best source of help
It is interesting that real freedom and success comes from turning our will to God. Then we have liberty as we are free from things that harm our spirit.

The Fence

A group of small kids tried each fence,

To make sure that they were safe.

That all their needs would be met.

The greatest being respect.

Held by guidelines framed in truth

They test to prove all the rules

They push limits in their youth

And feel respect through reprove

1. Reprove – Merriam-Webster Online http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/*reprove* – – – Merriam‑Webster to criticize or correct (someone) usually in a gentle way. re·proved re·prov·ing. Full Definition of REPROVE. transitive verb. 1. : to scold or correct usually gently or ….. more »

Money Can’t Buy It

Money cannot buy
The best things in life
That for which men die
Is achieved through strife
faith, manners, morals, respect, common sense, trust, patience, virtue, class integrity, love, honor

Live Your Faith

Get rid of deep creases
You wear on your face
Endurance increases
As you live your faith

Iron it OUT

With every doubt

Iron it out

Hold to the rod

And turn to God

“Iron it out” is an idiom. It means work it out.

Blessed Are They That Have Not Seen, and Yet Have Believed

So filled with dispair
Missing Christ’s care
Thomas needed to see
To feel… to believe


It’s a rush to rush and it’s perfect to perfect
To improve so much that no one will object
…a play on homographs. They are spelled the same but don’t mean the same thing or even sound the same.

The Fertile Soil Waits

The fertile soil waits
to be turned and seeded.
The best fruit awaits.
Laborers are needed.

Father’s Day Wallet

Read my poem and gift idea on Your LDS Blog where I am a guest blogger… http://www.yourldsblog.com/2014/06/15/fathers-day/

My Rock

As a supportive rock
You are always there
You are my confidante
With advice to share
Thank you for your time
Your unconditional love
Your strength ever kind
That continually lifts me up

The Cost—and Blessings—of Discipleship

Let your faith see you through
All that comes your way
In all you say and do
Defend Christ always
In keeping with the Savior’s own experience, there has been a long history of rejection and a painfully high price paid by prophets and apostles, missionaries and members in every generation—all those who have tried to honor God’s call to lift the human family to “a more excellent way.”3“And what shall I more say [of them]?” the writer of the book of Hebrews asks. “[They] who … stopped the mouths of lions, “Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, … waxed vali… more »

HFD Fireman Proposes To His HPD Girlfriend

All the smoke Was in place Then he spoke Watch her face! 🙂


Improve your health
To fight off disease
Fasting will help
As stem cells increase

The Wave

The wave crashed

Like a wall

Its spray splashed

At us all

The boat swayed

It lurched right

We all prayed

And clutched tight

The deck dipped

Like a cup

Water slapped

We looked up

What a thrill

Screams did blend

Then, to still

The ride did end

Why do we pay money *and *wait in long lines to go on terrifying rides? Hope you are having wondering experiences with your family this summer.

The Gospel Imparts

The gospel imparts
Always in wondrous ways
Unto minds and hearts
As one seeks and obeys

Mother’s Day – A Tribute To Mothers – Gayatrivantillu – Indian Recipes -…

Mother, don’t give up.
You know your (own son’s) (daughter’s) needs.
Nurture (him) (her) with love.
And teach (him) (her) to succeed.

Scriptures Legacy

The records we hold came at a high price
Of painstaking labor and sacrifice
The prophets share with us the words of Christ
For our learning they are filled with His light
Absolute morals do and will exist
Through repentance there is grace to enlist
Of the Atonement the scriptures witness
Offering examples of how to persist
The world teaches: There are no absolute morals. Every man prospers according to his genius and conquers according to his own strength. Whatever man does there is no crime. When we die that is the end, thereof.

The Risen Lord Appears to the Apostles

Why let thoughts arise in the heart
That crowd out feelings of peace?
For the Lord is quick to impart
Power from on high to the meek

Glenn Beck at Liberty University 04/25/14

I am a man
And I demand
My rights to stand
Free on this land
Free to explore
What life is for
To seek for more
That’s from the Lord

A Woman that Walks with God

A woman should not mock,
Ostracize, or slander
As with the Lord she walks
In thanks for what God hands her


It’s not the clothes you wear,
Or how you do your hair
That gives to you self-worth
It’s God who gave you birth

We Are Not Made for Endings

[image: Dead end sign by jhnri4 – Dead End sign.]
Income, health, love, and marriage
We all hate for great things to end
Still…we’ve much more to cherish
Through, Jesus, our eternal friend
We Are Not Made for Endings In light of what we know about our eternal destiny, is it any wonder that whenever we face the bitter endings of life, they seem unacceptable to us? There seems to be something inside of us that resists endings…. May we “live in thanksgiving daily” especially during the seemingly explainable endings that are part of mortality. May we allow our souls to expand in …more »

To Move Along

Read from the link, the story about one of the saints crossing the plains who sat at camp, tired and sick. He sang Come Come Ye Saints and then died in the night. When they buried him, they used the very rock he had been sitting on as his headstone.
For others, what can you do
In just a spare hour or two?
Clayton wrote up a new song
To help the Saints move along
Read this wonderful article that excerpts journals of early pioneers to uncover the circumstance around the time that William Clayton wrote this inspiring hymn. There are some great stories here as well: BYU-EDU in a speech g… more »

Let Your Soul Delight in Song

Look what Your LDS Blog did! Isn’t this a beautiful meme? Did you know there is a site to listen to L.D.S. music?

Blessed Beyond Your Dreams

Have you ever been blessed beyond your dreams? First we bought this amazing house. Then, I was asked to babysit this piano while a wonderful couple went on their mission. It fills the house with music! Please go to Your LDS Blog and read about my feelings for the hymns. It is a wonderful blog and I have been asked to be a guest blogger! Wonderful!
Have you ever been blessed
Beyond your dreams?
Joy stirs within the breast
From God, it seems

Eyes to See

Do you ever see something that causes a second look? The bird is real! And he was patient to stay there while I had to cross at a light. I have seen this statue while driving by and thought, “How cute!” “They are enjoying flowers!” But what is also happening is the bigger girl has just tied the shoe of the little girl. The statues may not be real But the bird reminded me of a day When I was sad and felt ill A white dove rested on my head to stay I picked it up and held it It was as small and fragile as my heart One of its legs was crippled And through our friendship the world seemed le…more »

Scholary Thinking

Scholars, to think reason, and reflect
God’s truths will set you free
They are the roots to each precept
Which can guide your destiny
Come, feast on the best and greatest
Of those inspired before
Celebrate learning in the highest
Ponder what you’re here for
Teachers are the sunlight rays
That help scholarly seeds to grow
They are warm and full of praise
And from them buds of promise show
God’s own truths do make you free
To think, reason, and reflect
To achieve your destiny
When guided by each precept
++++++++++… more »

In Memory of Those Who’ve Died

In memory of those who’ve died
On this day, may we unite
And together walk side by side
Filled with love from freedom’s light

Homeward Bound – Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The soldier, homeward bound
Hides inward wounds to not delay
But soon depression’s found
As war’s horrors haunt freedom’s way
Part of the reason for military suicides is the rush to be homeward bound… while ignoring or not knowing how to heal from the inward wounds.

The Dog Tags Remain

The dog tags of loved ones remain
Each with a soldier’s story to tell
Of lonely foxholes and pain
And of patriotism as well
Missing you Adam…

What We Do Have

We may not have a Reagan,
George Washington, or Lincoln
But what we do have is *us** and*
Great pride for what they have done

Rep. Joe Heck statement on preventing military suicides

It hits home…death
The battle isn’t over
The watch, at best
Falls on the first line leader

Rep. Joe Heck Commemorates Memorial Day 2014

From the grassy slopes of Bunker Hill
On to the National Mall we find
The price of freedom is ever real
Some of the best blood was left behind
Dr. Heck has more than 25 years in public service as a physician, Army Reservist, and community volunteer. Previously, Heck served as a volunteer firefighter and ambulance attendant, Search & Rescue team member, and SWAT physician. A Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, he was called to active duty three times, including a deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Lord has also decreed that this land should be “the place … more »

Veteran of an Eternal War

Jesus is a veteran
In an eternal war.
Unto all God’s children,
‘Tis our souls He fights for.
John 15:14 Greater love has no one than this, That one lay down his life for his friends.

Looking for Charity

[image: looking_for_charity.png]
Looking for charity
Someone to help out
I offered carefully
My hat, filled with doubt
What do you think happens next? This image is titled Looking for Charity…

See the Blessing

See the blessing in all things
Even in the worst that life brings
Let go of apprehension
And believe in intervention
This happened right here in LasVegas! The sad truth is this guy could probably change his profession and work on the strip. He is quite a gymnast! Suspected Burglar caught in the act: Cameras catch a burglar inside a valley family’s home.

The Good Shepherd

Here is my attempt at a hymn…
The Good Shepherd
The good shepherd became the lamb
To perfectly lead His sheep
To succor them and understand
How best to tend and watchkeep
He came without spot
As God’s own blessed son
And selflessly He sought
His Father’s will to be done
He bore the sins of all mankind
Every sorrow, every pain
The trials of death and hell combined
He received our stripes and was slain
His blood…that we might drink
His flesh… that we might sup
He went beneath all things
So He might then lift us up
Today He calls us all by name
We, His sheep, can know His voice T… more »

Scriptures Legacy

Out of the past, the dark, and the dust
The scriptures come unto each of us
And from them light reveals God’s love,
His grace, and mercy from above
As a side note. I have held a replica of that wooden sword in this film. It has shards of obsidian embedded into it. It is supposed to be sharp enough to cut a horses head off.

Guest Blogging at yourldsblog.com

FYI: http://www.yldsr.com/ is a site where you can listen to LDSRadio and also find LDS Music Artists and purchase their music. Check out their blog where I have become a guest blogger! http://www.yourldsblog.com/2014/05/20/heavens-breeze/ The sun is rising upon a new day of promise.

American History Books for Kids

Summer reading time is here
Build up that reservoir
Help our heroes reappear
Find out what they stood for
American History Books for Kids Firesale price is just $97.50 for all 32 hardcover books plus FREE shipping on this set! It is getting harder and harder to find good reading books for kids. These books were written before the wild revisionist history that is so common today, and they do not include any of the Common Core standards. These books serve as an excellent starting point for further study and will pique a child’s interest in American history. By presenting history in … more »

Christ Appears on the Road to Emmaus

Oh the human mind,
We wrestle with hopes and fears.
And the Lord so kind,
When we need Him, He appears.
Then, as we seek truth
His words warm and calm the soul.
We can know what’s true
For His peace helps us feel whole.

For Heaven’s Sake

He feeds His flock
And walks with them
He knows each flaw
And sees within
He is The Way The Truth, The Light
And from the grave
His words give life
He suffered death
That we might live
The shepherd does, His lambs, uplift
He carries us, For Heaven’s sake
He is Yeshua Yes, the Lord saves
What does the name ‘Jesus’ mean? – Yahoo Answers https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid… May 16, 2007 – Wow… interesting answers! It is the Greek derivation of the Hebrew “Yeshua” or “Joshua” which means “Yahweh saves” or “The Lord saves.”. Idioms… more »

The Steeles – “On the Road to Emmaus” – 2000

On the road to Emmaus
Two disciples spoke of Christ
They mourned the death of Jesus
Who was their hope of new life
Jesus came and walked with them
They knew not His voice or face
I am sure they, then, wept when
He vanished without a trace
For it was then that they knew
They had walked and supped with Him
Looking back… they had known, too
For their hearts had burned within

In All Things

1. 2. Tried in All Things ► 1:47► 1:47 https… (D&C 136:29-33) Elder Maxwell explains how the Saints will be tried in all things.
As Saints, in all things
We must be tried
For the fruit it brings
Even light to guide

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To My Last Breath

To my last breath
I’ll remain true
And do my best
To speak the truth

To My Dying Breath

To my dying breath
I will seek what’s true
I will do my best
To be valiant too

Let Go of Fear

Let go of fear
Like you would a breath
Be of good cheer
Let it fill your breast

Take a Breath

Take a breath
Let it go
Give your best
Learn and grow

Advice to Be Wise

The world overflows
With growing advice
But it’s God who shows
The path to be wise

God’s Power

God’s power is seen
In almighty ways
He can stop all things
That might end our days
He, who stops lions
And quenches man’s fire
We can rely on
When all becomes dire
God’s prophets are sent
To preach and forewarn
That all might repent,
Be clean, and reborn
The Cost and Blessing of Discipleship Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Ensign, May 2014

Defend God

Do not extend
The sin-filled fight
Be strong. Defend
God who is right


Conflicts come and go
As we journey on
Learn from years ago
Have faith and be strong .

Make History

Make history-
As sins you shun
Show courtesy
And compassion.

Do NOT Pretend

Do not pretend
You’re cool with sin
Be strong. Defend
Christ’s light within

Remember No Matter Where

Remember who you are
In the light and the dark.
Keep your courage to pray
And stand for truth each day.
Remember who you are
In the light or the dark
Keep your covenants in sight
Do what you know is right.
Writing this in the dark. I love this thought. Be the same person no matter where you are. It is from April conference, Be Strong and of a Good Courage, President Thomas S. Monson.

In Time

Within each choice we make
The effects are felt, in time.
Our conscience awakes
And confirms when it is right/ Or when we’re living a lie.
If we have been taught well
Ahead of time, we can know
To not choose there to dwell
Where miserable choices go
President Henry B Eyring A Priceless Heritage of Hope He talks about why we don’t feel immediate effects of our decisions. If we were immediately rewarded or punished we would not learn what we came here to learn.

Always Within Each

Always within reach
Jesus the Christ is there.
Lighting within each
A conscience if we care

Our Flag

May our flag
Remain floating in the breeze
On this land
Freely framed with liberty
May it stay
Flowing in red, white, and blue
Till the day
When our Lord returns anew
We, the blessed beneficiaries, face difficult days in this beloved land, “a land which is choice above all other lands” (Ether 2:10). It may also cost us blood before we are through. It is my conviction, however, that when the Lord comes, the Stars and Stripes will be floating on the breeze over this people. May it be so, and may God give us the faith and the courage exhibited by those patriots who pledged their lives a… more »

Help Awaits

We are never alone
Nor need we be
Heavenly help awaits
Be believing


Turning lives around
So safety is found
BACA to the rescue
When children are abused.
*Bikers Against Child Abuse has chapters all over. They come like a mass of bumble bees to an abused child. They give them a vest and let the child know they have a lot if friends. This gives them courage to face court or just to hold their heads up again.* Bikers to the rescue Helping abused children Giving them courage to Hold their heads up again.

Prosperous Freedom

The Book of Mormon
Tells of peace and war
Religious freedom
Is worth fighting for
Wars are really about the pride cycle. God prospers righteous nations. Blessings come from doing what is right. When we have abundance it is easy to take things for granted. We get worldly and turn from God and humility. We are resented. Sin and war destroys our peace and happiness. We surrender to God, turn to Him in need and repent, and we are once more a blessed people.

The Dare

 The dare is on
To become strong
To reach hard goals
That stretch our souls.

Declaration of Independence

Claim your rights
All of them
Freedom lights
From Heaven

Bitter and Sweet

On the corner of bitter and sweet
Is where temptations and our best feats meet
This is the place we truly learn
To walk in meekness *and* to not turn


There is power that comes from Christ
We can yoke to to change our lives.
Through the atonement we can act,
Repent, and make a great impact.
He can bear up our burdens with ease
As we rely on His mercy and grace.
Our spiritual traction can increase
Through life’s heavy load, as we’ve faith in place.

Some Things Cant Be Taught

It is okay to pray and plead
To bare your heart and yearn.
Our Father knows our every need
He sent us here to learn.
Things of the spirit can’t be taught.
They must be sought out with care.
The Word and fasting helps a lot
To unveil hidden truths to share.
Some things cannot be taught
From God, they must be sought.
Line upon line we learn
And mature to discern.

The Witness

We must come to our own
Witness of the Lord
And share how we’ve grown
As a saint reborn
The Witness President Boyd K. Packer Ensign, May 2014


Big news/ Events
Concerns to share
God’s hand, you sense
Blessings of *care*

A Truth

Of our Lord and Savior
I know this to be true
He blesses our labor
When it’s for Him we *do*

Mistakes Are How We Learn

Mistakes are how we learn
Everyone gets a turn
Worry about your own
And look for where you’ve grown

Be a Light

With footsteps made bright
On the path the Lord set
Walk tall, be a light
That others won’t forget

A Giving Nature

Without any thought
From your heart you gave
You did as you were taught
That another gain

Stand Your Ground

Stand your ground
Don’t cave in
Be truth bound
Christ will win
The colonists resolved to defend their freedoms. Captain John Parker told his men, “Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

He Sees

He sees the bigger picture
Of what we might become
And prepares us through the scriptures
For days still yet to come

My Heart

My heart fills to the brim
With love, come from God
I feel so blessed by Him
I am alive within

Time Tested

Death is the not end
Nor is birth the start
Both test and extend
Spirits to go far

As I Receive the Sacrament

As I receive His bread anew
I know it’s of His flesh
I pledge myself His will to do
To lift, console, and bless
As I drink of His blood today
I’m cleansed and freed from sin
I feel to ponder, read, and pray
As His life flows within

The Ripening Fruit

The ripening fruit
Becomes so sweet
When there’s gratitude
For life’s gifts we greet

I Come to the Temple

I come to the temple
To claim my blessings there
The Lord’s covenant people
Receive His cleansing care

Because of Jesus Christ

Because of Him
Our prayers are known
We’re freed from sin
And grace is shown


Easter…There’s no better time
For feeling newness of life
For striving to be more kind
All because of Jesus Christ
Which of the holidays is your favorite?

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Ecstasy for All

The enclosing agony for one
Has opened the door of ecstasy for all
We’ll resurrect because of the Son
Mercifully He has atoned us from the fall
Jesus did what He did out of love
That we might return to God’s presence
And dwell with him in Heaven above
The narrow way truly is precious!

A Knowing Heart

With a knowing heart
As one who bore it all
Strength He does impart
Through faith’s prayers, large or small

The Bitter Cup

[image: File:Cole, Thomas – Der Pokal des Riesen – hi res – 1833.JPG]
In Gethsemane He found the bitterest cup
And to the last dregs Jesus drank it up
Bitter with anguish, dark with despair
He swallowed it all to show He does care
The will of the Son was “swallowed up in the will of the Father.” Mosiah 15:7

By Divine Decree

By divine decree
The great redemption began
In Gethsemane
Christ received the pains of man

Truth is a Living Light

All truth is a living light
Which shines before our eyes
And radiates what is right
For growth to improve lives


Lukewarm and wavering
I am unable to choose
What am I favoring?
As I discern the news
1. Revelation 3:16 – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day *…* https://www.*lds*.org/…/3…. 16 So then because thou art a lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will b spue thee out of my mouth. 17 Because thou sayest, I am a rich, and increased with …

Great Are Your Eyes

Great are your eyes
To help you see
What is of light
And happily


Don’t just sit back
And let the day fly on
Love, serve, and bask
In the Light of the Son

Hold the Memory

Those with eyes that see

Hold the memory

Of blessings in life

That are filled with Light

Bonds of Trust

Broken ties
Come through lies
Bonds of trust
Are honest

Rep. Joe Heck on the southern border crisis

When we’re faced with problems

That can only get worse

We must know what caused them

And plan what to do first

Paul – A Chosen Vessel

Be a chosen vessel
Shaped by the Master’s hands
Preach unto the people
As one who understands
Molded from the past
A new form soon takes place
Character to last
Shines from trials we face
The blind
Can be pricked to see
And find
All they’d been missing

The Lost Purse

*This pamphlet’s given*
*For the strength of youth*
For God’s children
To hold Light and Truth
This purse is a sample
Of our youth today
As an example
Of how to obey
What you carry around
Represent basic needs
Let this pamphlet be found
As to blessings it leads
What do you have in your bag? I have a wallet, phone, chapstick, a dog bag, keys, gum, and receipts to throw away.

The Impending Rendezvous

Impending for all
Is a rendezvous
With the Son of God
Within Heaven’s view
With perfect love He awaits
To greet us with open arms
As the keeper of the gate
To a home that can be ours
Imagine the embrace
Enveloping with light…
The love upon His face
Imagine the delight

Give Peace a Chance

Give peace a chance
Where ever you might be
Smile and enhance
Your personality

Make Learning a Game

Make a game
Out of review
Fun to gain
Color it too
Everything I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten.
Right? I just spotted this fun site and thought I would share.

The Fruits of Toil

A vessel is
For life and liberty
The fruits of toil
Adds the oil
That carries you and me

Fall Back in Submission

Fall back. Submit
Into the waters of Christ
Be taught, repent,
And receive a holy light
Like a child treading waters
Fall back into the saving arms
Of our Heavenly Father
And feel protected from harm
Completely enveloped
Trust in His wisdom and care
Faith is more developed
As you gain pure light to share


We are so prone
To moan and complain
To walk alone when,
There’s so much to gain

Mormon Activist

There comes a time when we each must ask of God,
What He would have you learn, say, and do.
That is the Mormon message given for all.
God is alive and answers prayers,too.
When we are confused, afraid, or filled with doubt,
It is the touch of the Master that can heal.
His Light will come, through faith and good works about.
We can discern truth, and know what is real.
*Don’t be like Israel, *
*so quick to complain.*
*Wanting a new meal, *
*while manna does rain.*

Meet a Pioneer

The sun, the dusty soil,
The haggard face made through toil,
The cracked lips, and scarred feet
Describes a pioneer, you will meet
The snow, the frozen ground,
The frost bit face makes no sound
The starved lips and numb feet
Describes a pioneer, you will meet
The stars, a rock to rest
Over the place where prayers blessed
The soul who no more went
But to heaven that night was sent
The moon, the wolves in throng
The sounds of their haunting song
The Saints sing and stand strong
Towards Zion… they journey on

Before the New Day’s Rays

Do not slumber on
Before the new day’s rays
Awake to the dawn
Join with the birds in praise

The Earth Fell Too

When the earth was framed
Brilliantly to be
Near God, it was placed
For Adam and Eve
Then… the fall with a plan
To save all of mankind
A planetary change and
A Savior ours to find
I just published a book! Earth- Bound for Glory Check it out at Smashwords. “When the earth was framed and brought into existence and man was placed upon it, it was near the throne of our Father in Heaven…But when man fell, the earth fell into space, and took up its abode in this planetary system, and the sun became our light. When the Lord said- “Let there be light, ” there was light, for t… more »

The Transferred Debt

Having power over death
That perfectly, He might rise
He transferred and paid sin’s debt
Vicariously for our lives

Dress to Impress

Who should you impress,
When you wake and dress?
Look your best. Be clean.
As yourself, be seen.


Sometimes amen
Is all I can say
To praise the Son,
The Light, Life, and Way
Expressing fully
What naught can compare
So be it, truly
Reaffirms your prayer

Osmonds ‘Are you up there – I believe’ Pioneer Day Jul08

Every step of the way

Is the family.

Sharing thoughts of the day,

With love and belief.

The Hard Edges of Stress

The hard edges of stress
Are a struggle to process
Still… the quicker, the best
Cortisol levels attest
Did you know that boys and girls have different brains? When under stress girls verbalize and talk it out and boys may hold it in- and not let go of /release the crisis causing cortisol levels. For this reason, boys may find it harder to focus at school when upset. They process things by using the lower part of the brain stem and go into fight (aggression) or flight (withdrawal). Girls, though they may get over it much quicker, are troubled by stress because they sense more. They… more »

Hope for the Years Ahead

Hope for the years ahead.
Hold to your faith. Be led.
Strengthen your rights. Unite.
Voice your conscience with might.
Hope for the Years Ahead “Religious leaders and believers must unite to strengthen our freedom to teach what we have in common, as well as to teach and exercise our very real religious differences. We must walk shoulder to shoulder on the same path in order to secure our freedom to pursue our separate ways when that is necessary according to our distinctive beliefs. We must also insist on our constitutional right to exer­cise our beliefs and to voice our con­scienc… more »

My New Life

It is a remarkable thing
To be on the receiving end
Of the prayers offered to bring
Rich blessings as angels descend

I Am a Child of God

Knowing who I am
And that our Father cares
Helps me know I can
Endure through all that scares

My New Life

Heavenly Father provides
Safety for our souls
In each chapter of our lives
We can fulfill goals

The Martyrdom of Stephen

Stephen suffered the shame of the world
As he fell from the stones that were hurled
He who had lived the more excellent way
Honored God as he bore death that day

Distance in the Dark

Distance in the dark

Is ever deceiving

Judge well where you are

Far lights can be speeding

Do Not Be Afraid

Do not be afraid
Neither be dismayed
There is much to do
And God will see you through
Joshua 1:9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

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