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A moment to capture 

That twinkle of the eyes

The burst of a smile, of rapture

As our prophet testifies

Poster version: http://latterdaymissionmaps.com/haily.html

From the painter…

Hey, here’s my painting “Our Beloved Prophet”.
I’m 17, and I’m from Good Ol’ Orem Utah. This is a piece I did with a technique called Dry Brush.

I wanted to do a piece of someone that meant a lot to me.

I love our Prophet! In honor of 100 Years of Seminary, I had the opportunity to sing in the Seminary Centennial Choir. We got to sit in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Seats, and it was a really neat experience. I remember anxiously waiting in those seats for it to start. When the prophet walked into the room we all stood and there was this overpowering wave of peace. Even on the top row of the seats where I could barely see him, I felt his strength. I felt his light. I felt his love. It was something I will never forget. I know he truly is the Mouthpiece of God, and I feel so immensely blessed to have a prophet on this Earth today. My favorite quote by him is “It’s better to look up.” 


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