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>You know how to warm a heart
Sweetly you’ve touched mine
Faith and charity you impart
Giving of your self and time

You are an inspiration
This is your legacy
So bright with dedication
…Your passing saddens me

Lately, I hold myself close
Wishing you were here
At times, I hear you speak almost
And it brings to me a tear

Oh mother mine
I miss your voice
It’s been a long time
Without you there’s a void

A shining pillar of motherhood
Your example was good and faithful
Always bringing life to the mood
I enjoyed that you were playful

I miss you every day and night
The way you loved and cared
Thanks for being such a light
For the memories we’ve shared

Thank you Tim for inspiring this poem.
For putting to words so much that is
true about Mothers… and how they are missed.


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