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In the early part of ’44
During World War 2
A miracle came of the Lord
And this can happen to you…
A lifeless soldier was seen
Floating face down in the water
When along swam a marine
Who flipped his body over
He too had been injured
And could only swim with one arm
But for his buddy he endured
They reached the shore without further harm
He bowed his head, as one clean to do so
And by the power of the priesthood did plea
For a miracle to show
And for medics to come quickly…
The doctors were astounded
That the two came in alive
The news of this miracle sounded
Helping others to endure and strive…
Miracles are everywhere to be found
When the priesthood is understood
May this power from on high abound
Amongst the bonds of God’s brotherhood
 President Thomas S. Monson
in the Priesthood Session of General Conference on March 31, 2012


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