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Food is not the problem
What is, is how you eat
Why, when, and how often
The salty and the sweet

Give thanks for each mouthful
Wash it down, breathe, and wait…
Of each taste, be thankful
Take less so you don’t waste

I have been visiting family and we seem to eat out a lot.  You can assess what you will eat and ask for a box to go.  Before you start to eat, you can prepare the “doggy bag”.  There is so much that can be added into an omelet for a tasty breakfast.  One time my daughter and I gave our leftovers to an homeless man who beamed over his dinner!



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My husband abandoned me

And I took a very long journey
I had children to take care of
But, my strength alone was not enough
Soon, I became a drug addict
With power to explode
For what I sought to self inflict
Took me down a hard road
I never looked in the mirror
For I had become something ugly
Then, one day I knelt in terror
Praying to end my life of drugging
 God led me down a path of peace
Found in a simple scripture
The words: “Seek and you shall find” did please
And for more I did venture
For in truth I wanted more
To no longer be confused
I sought to repent to the Lord
And my family I had abused
Twenty-seven years is a long time
To try to “do this life” alone
But through the Book of Mormon I find
The way to Christ that it makes known
Today I can look in the mirror
And feel God’s love, superior
“Today I want everyone to see
What the Lord has done with me!”

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Daring Energy

It is said, an addict is full speed ahead
Uncontrollably, depressingly, “out of his head”
Thus, watch what happens when he hits a wall
For when he repents, that energy, now, out does us all

Get out of the way of the addict
And let this “accident” occur
To be safe they must be strict
And the Savior is the cure

For some the wall is an arrest
Shall we soften that blow?
For others, their health does test
Laws are in place… to know

Dare to know Christ
Dare to let Him heal
Through Him come alive
Through Him truly feel

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I surrender, Heavenly Father
I have wanted all the wrong things
I can’t take one step farther
Without what repentance brings

Pride- what is that?
I have lost control
Imprisoned- is where I’m at
I am trapped in a hole

I have fallen prey
To the drug of pleasure
I have lost my way
And given up life’s treasure

I want to feel peace,
Joy, and happiness
To have insanity cease
And through Thy Son be blessed

I want to feel wrapped in love
As a submissive child
I want to rise above
Being base and wild

That is why this day
I have turned to Thee
To repent, cry, and pray
And discover the free me

O That Cunning Plan of the Evil One
Elder M. Russell Ballard
Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Ensign, November 2010,

There is hope for the addicted, and this hope comes through the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Heaven rings the bell anew
And a new year comes with promise
What shall we conquer… and then do
To change what is weak in us

For in truth it takes a dozen weeks
To change addictions unto good
So, before our eyes close to check light leaks
Let us take an inventory as we should

What causes those sleepless nights
That sets the mind a buzzing with dread
The worried stomach and butterflies
Let us face them one at a time instead

That wasted day with things undone
The words said that were a mistake
The unmet promises soon forgotten
All these race to bring heartache

But, we can chase these moments far
And be more mindful of each new day
We can pray more at each days start
And serve one another in some way

Then comes certain assurance
That our lives are progressing
For we find lasting endurance
From the heavens we’re accessing

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A young man’s mother died
From alcohol addiction
But his love for her survived
Understanding her affliction

He offered to help those like her
To show them they mean something
With his lovely path they can turn
And find the strength they’re wanting

I cried some tears of gratitude
When I saw his selfless act
My faith in man then renewed
He warmed my heart, in fact

For his mother it might be too late
To see her cleansed from drink
But, his love still bears great weight
To help others stop and think

Now he helps those searching
For a better path to walk
Into arms outreaching…
A place to heal and talk

click on title to read the article
Eagle project is close to Scout’s heart
By Lynn Arave
Deseret News
Published: Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009 5:30 p.m. MDT

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Sudoku warning
Highly addictive
Though it is disarming
To the mind it’s seductive

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