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>Along the wayside
For anyone to see
Christ was crucified
Secured to a cross beam

The pain He suffered
Was for each of us
Perfectly offered
The heavens withdrew thus

Great storm clouds billowed
Darkening the sky
He said, “It is Finished”
They pierced His heart and side

His body soon lay
In a sepulchre
Till on that morning day
Angels rolled the stone away

Those seeking for Him
Can learn for themselves
He truly is risen
And can save us from ourselves

He knows each weakness
Sorrow, pain, and sin
In glory and meekness
He can cleanse us from within

All He asks of us
Is that we follow
In consecration, thus
And remember Him below

We had a strengthening sacrament meeting
Each could come up and talk about their
favorite Hymn and we then sang one verse.


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