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I know in my heart
That better days lie ahead
If we’ve qualities to trust
And put our pride to bed
America it’s time
To re awake what’s in your heart
And for that, unite
To never ever again depart
The government is us!
And we must self-govern
If we’ve qualities to trust
We’ll help others in turn
Laws, laws, and more laws
There will never be an end
If everyone puts out their paws
For magical money to descend
With hidden taxes we print
Money that does not exist
What we have won’t make a dent…
To do it again,we must resist
Our budgets now lay broken
As, too, our trust in politics
Blah, blah, blah is spoken
We are sick of schemes and tricks
And so here we say-
To delay is but death
Mightily, let’s pray
And, too, let’s be our best

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