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>When my mother was small
In the hills of Tennessee
It was nearly nightfall
When she became lost in the trees

A man approached and called her
She took the hand of this stranger
His feet never touched the earth
Sent to keep her from danger

In the distance there were noises
A search party was near
She skipped toward their voices
And her angel disappeared!

A treasured experience of my Mom’s. She said it was odd that his hand comfortably held hers when his feet didn’t meet the ground. I feel like my mom is angel on earth. She has been by the side of both my grandma’s and now an Uncle as they died. It is a truly spiritual experience as the veil is very thin. Last Tues. my Uncle passed and the dog ran to the corner of the room and started barking at the ceiling. Turned and looked at everyone then barked again. I told this to someone else and they said they had the same experience. Just wanted to share this because there is so much talk that heaven is just in our heads…


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