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A holy place can be a state of mind or position

conviction for standing well, no matter the condition
Your holy places are those moments when the spirit speaks to you
Where you ignore other’s comments, as you know what to do
A holy place is a word
An action or a deed
Where the Holy Ghost is heard
To fulfill well a need
You can create and stand
Where holiness is found
Where there’s light to understand
Instruction that’s profound

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I have been pondering my heart and how it feels
As it takes the brunt of my emotions each day
It, the constant giver of life that flows and heals,
Is always honest as it gives what I am feeling away

May it know more love, compassion, and hope
More enrichment, appreciation, and joy
More resilience and ability to cope
That the peace of the spirit is there to enjoy

You are simultaneously matter, energy, light and vibration, all centered in your heart and expanding outward to infinity. –Puran Bair, Living From The Heart

May this bold statement live in my heart: 

I Know It. I Live It. I Love It.

Second Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency

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Being honest means to be sincere
At all times and all places
Not just when someone is near
But as the gospel one embraces

Being true to the faith means
To be honest with God, others, and yourself
To recognize God knows all your needs
And is your greatest source of help

Then in so many ways
We experience blessings
To clearly define the grays
And hold to God’s teachings

I believe in Being Honest
Ann M Dibb

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>Plant a seed through your actions
Truly brighten another’s way
For honesty’s an attraction
And others watch what you do and say


I Believe in Being Honest and True
Ann M. Dibb

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