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With a mace raised way up high,
He asked, “Who’s willing to fight?
For this city, to try
To restore it from crime!”

Then he looked all around
And asked, “Who’s left their ego?
Volunteers must be found…
And, (oops…) all your guns must go!”  (Uh, No!)

Oh, and please be notified
That taxes must increase
Filling courts with more tried
Which the jails will release….

Let us pray for the home
The backbone of each town
Make each neighbor known
That civilization be found

What happened to the good ol’ days
When you could protect yourself?
Where respect and honor pays
And a show of guns would help?

This article grabbed my attention.  I thought about Captain Moroni, of course!

Armor-Clad Mayor Asks City: ‘Who’s Willing To Fight For Stockton?’ « CBS Sacramento


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