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So it is that time passes
From bitter lessons that impart
Healing comes from trespasses
As the worst of feelings depart
When hearing “I’m sorry!”
Is simply not enough
Stay the path of harming
Look forward and look up
For, for every sin and distress
Christ was raised before God and man
Torn and worn in nakedness
He forgave. He the great I AM

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In agony He knelt and wept
For God’s commandments that weren’t kept
Man’s careless sins both large and small
Our precious Lord redeemed them all

His loving sacrifice divine
Absolved men’s sin- yes, yours and mine
The earth received each drop He spilled
His sacred mission was fulfilled

Pondering the sacrament meeting and He Died the Great Redeemer Died
I started writing and Rick finished it.  ( I only wrote one line about the earth…)
It was a beautiful and bonding experience!

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From the Savior’s blessed sacrament
Flows a renewing soothing salve
To cleanse and heal the repentant,
From the spiritual wounds they have

We Believe in Being Chaste

“From the Atonement of the Savior flows the soothing salve that can heal our spiritual wounds and remove guilt. However, this salve can only be applied through the principles of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, repentance, and consistent obedience. The results of sincere repentance are peace of conscience, comfort, and spiritual healing and renewal.”

—David A. Bednar, “We Believe in Being Chaste
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Life would be a dead-end road
Without any hope or future
If our Lord did not atone
To redeem and be our Savior
Four Titles

“Without the Atonement of Jesus Christ, life would be a dead-end road without hope or future. With the Atonement, life is an ennobling, inspiring journey of growth and development that leads to eternal life in the presence of our Heavenly Father.”

—Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Four Titles
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Because of Jesus Christ
The atonement has been made.
The world has been made right
With the price of man’s sins paid!
The fearful spectacle of death
Yields all the dead unto paradise.
Assuring, we will resurrect!
The body and spirit both will rise!
He, who has marked the narrow way,
Invites us to come follow Him.
He promises His spirit always
As we keep all God’s laws for man.
Teaching Our Children

“Because of Jesus Christ the world has changed, the divine Atonement has been made, the price of sin has been paid, and the fearful spectacle of death yields to the light of truth and the assurance of resurrection. Though the years roll by, His birth, His ministry, His legacy continue to guide the destiny of all who follow Him as He so invitingly urged.”

—Thomas S. Monson, “Teaching Our Children
Topics: AtonementProphetic Messages
We talked about Paradise in Family Home Evening.  When Jesus was on the cross, He said,”Tomorrow you will be with me in Paradise. But, He also said to Mary, “Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended to the Father.” These are two different places! Paradise (Spirit World) being a place of learning. We will need to reunite with our bodies at some point and be judged at some point. Here is a great explanation: 


The Atonement

Before the world was organized, our Heavenly Father chose Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Redeemer….
Christ in Gethsemane

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The tender broken heart
Is more prepared to hear
And feel what will impart
When the spirit draws more near

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The mighty healer
Is the atonement
To the humble, eager
The Lord’s strength is lent

The Atonement is the mighty healer—atone for the sins. Do you realize how marvelous it is that you can call upon the Atonement? The Lord effected the Atonement for our sakes. And there isn’t anything that you can’t repent from and that you can’t be rescued from if you will repent and be determined to make the decision. So, my counsel is simple. Just decide to do it right, decide to be better, decide to trust the scripture, and as you do, you’ll grow and the challenges you have will be for your good.

Teaching in the Church



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