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The last thing that I want
Is to tell you what to do
But I think I should acknowledge
What I feel, and speak to you

The changes that we see
The uneasiness we feel
Are things that shouldn’t be
Let us talk and let love heal

GCBC Week 2: “Can Ye Feel So Now?” By Elder Quentin L. Cook 


Oct 14, 2012 – How do you think Elder Cook’s counsel can be helpful to you and your family?  16 Responses to GCBC Week 2: “Can Ye Feel So Now Lack of commitment and apathy are huge attitudes I see in lots of acquaintances and .

The church has a great parenting class.  We are having lessons from it at a stake level.  We have been practicing voicing concerns by attacking frustrations and not the person.  It is a plea for help and not an attack on the child. Trying to take it to the next level.  How does the Savior feel when we go against what he has taught? He still sees the beauty in each of us and what we can become. He offers hope. How would He want us to parent? We have to stay gentle, inviting, being an example and not being acted upon while being firm to our expectations.

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