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The moment I realized
That the Church is true
I wanted to be baptized
As a witness, too

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The gospel is the good news
The path for hope and change
Freely given you can choose
The gate where “welcome” hangs

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Welcome to a floodgate
Of incredible love
Inspired through the grace
Of our Father, above

I went to a wonderful baptism. What a privilege!  I wrote the first two lines and my husband the second.  Very romantic!  As soon as we were leaving a flood warning came and two hours later we are still hearing the thunder rumbling through the Henderson hillsides.  We went out to eat and were soaked even though we parked near the door.  Loved it!  Love the reminder of being washed clean…

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Come to know with certainty
What the Godhead means to you
Each in perfect unity
Has a separate function, too
Our Heavenly Father stands supreme
And cares for us as a tender parent
Through the gift of His Son, much is seen
His mercy and compassion becomes apparent
Through our Lord’s ministry and example
We can come to know who our Savior is
Through His atonement we can sample
Worth, for He suffered and paid for each
This truth is confirmed by the Holy Ghost
As in our hearts and minds we are taught
Through the spirit’s warmth, this heavenly host
Testifies of all light that is sought
Come unto the Father, through the gift of the Son
By way of the Holy Ghost, love is felt
Through the baptismal gate, the journey is begun
Back to Heaven, where with the Godhead we dwelt
  1. “We baptize ‘in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.’ In doing so we are bringing people to the Father through the ministry and Atonement of His Son, with the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We must keep it uppermost in our minds always as we undertake our missions.” —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve

  2. Role of the Godhead Is Paramount in Missionaries’ Teachings

      By R. Scott Lloyd, Church News staff writer

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Funny Baptism

Today’s the day you’ll be baptized
But did you ever wonder
That everyone would be surprised
If dad just held you under

My husbands attempt at humor…

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The first of many events to fulfill…
All witnessed the heavens are not still
For God’s voice of pleasure was heard
And the Holy Ghost descended as a bird

Jesus Pictures, Images and Photos
Jesus reached up and beamed
Love was His to touch!
Light went in Him it seemed
For Heaven is made of such.

Anyone know about this painting?  I would like to know more about it.
click on above title to go directly to link for image by bbardo

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Know you are never alone
That by the Savior you are known
You’ve entered the gate to heaven
The greatest gift to man given

Now worthy men will confirm
You a member of His church
For yourself you can learn
As through the Holy Ghost you search

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