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“As we touch the temple 
and love the temple, 
our lives will reflect our faith.” 

The truths of the gospel
Are plain and simple

Have peace and be not afraid

We make covenants inside
Dressed in spotless white
So the temple can touch us

May we live worthy lives
Where commitment thrives
That we might feel heaven’s touch

Blessings of the Temple

“…The doors were then opened, and those beautiful daughters, each of them dressed in spotless white, entered the room. They embraced mother, then father. Tears were in their eyes, and gratitude was in their hearts. We were next to heaven. Well could each one say, “Now we are a family for eternity.”
This is the marvelous blessing that awaits those who come to the temple. May each of us live worthy lives, with clean hands and pure hearts, so that the temple may touch our lives and our families. “


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