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Jesus can be everything

To everyone, everywhere.
He lifts broken hearts to sing,
And fills us with tender care.
Each title Jesus holds
Does testify of Him;
With meanings to unfold
As to Him, we open.
Where does one begin
To share what He has done?
How He is a friend-
For all that He has won!
He is the Chosen One
Born to the virgin, Mary
Heavenly Father’s own Son
Bore all our pains, to carry
He is the great Healer-
The Physician of souls.
He is the great Teacher:
One reaps what one sows
He is our Exemplar
Did but the Father’s will
Perfect, He our Savior
Commanded, “Peace be still.”
He is the Scapegoat called forth
And tried as the great I Am
That our sins could be paid for
As the Sacrificial Lamb
He is the Corner and Capstone,
The Carpenter who prepares,
A place, with the Father, a home
While, here, He shows us He cares
As our Counselor, He listens
And Mediates our prayers
As our Advocate, in God’s presence
All of man’s load, He bears
He is the Good Shepherd, 
He calls for us by name.
Through prayer, His voice is heard.
Our safety is His aim.
He is the Light, the Life, the Way-
To the humble, who repent.
We have His gospel here today.
His priesthood keys have been sent.
As the Living Water and Bread,
He cleanses and sustains.
Where once, spiritually, we were dead,
He Redeems our sin’s stains.
Where does one begin,
To show forth gratitude?
We’re to be His friend-
To love, forgive, and be good.

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