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>You are part of something great
Where high standards are required
Stay within the gospel’s gate,
Feel God’s love, and be inspired

A code of honor is in place
For those attending BYU
Each rule’s a blessing to embrace
That you might be the best you

Without laws there is disorder
And distractions from learning
Within these these laws there is a border
Of safety for discerning

When one is found not keeping laws
It’s not a matter of being kicked out
But of suspension…a time to pause
To restore what you’re about

If you struggle in any way
There’s a process you must take
Change may not happen in a day
To permanently forsake

Those who rebel don’t belong
As unity is lost
Faith is forever strong
And integrity’s the cost

The BYU honor code governs not only academic behavior, but morality, and dress and grooming standards of students and faculty, with the aim of providing an atmosphere consistent with LDS principles. The Honor Code requires:

Abstinence from illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea (substances forbidden by the LDS Word of Wisdom)
Encouraging others in their commitment to keep the Honor Code
Living a chaste and virtuous life:
Appropriate gender-specific behavior (no sexual harassment)
No involvement with pornographic or indecent material
No inappropriate sexual activity (no sexual relationships outside of marriage)
No homosexual behavior
Obedience to the law
Active participation in Church services (according to whatever religion of which one is a member)
Respect for others
Clean language
Following the “Residential Living Standards” (visiting hours for members of the opposite sex)
Dress and Grooming Standards. Abiding by the guidelines for dress, grooming, and housing. Skirts and shorts must reach to the knee and shirts may not be sleeveless. Form fitting, strapless and revealing clothing is not appropriate. Male students may not wear beards or goatees without permission; such permission is usually granted only to men with skin conditions aggravated by shaving, men whose religious beliefs require them to wear beards, or theatrical performances requiring beards.
Students are prohibited from having guns on campus.[13]


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