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The diagnosis was cancer
Severe in its nature
Why me?  I sought an answer
My turmoil hard to measure

Sorrow and pain overwhelmed me
I felt as though I was being pulled apart
Then, thoughts of the Lord’s own suffering
Brought His comfort as peace filled my heart

Bruised, beaten, torn, and bloody
He had suffered beneath all things
Both in the spirit and the body
I felt the compassion that only the Lord brings

Uncertainty left, I felt His love and light
I felt His assurance that all would be alright
In the depth of sorrow and pain I learned
That the Lord knew me and all for which I yearned

This my testimony, of which I leave
As, to Heaven, I have been called home
The Atonement is real.  Believe!
And by the Savior you are known!

Thy Will Be Done
Kevin Jeffs was diagnosed in 2002 and died 6 years later at the age of 29.
In the depths of pain, I learned the reality of the Atonement and the Savior’s power to bring peace and comfort


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The long battle was on
To live despite cancer
And it was through song
She fought well and conquered

A song is a prayer
It is everything
When you need God’s care
For He is listening

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She found pleasure
In hiding up treasure
Her thoughts were expressed
With a love that knew no rest

thank you – I teach Kindergarten
and I will be thinking of this sweet
girl tomorrow, on Valentines!
Elena Desserich
Notes Left Behind

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When given the chance
To live and move on
He improved his circumstance
And fashioned a body strong

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